Finally Falling

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He was fire and she was water. He needed her to keep him in control. Without her, he was just explosive. She tamed him. He was fire and she was water. Fire and Water. That's what they were. Together they were just whispers of what could have happened and what could have been. Running from a tragic past no one- not even her two brothers- knows about, Kate finds herself in Atlanta. She can run from her past but she definitely can't from her future. Her future leads her to the one and only, infuriatingly charming and maddeningly handsome, Brandon. How? A simple scheme to overthrow the growing objectification of women. Enter her protective yet fun twin, Jace. He will only approve of Kate's bizarre arrangement if Brandon is involved. This is due to Kate and Brandon hating each other's guts. He knows that Kate and Brandon will not really start developing feelings for each other. But what if Jace is wrong? What if they both are Finally Falling? What if Kate's past comes back to haunt her? What if...?

Romance / Drama
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1: Are they all assholes around here?

“This is it,” said my twin brother, Jace.

I stared at the massive blob that people here referred to as a house. Its garden was mesmerising with all kinds and colours of flowers, my favourite being the orchids. The tall structure of the house held its ground whereas I was ready to faint by just looking at the stunning exterior.

“Kate, close your mouth, you’re going to catch flies, “said Jace, laughing.

It was then that I realised that my mouth hung open and I was looking like a complete idiot. I ignored him and rushed to the truck where all our stuff was packed in giant, heavy boxes. Just as I was reaching for one, I heard a deep voice.


I turned around, only to find my older brother, Justin, glaring down at me with a ticked off expression. “Ever heard of using your manners?“I asked, rudely.

“Ever heard of getting the fuck out of my way?” he mimicked.

“Whatever,” I muttered under my breath, not bothering to come up with another retort that was going to start an argument.

I hurried inside along with my two brothers and noticed both their expressions change gradually from bored to awe-struck as they stared at the living room which had been painted red and black on alternative walls. It looked absolutely brilliant, a dream house with stairs in the middle leading to the four bedrooms and who knows how many bathrooms upstairs. There was an open kitchen with a lounge next to it. It was already furnished with objects that would take me forever to describe.

One thought struck my mind.

How can we afford all this?

I turned to face my two brothers only to find their jaws hitting the ground and them looking just as stunned as I felt.

“Close your mouth, you’re going to catch flies,” I said, mimicking Jace.

It was as if they forgot that I was standing there and continued to stare, their mouths still slumped downwards. Looking at them made me realise how lucky I was to have such support in my life, even if half the time we didn’t get along.

Jace, with his dirt brown hair, hazel eyes, never failed to impress anyone. What also never failed to impress anyone was the striking comparison present in the both of us when I stood next to him with my untamed blonde locks and blue eyes. Appearance wise, I was more synonymous with Justin that I was with my twin. The only difference in Justin and I-apart from our personalities-was the fact that if he went a day without brushing his hair he still looked presentable whereas I looked like I had upset a cat and come out at the wrong end of the argument.

The boys both had girls waiting in line to be acknowledged by them. Jace was always respectful and informed them about his true feelings whereas Justin was the complete opposite.

Long story short: Jace was not a fuckboy and Justin was.

I snapped out of my thoughts and asked the question that was bugging me earlier.

“How can we afford all this?”

“Uncle Ricky’s paying for all of it,” replied Justin.


“He’s loaded, he wants to give us an apology present for not taking good enough care of us for 6 years.”

“Wait, so we aren’t renting? This is our house?” asked Jace, looking just as bewildered as I felt.

“Pretty much. And he also gave us a new Porsche.”

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Jace.

“Alright then, I’m gonna go unpack,” I declared as I rushed up the stairs with all my boxes trying to find the biggest room.


After about two whole hours of unpacking and setting my things up, I decided to go out about for a walk. Just as I was about to step out the front door, I heard Jace shout, “Where are you going?” I quickly turned around and told him I was going out for a walk. I can’t believe I actually forgot to mention this to him, I mean I can’t just go into a new town without telling my family where the heck I’m going.
Oh well, whoops.

“What the hell, you were just gonna walk out without telling us where you were going, in a new town, might I add.”

“Sorry. Must’ve slipped my mind.”

“Okay, whatever, you’re not going alone, I’m coming with.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I don’t want my baby sister getting lost.”

