A Perfect Distraction

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Sometimes it only takes one person to change your life, a few seconds to fall in love and one day to lose everything. For Karolia, it only took one day to lose everything at the age of 19. Her parents... Her happiness changed to grief and loneliness. Without knowing the reason for her parents' death, she fled from Worcester, her hometown to a crowded city, NYC to escape from the nightmares and memories. She is sweet, childish, strong and everything a good girl needs. For him, falling in love is a bad distraction and it only causes heartbreak. Being a CEO of a powerful company, Logan has enough weight on his shoulder. His escape from reality was fighting. He's dangerous, devilishly handsome, and everything a bad boy needs. When these two people cross their path, a whirlwind of emotions breaks apart - Hatred, Love, Happiness, fear, heartbreak, revenge, ... They change each other's lives and perceptions and they are the perfect soulmates. For him, no longer love is a bad distraction, but perfect. But every story has a villain. In this, her past is the one and now she has no escape. Will Logan be able to save her from her nightmare or let her go forever? Be ready for a new adventure.

Romance / Thriller
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I opened my eyes slowly and turned to look at the time. The bright dial of the digital alarm showed 3:33 am. I released a groan as soon as my senses start to awaken. I don’t want to face the reality. It’s cruel and dangerous. I want to go to another world of fantasy which I know I can only capture during my beauty sleep.


A loud crash from the downstairs pierced the air, making me jump. The sound of footsteps echoed up the stairs to my bedroom. Heart rising, I looked around for a hiding spot. There wasn’t much space in the closet, but it would be better than staying in plain sight. Someone pounded up the stairs, just as I was almost completely inside the closet. A warm hand wrapped around my ankle, yanking me out from the closet.

When I got turned around by force, a masked face greeted me. Though it was impossible to see his distinct features, his cat-green eyes made me shiver. Struggling to get free from his grip, I kicked out at the man. I started to run away and he started to chase me.

I was able to get pretty far while he was chasing me, but all of a sudden, I began to run slower, like I was running on the sand until I was barely running at all. Then he turned the corner and came right up to me with a knife in his hand. He stabbed me in the stomach and then pulled it out before stabbing me again in the shoulder and dragged it up from my shoulder across my throat and the blood oozed out from my eyes, ears, stomach, and throat.

I gasped and opened my eyes, jerking my body forward. I could hear myself choking and gagging as I touched my neck and stomach. It felt so real. Every bone the knife crossed, I felt it cracked. I felt the knife dragging through my throat. A sob escaped my lips. These nightmares have been haunting me since that incident. I covered my head in my hands and tried to control my shaking body. Sometimes these nightmares are good which makes me want to sleep forever, replaying those scenes again and again. But sometimes, it’s the worst. After a few moments, I studied my surroundings and confusion started to crawl into my brain. Why do I see so many small flickering lights above me? And most of all WHY THE HELL IS THIS THING MOVING!!!!

Then, it hit me. I am in an AEROPLANE. A journey which takes me to New York, where I will begin my new life leaving every memory behind in my hometown of Worcester, England. Feeling a tap on my shoulder, I looked up to see a woman in her early 40′s sitting next to me, amusement at the same time concern in her eyes. She is gorgeous with blonde hair tied up in a tight bun, flawless skin, and most beautiful light blue eyes which reminds me of an ocean. I felt self-concerned with a tear stricken cheeks and red puffy eyes sitting next to such a gorgeous woman.

“Honey are you alright?” she asked softly. I flinched slightly at her words. It’s been months since someone has called me like that, with so much care and love. It’s been 6 hell months my dear ones left me all alone.

“Yes, I-I am-m al-alright” I answered stuttering at my words. Great! What a start. Now she’ll think I’m some crazy girl.

“Hmm. And by the way, I am Grecia Watson,” she said stretching out her hand.

“Karolia,” I said, shaking my hand with her. I licked my lips that were dry and smiled at her. Four hours passed and we came to know about each other, mostly she talked about herself while I listened to her attentively. I learned that she came from Las Vegas, but was settled in New York City. She has a son, and her husband died 10 years ago in a plane crash.

