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Chapter 8

If I can be with you
In my dreams,
I would sleep forever.


Ever felt like that’s it? This is how you’re going to die, in the middle of a forest by the person whom you’ve feared the most yet felt the safest with? Well, if you did, you know exactly how I feel right now.

Going through a road surrounded by forest from both the sides is a feeling you never want to feel. It feels like at any moment the person will stop the car, point the gun at you, shoot and leave you with the animals to finish you off. That’s when you’re lucky.

The person can also just leave you alive let you struggle for your life in the middle of the jungle till the animals find you and have a good, delicious and delighted meal.

Now you must be thinking what kind of crap I am talking about so let me clear it up and paint a picture.

After lunch the classes resumed and the day went pretty well but the nightmare started when the final bell rang. I waited near Edward’s car for him to show up.

Blake had already left with Chris and so I had to stand there alone next to Edward’s red Ferrari while he took his sweet time coming out.

Once he reached me, I wasted no time in getting into the rich leather, embracing it’s smell and he hopped in the driver’s seat.

I was too distracted by his scent enveloping me to care about which way he was taking to get home and I completely zoned out.

By the time I snapped out of my daze it was too late and we were in an empty road in the middle of a jungle with nothing but trees and branches following us for miles.

“Where are we going?” I had asked, a little freaked.

“You’ll know soon enough,” and that’s all he said the whole ride.

Not one word was uttered through his mouth for the next 15 minutes while I popped question after question about our whereabouts.

I have never been near a place like this in this town, I didn’t think it existed. And although right now all this seems unfamiliar and scary, I was more worried about why he would not speak to me.

Was it something I said? Something I did?

But these questions remained unanswered just like all others.

So here we are going through the middle of nowhere. I stopped asking him a while ago when I realized that he won’t talk which only made him smirk more if that was even possible.

After good 10 minutes we came to a halt and my body was pushed forward but thanks to the seatbelt I came back to my place.

Without saying a word Edward got out of the car. I watched his every move till he reached my door and opened it for me. I came out of the car and muttered under my breath, “such a gentleman,” although I meant it to come out sarcastically and it was only supposed to be heard by me but I don’t know how, he heard it which made him let out a laugh and said, “indeed I am. Don’t you think?” And guess what, I blushed again and didn’t say anything as he led the way to wherever we were going.

“So now are you going to tell me where we are?” I asked.

“Wait a moment Sugar we’ll reach there soon,” he replied smiling an actual smile while his gaze was constant on me. Seems like he knows the place really well to walk without looking.

“You should smile more, it looks good on you,” I said and slapped my hand to my mouth as I didn’t intend to say it out loud.

“Thanks,” he said making me blush again out of embarrassment.

After a while we reached into a clearing in front of a waterfall which was in the middle of the forest.

The water flowed down the rocks swiftly making a soothing sound linger in the air. There was clear white fog at the end from where the water seemed so blue. It seemed like a goddess will appear any moment out of the water. The place where the white fog formed you could see twinkling. Like tiny diamonds shinning under the sun. It was the most beautiful view I have ever seen.

“This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in all my life,” I said dreamily and then continued, “how did you find it?”

“Take a wild guess?” He asked with amusement.

“Ok, so I think that the adventurous bone in your body took you on a wild ride and you ended up finding this,” I said to him.

“Partially. There was a really special person in my life once, many years ago, we used to see each other every day and one day she just stopped. She was the motivation I needed to find this place, her voice was like this waterfall, loud yet calming, and so soothing to the ears. She was my first love, she is even more beautiful than this place and nothing in this world can ever do justice to her beauty,” he replied as if he was in a trance, so much love in his eyes and not one ounce of arrogance. There were emotions which made him look more human than he has ever looked.

“She must be really special, I could only imagine someone who can have this strong impact on someone like you,” I said and although it was as a compliment, I could feel my heart sink a little.

“She is, the most special girl to ever walk in my life,” he said and I turned to look his way only to find him already looking at me with all the feelings he let out through his words.

Out of curiosity and for the sake of changing the topic, I asked him, “how many girls have you used this story on?” I suddenly regretted my question but he seemed amused.

“Including you?” He asked as he started counting on his fingers, maybe counting the number of girls he brought here and suddenly he said, “Um... That’d be one.”

I felt special at the moment, maybe not as special as the girl he described but somewhere near it, to be the only person he has ever told this about, and somehow I knew he wasn’t lying, “why only me? And why did you show me the place that is so important to you?” I asked and he hesitated a bit before replying.

“Maybe because that girl wouldn’t mind seeing you here,” the look in his eyes held sadness and pain but at the same time passion and love.

“What makes me different?” I asked but he didn’t say anything and smiled at me and after a while he muttered something under his breath which sounded like “you have no idea,” but I wasn’t sure.

We didn’t study at all we just sat there near the water with our legs dipped in it. It was the most peaceful I have ever felt. We sat there in silence but it was a comfortable one.

He didn’t say anything, neither did I but we were living in the moment. A little far away you could hear birds chirping. It was so quiet and peaceful that I could even make out the change in his breathing.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better than this.

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