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Chapter 5

I shouldn’t be jealous,

You aren’t even mine


I picked up my phone and brought it near my ear.

“Hello?” I asked a bit scared.

“Hello!? Seriously? That’s the best you got after not telling me you’re going on a date? I am highly disappointed in you.” Wren shouted which made me flinch and create a distance between the phone and my ear.

I heard Blake laugh at me earning him a glare which made him stop but he didn’t hold the chuckled under his breath.

After regaining my hearing ability, I replied “Firstly, it’s not a date, it’s called showing a friend around. And I didn’t call you because I thought you’d be sleeping considering you came really late last night because of that project.”

I heard her sigh and after a while she said, “Yeah, thanks for caring so much and sorry for freaking out at you.”

She continued “Well, so finally the guy has come to town. Where are you though? I really want to meet you and him, obviously.”

“We are heading towards the mall. If you want to you can meet us there. We’ll wait for you.” I said and she agreed without a second thought.

It was almost 11 ’o clock when we reached our destination. We waited for a few minutes for Wren to arrive. She was there in 10 and we made our way inside together.

As soon as we entered the male clothing section of the first store in our sight and Wren started choosing clothes for Blake without even giving him a second glance choosing exactly the kind of clothes he’d like.

As they were busy browsing, I observed Wren. She was blonde with waist length hair, standing 5′8. She was really beautiful. She wore boyfriend jeans and her waist length top hugging her body perfectly and showing all her curves. I saw half of the store turning her way and teenage male hormones gawking at her.

When she sent Blake to try some piece of clothing, she came to me and said, “Your friend is really hot. I hate the fact that he is gay. If he was straight, I would’ve asked him to be my boyfriend instantly.”

“No, you wouldn’t, because if he was straight then I would be the one dating him not you,” I was very possessive of my friends, some might say that if I was in a relationship, I would be the jealous girlfriend. But the thought of sharing someone I love with someone else freaks me out. As jokingly as I said the statement, somehow, I knew it was true.

“Yeah. I almost forgot you had a crush on him. But seriously though, anyone would throw themselves at him the instance they see him.” She said which was the truth but I heard a hint of amusement in her voice which meant she was mocking me about the whole crush thing.

My phone vibrated in my bag, breaking me from my train of thoughts. I pulled it out and headed away to answer the call. The caller ID said Student which meant Edward was calling me. I know it’s funny to save his name like that but considering I am teaching him he is my student. So, it made sense.

As soon as I answered the call he growled into the phone, “Why didn’t you come? I waited for you to show up all morning and you didn’t even tell me anything about your arrival.”

I rolled my eyes, “Well hello to you, too. And I messaged you that I won’t come. I am out with a friend today. Didn’t you see my text?” I asked because I remember texting him.

He shouted again in the phone, “I didn’t get any message but you could’ve at least called to tell me.”

“I didn’t call because I thought you would be sleeping and no one likes to be disturbed while sleeping. I don’t know why you didn’t receive my message. No problem though, we can study after school at my place if you like to, Blake can also join us.”

“Who is Blake?” His voice sounded somewhat jealous, possessive even. But that must be my imagination. I mean why would he be jealous of someone he doesn’t even know.

“Um... Why do you care?” I asked started to feel a little angry.

“WHY DO I CARE? I CARE BECAUSE YOU ARE MY MA-” He stopped mid-sentence and I waited for him to continue.

After a few seconds of silence he continued, “You are right I shouldn’t care. Um… where are you by the way?”

“At the mall. Why?”

“Nothing. Umm... Enjoy I guess” He muttered the last part under his breath but I was able to understand it.

“Okay. We’ll... meet at school tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Bye.”

“Bye. See ya- ” I was not able to finish my sentence because he hung up.

“He hung up on just like that!? This is impossible. No one hangs up on my best friend. One day he will be going down in hell and the Satan will punish him and his ghost will beg for your forgiveness.” Blake shouted while we made our way back home for lunch.

As soon as he started driving, I told Blake about the call with Edward and now he’s giving me the ideas about what I should’ve said instead.

We were really hungry because we only ate a burger on our way to the mall. While we were in the car my thoughts went back to the way Edward behaved when he heard that I was with Blake and that made the butterflies in my stomach go wild but when he growled at me, it made all those butterflies die in an instance.

After talking to him I realized that the message was not delivered. A huge red “X” was indicating the issue of his burst out.

Blake was still talking about how he should know that I have feelings for him and he should not be treating anyone like this.

“You are exaggerating. It’s not like I care.” Liar, liar, liar. My mind mocked me.

The truth is that it hurt a lot. The way he shouted at me made my heart drop down. I thought he was a soft-spoken person but even he turned out to be same as him. The one who I thought was worth everything but just like him I don’t think Edward is any different.

Blake always said that we should think of ourselves highly and never give in easily so I am planning to keep it that way but this whole situation made me realize that I like Edward Knights and I want to know if he feels the same way or not.

I looked at Blake and I knew what I was supposed to do and Blake made a face at me which indicated how confused he was watching me smirk at him. But I suppose that even he knew I was cooking something up and that caused a smirk to appear on his face, too.

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