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Chapter 6

The way to love anything

is to realize that it might get lost.


I woke up because of the sound of my alarm clock and for some reason I was not annoyed by it today or maybe I am just looking forward for the day.

Today I felt like actually dressing up and so I pulled out a peach colored off shoulder top which showed more skin than my usual clothes and a pair of black skin tight jeans. What I wore today was so not me but I felt a little more comfortable than usual.

After doing my business and taking a quick shower I picked up my bag and all the essential.

Walking down the stairs I heard three voices in the hall. The sweet feminine voice which was obviously my mom’s, the other heavy masculine voice of Blake and the third voice which was awfully familiar and made butterflies in my stomach go wild.

When I entered the hall there were three people sitting on the sofa set in the living room. Mom and Blake on the side couch and the unidentified person sitting in front of me, his back facing me.

“Baby girl! You’re here! See we have a guest.” Blake said as he saw me approaching. Mom and the not-so-unknown person turned his face to me and I was met with Edward Knights.

I was not able to recognize the emotions in his eyes as he kept a blank face. But I had a feeling they were not good.

“Honey, you look gorgeous. It’s very rare that you dress up for school. What’s the occasion?” My mom asked me breaking my train of thoughts.

I remember the plan we made last night and looked at Blake to see a smirk on his lips and I returned the gesture with a sweet smile of mine.

“I just didn’t feel like listening to Amber rant about how I never know how to dress up.” I replied with a chuckle that my mom reverted back.

“Hey now, Amber is not wrong, you could use her words. Also, make sure no one is giving a hard time to Blake, he is fairly new here.” My naïve mother says, not realizing how easy she made my work today, “anyway, I believe you already know Edward here, he was asking about you. Said that you had something to discuss.”

“Yeah?” I said looking his way, “hey Edward, what brings you here this early? I never thought that you’d be a morning person.”

“There are things you don’t know about me Ava. Because you were busy with getting to know someone else.” He mumbled the last part under his breath. But I heard it and the way he said my name for the first time made me realize that he was definitely not happy. Maybe even a little jealous. But why?

“Anyway, I came here to pick you up so we can, you know, study a bit before the school begins.” He asked with a bit of hope in his voice but if I want my plan to work out, I need to deny him and crush all my feelings under my feet.

“That’s so thoughtful of you Edward but I already have a ride for school and we can study here at my house after school like we discussed.” I said to him and looked at an already smirking Blake, “What do you think Blake? Would you like to join?”

“You don’t have to ask me twice, baby girl, from now wherever you are, I’ll be there, too. Always by your side.” Blake replied, emphasizing the last part.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Edward’s hands fisting on his sides.

“Well good then. I’ll see you both at school.” With that Edward stormed out of the house slamming the door shut.

“You, my dear, have a lot of explaining to do.” My mother said as I went to high-five Blake.

“I will mother, I just hope this doesn’t end badly.” I said more to myself than her. “I’ll see you tonight mom. Bye love you.” I waved at her after kissing her on the cheek.

When we entered the school’s parking, all eyes turned towards the Camaro that just entered the school and there are about 30 minutes for the classes to start so every student that has arrived was here and was watching us.

I saw Edward’s car already there and told Blake about it. He motioned for me to stay in the car and so I did. When he got out of his seat he came towards my side and opened the door holding out a hand for me. I took it gladly as I made my way out and closed the door behind me. When we were in the middle of the parking lot and made sure that we were in clear sight of Edward, Blake kissed my forehead and I blushed which is not so rare.

We went inside and saw everyone’s jaw drop. I squeaked when we reached outside of the office.

“That was incredible. Did you see his face? It was priceless. Did you see all the girls’ expression? They were so jealous. Oh my God I can’t believe we acted so much like a couple. And now you go inside bring your schedule so I can give you the tour.” I said and he nodded with a permanent grin plastered on his lips.

When he came back from the door, he handed me his schedule.

“OMG! We have almost all the classes together except English and AP Chemistry.” I said a bit disappointed.

“Hey, look on the bright side, we still have all of the time together so tell me what’s first?”

“It’s Biology which we have with Edward.” I looked at him and we both started laughing.

When we reached the classroom, as usual I was the first one and Mr. Walker was seated behind his desk already. I introduced him to Blake and he was really impressed by him, no shock there.

We were seated side by side with me on my original seat near the window and Blake at Edward’s place.

When Edward came to the class his face showed how pissed he was.

When he came near the table, he growled like no human can, “What are you doing in my seat? I am supposed to be sitting with her.”

“Oh, we talked to Mr. Walker and he has no problem with it,” I said before Blake can say anything and gave him my innocent smile.

“But I do. I thought we could discuss about what we will study today.” Edward mentions, still hoping to get some time with me.

“No issue. We are going to do ‘the phases of life in a unicellular organism’,” I replied.

With that he went to the table directly behind mine and I heard him dump his books on the table so loudly that everyone including the teacher’s attention turned to him.

All the time in the class I could feel his eyes on me, not leaving my sight for even one second. I heard him growl under his breath whenever Blake and I touched hands, when he called me baby girl and when he kissed me on the cheek. When the bell rang, he was the first one to get out of the room.

Blake and I looked at each other and we burst out laughing. We came out of the class laughing and made our way to my locker. When we reached there Edward was there with his friends frowning when they talked.

Let me introduce the Edward’s Hangout Squad.

Chris Woods. He is one of the most wanted boys in the school and when I say most wanted, it means really most wanted. He is really handsome standing 5′11. Every girl in the school who wants to be with Edward have their second choices set mostly because of his Ocean Blue eyes. But no one has ever known him to be dating someone. They assume that he has OCD regarding intimate relationships.

Next, we have Ryder Stone. He is the kind of person who everyone assumes is the player, no one has been with him long enough to date. He is also really good looking. If he would be the one auditioning for Titanic they wouldn’t have thought twice before signing him but just like you I think Leo is the one I would’ve asked for. He is 6′2 ft tall and the best every girl could ever have done, or so they say.

Last but not the least we have Adam Dallas. The true playboy of the school. He is 6 ft tall and has green eyes which every girl falls for in the first look. The longest anyone has ever seen him with a girl was 2 weeks and she has not shut up about it yet. He has never really “dated” and he is known to be sweet and caring. And that’s his charm.

When we reached near the locker, I saw Chris’ frown deepen and he looked towards me and Blake. He made an eye contact with Blake and whispered something in Edward’s ear and they both looked at us. Edward with amusement and Chris with shock, I think. That is when I realized that we are screwed.

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