“You’re only older than me by a minute and a half, nimrod.”

“Still older.”

“Whatever let’s go,” I said, getting tired of arguing with the idiot.

We drove from California to Atlanta so our car was patiently waiting in the garage for us. As we hopped in, I thought about getting a job. I mean it couldn’t just be Justin supporting the family, I had to pitch in as well. We were on our own now. Officially.

After the night we lost our parents, Uncle Ricky took us under his wing until Justin turned legal. He’s a really famous director, the best at his job. But not exactly the best when it came to looking after and paying attention to his niece and nephews. He was always working. Always. Either he was directing a movie with Johnny Depp, or having coffee with Zac Efron, or even getting interviewed by Ellen or some other talk show host. He was never exactly there for us, always too occupied in his work. But I’m not complaining, I mean, he fed us, let us have an education, gave us food and shelter and other necessities.

“We have to go grocery shopping, there is legit nothing in the kitchen,” said Jace, pulling me out of my train of thoughts.

“We forgot to tell Justin that we were going,” I said, suddenly worried.

“No, I told him that I was going out to get some food before I actually headed out, unlike you.”

“Sorry,” I murmured.

The drive to the local mall was less than three minutes. Atlanta never failed to stun me as I took in the scene in front of me. Saying the mall was huge would be a huge understatement. It was gigantic, decorated with lights and mini shops as well as with large ones., filled with life. People were everywhere, scurrying through the crowds to get to their desired place of being. Embedded on the side of the mall was a cosy little coffee shop. On the window was a little sign that said waiters or waitresses needed.

Quite convenient indeed.

“Jace, can you please go get the food, I’m gonna go into the coffee shop.”

“Fine, but stay there until I get back.”


I headed in and was immediately greeted with a warm smile by a woman who looked to be in her late 60′s.

“Hello love, what can I get you?“She asked, her face still plastered with a warm smile.

“Oh, I was here to ask if you were still employing,” I said, returning the smile.

“We are actually.”

I found out that the lady’s name was Pat and she started this coffee shop after her husband died. I was sorry to hear that but she said that she was happy that at least he died in peace. She asked me questions about my experience in being a waitress and told me where everything was kept and when I fully understood, I nodded.

I told her that I would bring in a resume tomorrow as I was just checking to make sure the spot was still available, but to my surprise, she was elated in giving me the job on the spot. Pat said that it was very difficult to find young ladies who were kind and didn’t just care about their makeup and boys and actually wanted to help people out. I found a little odd but Pat had already introduced me to some of the staff and they seemed nice and welcoming so I didn’t object.

I had been a waitress before at a popular restaurant in California and that gave me plenty of experience on how to talk to customers and manage the till. She told me that she needed all the help she could get so I could start today at three.

It was 1:30 right now so I decided to head home and take a quick shower, then head back here at around 2:55. I grabbed a cappuccino and paid for it, but heading out, I crashed straight into a person and inevitably the coffee cup I was holding spiralled out my hands, flying in the air until the coffee in it ultimately splattered down the shirt of the person.

To my surprise, he growled, “watch where you’re going”. I looked up from the person’s chest, where my line of sight fell due to him being really tall and realised that the person was, in fact, a boy with whiskey coloured hair, eyes that glinted a stunning and unique green as the golden hues of the sun rays shone on him.

“Are you just gonna stand there or are you actually gonna move?” he growled.

“Oh-oh urrmmmm sorry.”

“Yeah, you better be, you just dropped your coffee on me, idiot.”

Okkayyy. He might be very attractive but his personality could make anyone want to punch him. I’m not taking any more of this no matter how beautiful he may be.

“Listen, I said I was sorry, you don’t have to be so rude about it.”

“Me? Rude? If you think that’s me being rude then you definitely haven’t seen anything yet.”

“Oh, well guess what, I don’t wanna stick around to see you being more of an asshole than you already are being.”

“Alright listen here,” he said as he took a step closer, ” you better shut your mouth before things get really bad for you.”

“Or what? What are you gonna do?” I scoffed.

“I don’t think you wanna be around to find out.”

“I don’t think anyone wants to be around you in general.”


“Alright,” I say, noticing it was nearly 2:00,“I really don’t need to or want to hear your unnecessary jibber jabber. So goodbye and let’s hope we never meet again,” I say with a fake smile and walk away.

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