Returning Hearts

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“I’m talking to my wife.” “She divorced you. So, leave her alone.” “Not until she answers my questions. She owes me that much." He gently pushes Sydney’s shoulder moving her. "Is that my son?” Jackson Frame lost everything a year and a half ago in a tragic accident. He has struggled with the pain of his loss since the horrific day as his friends and family attempt to help him recover. It isn't until his hurtful past resurfaces that he finds the strength to search for freedom from his broken heart. Forced to explore his old and new feelings, he finds a road to recovery he never expected through love.

Alyson Linker
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Prologue: Six Years Ago

The crisp summer breeze captures the long wavy locks of her silky brown hair as she runs barefoot along the river bank. Her loose blue dress flows behind her as she moves, showing the curves of her breasts and hips. She is beautiful. Jackson thinks to himself as he watches his wife laughing and playing with their six-month-old Dalmatian puppy at the riverside park. I can’t believe we have been married for two years. I love her more and more every day. Her laughter and smile, as she continues to play, fuels his heart and he runs over to catch her for a kiss. As he reaches her, she wraps her arms around his neck laughing happily. He holds her tightly against him as he speaks sincerely, “I don’t think I could ever love anyone more than I love you at this moment.”

“Not even your next wife?” August quips in response as thunder sounds in the distance and the smell of grilling from the hot dog stand nearby flows past them.

Jackson scowls at her as he responds softly, “You are my one and only. Now and forever.”

“I better be.” August kisses him quickly before pushing him away and pulling his cap off his head. She begins to run playfully around the park as Jackson and the young Dalmatian chase after her.

“That is my new hat Auggie.” Jackson laughs as he catches her just as the rain begins to clash against their skin lightly. August screams with glee as she attempts to hide his cap behind her back but Jackson wraps his arms around her back holding her hands as he retrieves his cap looking deep into her green eyes.

The rain begins to increase quickly as Jackson places his cap back on his head and continues to hold August. “I do believe your chapeau is getting wet dear sir.” August gently smiles at him as she explores his prickly chin with her fingertips.

“Would you do me the honors, dear lady, of dancing with me?” Jackson takes a step back and bows to her tipping his cap off his blonde spikey hair as he holds out his hand.

August answers in a playfully deep southern accent, “Why, I would be the one deeply honored sir.” She takes his hand and they begin to slow dance around the park gracefully as the rain continues to fall.

“I love you Jax.” August says as she looks deep into his dark brown eyes. “You are my one and only. Now and forever too.” Jackson smiles before he pushes her away from him then spins her back into his arms. He dips her down so that her hair touches the wet green grass before pulling her back up and kissing her. She laughs joyfully as they continue to dance barefoot in the quickly growing puddles.

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