A Land of Maybes

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You know that the past is a horrid place to be when even the good memories start to reek of rot. There are games that life plays , that have the potential to wreck lives, destroy bonds and threaten peoples sanity. In the end we're all left wandering, what if? Wondering about a distant land... A Land of Maybes. Annie could have never imagined that one small innocuous meeting would serve as the catalyst to her destruction. Now all she's left to wander is, what had happened that had made things go so wrong... what if she had never met him? What if? Then... Maybe things would have been different. Want to know what happened? Then go ahead this tale of heartache, bitterness ,revenge and betrayal.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

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He was leaving, and that knowledge didn’t even hurt anymore. Or at least that was what she was trying to tell herself. You see, the problem with denial is that once you immerse yourself in its heady swirling waters, you no can no longer retain the ability to decipher the truths from the untruths - the reality from the fantasy - you fall deeper and deeper within its murky depths.

A dark nest of mangled, matted hair rested against the window pane; a thin long finger with jagged nails, idly drawing lazy swirls and patterns on the frosted glass of the window. Her bloodshot and swollen eyes stared unseeingly outside, watching as crystalline raindrops fell from the sky as freely and generously as her tears had in the past few days. However, while her reservoir had dried out, it was clear that the sky’s had not.

Maybe it was crying on her behalf. The thought was comforting.

Sitting there, in her small window seat, she almost blended into the darkness in her room. Or maybe the darkness around her had blended into the darkness inside of her - one couldn’t really tell. Meek light filtered in from the window, valiantly trying to eliminate the shadows, but couldn’t reach very far, reflecting off of the shattered glass spread out on the floor. If you looked a bit closer you could also find faint traces of scarlet at the very tips of them –though very faint mind you.

The cut up soles of her feet had stopped stinging a long time ago - almost as soon as her tears dried up - numbed by the cold. The lacerations inconsequential in the face of the enormous bleeding gash in her heart. However it was okay: it would soon mend, right? The tissue would repair itself . So what if there was going to be a scar?

Annie’s eyes drifted once more to the clock . 8:58 blared out in a demonic red from her bedside table. Two minutes before his plane would hurtle into the air, catapulting him thousands of miles, across vast oceans, onto another continents, far away from her and this wreckage .

Her wreckage.

He was leaving without a single glance, without a single word - without a last goodbye. Turning his back on all the memories they had shared together, leaving their sole custody to her. Maybe it was for the best that he had left . Who would want to face this carnage - this destruction ? Who could?

And yet for a while she had foolishly believed that at least he would understand. Understand that what had happened was through no fault of her own - that she was just a silent bystander - a spectator to her own destruction. And most importantly, she had expected him to stay.

She blinked away the moisture in her eyes, until it leaked down her swollen eyes, through the net of her clumpy lashes, meandering down her cheek and neck into the sodden collar of her shirt.

Huh. She’d thought she’d run out of them.

8:59. Had he given her a single thought - or even a petty afterthought? Maybe he hadn’t left after all. Maybe he was still in his room, looking out his window just like her, waiting for the rain to stop before coming to her. Maybe he had fled the aeroplane, running out just this minute in a desperate panic stricken haze. Running all the way back to stand underneath her window , like he always did, giving her that sad desolate puppy dog look that he always made in an attempt to say sorry, knowing she could never resist it.

So many maybes that were still possible within that minute that seemed to stretch on for eternity. She hoped that it would last forever. Trapping her in this land of maybes, letting her stay warm and safe within her cocoon of denial.

9:00. She blinked again, letting another pearlescent drop leak out and slip away .

A small, broken sob echoed once in the silence.

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