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Miranda N
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Chapter 1

I heard that there is going to be a newbie in school today. An I can’t wait to meet them and let them know who I am.“Belle the new kid is a nerd and his name is Harry Styles” my best friend and fellow colleague Misty said.“He is here already?“I asked as I took a drag of the remaining cigarette I had “yea and he has all your classes” she said. I smiled as I stood and fixed my top then put out my cigarette and walked into school. Normally I skip class but I wanted to see and meet this new guy. I walked into Ms.Gillen’s English class “well what pleasure do we owe of having you in class?“ she asked as I rolled my eyes and took the seat next to the new guy.

“What’s your name newbie?“I asked “Harry,” he said pushing up his glasses. I swear there was something that drew me to him like it was a gravity pull. And I took a silent vow to protect him from harm in all ways possible, even when the dumb low IQ jocks and skanky preppy sluts bother him.“I’m Belle” I said holding my hand out for him to take “nice to meet you,” he said politely which I returned “you too, ”I said.

He focused on whatever Ms.Gillen was teaching while I was looking at his beautiful hazel eyes that were perfect and so beautiful. Once class was done I got up and followed Harry out. “So I have been told you and I have all classes together, ”I told him “then I won’t feel so new or weird since I met you already,” he said as we walked into class.

“Well who is this dweeb” John the quarterback said “back off John or you’ll find your self-picking your teeth up off the floor”I warned.“Awe does little miss Belle have a crush” he asked “last warning” I said.“Isn’t that cute” he said so I decked him, he dropped an I started throwing punches. I moved when I saw blood, normally I don’t stop till they are out cold but I didn’t want Harry to fully see how I am.

“What happen in here”Mr.Greg asked “John was picking on the new kid and Belle beat him up for it”another student said “is that true John”he asked “no I was minding my own business and she just attacked me”John answered “that’s not true he was being cruel so Belle stuck up for me” Harry said “Belle who is telling the truth”Mr.Greg asked “Harry” I said “well John you just earned yourself detention which means your off the team”Mr.Greg also the football coach said.

“But tonight is our biggest game and there will be scouts there,” John said “well you should have thought of that before picking on a student and lying, ”Mr.Greg said.“I will get you for that dork” John said “unless you want to have a dislocated jaw I would stay away from Harry if I was you”I warned John. He just walked to his seat while I sat next to Harry and Mr.Greg started class.

By the time lunch period rolled around I was ready to commit myself to Harry, and I just saw and met him today. I didn’t care I had to have him, I needed him to be mine, and I will do all I have to do to make sure he becomes mine. I watched as he pushed his glasses up his nose and headed to an empty table “don’t you dare sit alone, come and join me and my girls” I told him.

He nodded his head then followed me to my table.“Girls this is Harry. Harry these are my girls” I said. “Hi,” he said waving “hi” they waved back .“Sit we won’t bite”Misty said “unless asked, “Raven said and I laughed cause Harry went red from blushing.“So where did you come from?“Misty asked “um Cheshire,” Harry told her as he picked at his food an barely ate. Which with the food they serve us I don’t blame him.

“So you’re British, ”Becky asked “yeah that’s where Cheshire is duh, ”Misty said “Oh hush,” Becky said.“Yea I’m British”Harry replied “so is it true then, ”Raven asked “is what true?“ he asked confused “that British guys are great in bed,” she said “oh... I guess” Harry said feeling uncomfortable. Raven went to ask another question but I stopped her “Raven you will have to find a British guy and see for yourself”I told her.

“There are two more British guys that will be starting school tomorrow,” she said, “do you know their names?“I asked “no,” she replied “I do, ”Misty interjected, “well what are they?“I asked turning my attention to her.“One’s name is Louis and the other’s name is Liam,” she said. “Sounds cute but I already have my British guy, so you girls can go for them, ”I said then turned and winked at Harry who blushed. After lunch we went to our last class well I stood outside the door not really wanting to go into that class.

But I watched as John’s best friend Eric started bothering Harry so I walked in and pushed him off “fuck off Eric”I said.“No, he got John in trouble” Eric said “no he didn’t I did so if you have a problem then let's take this outside and settle it”I told him as I started walking out of the class with him following me.

Once I beat his ass leaving him knocked out I headed back inside washed the blood off my hands, and cleaned my lip then walked into class. I sat next to Harry and ignored Mr.Brown “what happend”Harry asked “I took care of him”was all I said as I leaned back in my seat and tuned out everything and everyone but Harry. Why are you sticking up for me”he asked “cause I want to”I said telling half the truth.

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