The Passion Within Us

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Miranda N
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Cowboys and Indians

I watched as he ran around with the little pups of the pack with a headdress on his head making Indian sounds as the children ran and giggled. They were playing cowboys and Indians, some of the little kids were the little Indians and some was the cowboys.

“He is so hot I could just lick him up and down”sandy my best friend said and I growled at her.

“Hey easy I know he is taken just chill out. I am just saying. besides I’m mated,” she said holding her hands up

“You know how Helena is when you talk about her mate like that” I warned

“Well she knows I am not gonna take what is her’s, I value my limbs” Sandy jokes but is tell the truth. Helena my wolf would tear any girl’s limbs from her body if they touched her mate.

“It’s not like he is the saint nor is Dominic”

“Girl I know that he is just as bad if not worse. they both are”

We both laughed at her reply and went back to Stephen and the little kids of the pack running around playing and having fun.

“It seems like just yesterday we found out we were each other’s mate,” I said

“You too was already dating,“Ariel said joining us as she sat on the other side on sandy and her mate Mark dressed up like a cowboy walked out to join the others.

I laughed as did Sandy when we heard an Indian war hoot and Sandy’s mate dressed like an Indian join the guys.

“Who would know Mr.bad ass is a softy around kids,” Ariel said looking out on the yard at our men and the little kids.

“I know right”Sandy agreed

“Hey heads up if he keeps wearing the headdress I am gonna jump his wolf bones” I smirked

“Damn girl I am right with you on that. Micheal looks hella fine” Sandy said

“well while you to play with your big Indian’s I will be playing with my hunky cowboy,” Ariel said

We all laughed and stood up when the moms came and called their kids to come and eat.

I leaned against the doorway and watched as Stephen stood in the bathroom wiping his war paint off still wearing the headdress.

“Damn baby you make that black headdress sexy as hell” I spoke up after watching him for like an hour.

He looked at me in the mirror and smirked. That damn smirk that makes my toes curl and breath hitch, I licked my lips and slowly made my way over to him.

“Is that so?” he asked

I nodded my head as I got closer to him, I watched as he kept wiping the makeup off and then washed his face.I held back the feathers so they wouldn’t get wet and ruined.

After he was done in the bathroom he took the headdress off and put it up and walked back out to me. I pulled him to me and kissed him hard and roughly. His moans mixed with mine as we walked back to the bed and tumbled down him on top of my body weight an all but it didn’t phase me.

“Maybe we can fuck when you wear that then swap out and I wear it while I ride you” I murmured against his lips then went right back to kissing him again.

We were too deep in our make out to even notice anything or anyone which I believe is four of them in the doorway.

Stephen licked my bottom lip wanting to re-enter but before I gave him access again throats clearing pulled us away from each other.

We looked at the doorway and seen Sandy, Ariel, Micheal, and Mark standing there laughing.

I flipped them the bird and pulled Stephen back down for a kiss

“Hey you two stop playing swap spit and come and eat,” Sandy said

the others laughed and left.

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