She was a talkative and friendly person and she made me laugh a little. I know she was trying to distract me from that nightmare and she was succeeding in it. When we reached New York, she handed me a small black card with her address and phone number on it before we separated in our ways. Since I knew that I won’t use it, I threw the card in the nearby waste bin before walking to the baggage counter.


Logan’s POV:

(12:00 midnight)

“Fight!” “Fight!” “Fight!”

I could hear everyone cheering for me. Cheering for this evil. Yes, I am evil and I’m proud to say it. I don’t care about anyone except for myself and mom. Selfish, I know! I could care less about people out there. They don’t mean anything to me. I do fighting matches illegal ones to be precise, motorcycle racing, surfing and also I’m the owner of the second most powerful company in New York, Watson Enterprise.

Everyone is scared of me. Can’t even blame them. If anyone challenges me for a fight, he will either be dead or in the hospital bed. I’m a merciless fighter and I make sure my opponent is aware of that. Where is the fun if I show any mercy? You just have to keep one thing in your mind, don’t ever threaten me, or you will die, as simple as that. I don’t have mercy when it comes to idiots.

I cracked my neck as I started moving towards my opponent. “Let’s start the match again. Here comes the Giant Lion, John.” the host said through the microphone. I smirked to myself. He is going to beg me for mercy. “And our fearless man, Logan”, the crowd cheered and roared as soon as my name was announced.

“Let the game begin,” said the host. I was able to catch a slight fear in the eyes of my opponent and I smirked evilly at him. He ran towards me, about to tackle me. I grabbed his leg and flipped him over. He groaned in pain.

The first rule - Never show your weakness to others. And his weakness was fear.

“Come on! You fight like a kid!” I smirked as he glared at me. He tried coming towards me as I punched him on his jaw. He flew to the ground and was knocked out cold. Well, that was quick. The crowd went wild and I looked at Patrick, my best buddy, and he smiled approvingly.

“The King of Evil won, Logan, The Fearless Man, is the CHAMPION!!!” I left the place accomplished and full of victory. My phone buzzed in my pocket.

‘Charles’ the screen displayed. Why is he calling me at this hour? Shit. I forgot to pick mom from the airport!.

“Mr. Watson,” Charles spoke professionally.

“Charles. How did mom arrive?”

“I picked her up from the airport. But her mood is off and is waiting for you.” He said. I closed my eyes tightly as soon as I realized I’m in trouble

“Okay. I will be there in 10 minutes.”


(15 minutes later)

I climbed the stairs, which leads to my big house, WATSON MANSION!

“Hey mom, how was your trip?” I asked as I tossed the car keys in the bowl.

Silence! Wait..... Is she ignoring me?


“Don’t talk to me, Logan. You promised me you would be there at the airport! But you didn’t come and you made me wait for half an hour before I’ve to call my butler to pick me up as my son forgot about his mother.”

Typical mom

“I’m sorry. You know I was busy today.” I said.

“Oh, So you give more priority to your work than your mom. Right, I get it, Logan. I get it!” said mom, throwing her hands up in the air. Dramatic.

“Mom!! Stop acting like a child” I said, getting frustrated.

Silence! Again!

I sighed and walked towards her. “I promise you, next time, for sure, I will be waiting for my sweet mom,” I said oh so sweetly, pressing a kiss on her forehead.

She smiled and said “okay.” She is too easy to please and everyone takes advantage of that. That’s why I’m overprotective. She is the only one I’ve and I can’t lose that.

“I’m waiting for a girl who knows how to make you stand on your feet. I am tired of saying this every time. It’s time for you to find your love”


“You know mom, I hate relationship. It’s a headache” Before she could say anything I left the room.

The second rule - Falling in love is a bad distraction.


A/N - Hey, my readers. This is our first own story and we hope you liked it. The story is unedited. So please forgive for any grammatical errors and typos. And we won’t allow anyone to copy o story plot. It’s FORBIDDEN.


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