Platinum & Psycho

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Two disasters meet, destiny seemed to want them cross. Both an entity of their black holes, can they find light in each other's darkness? The guy with issues; The girl with disturbing thoughts. I saw him, the guy with a platinum hair, like those stupid animations online. He was puking on the sidewalk. It was disgusting. But I loved it. I saw her, the goth girl,like she was an evolved versions of the emo phase, sitting on the wooden chair. She's tiny and cute. But she looked cold and dead. We saw each other one last time. He's lifeless on the cold hard table and she's dead still on the metal stool. Both were eaten by their hungry black holes. There was blood, a lot of it. It could have been his, it could have been hers. No one knows, no one probably ever will. Platinum and Psycho.

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I saw him. A guy with platinum hair like the animated guys I watch all the time. He was puking on the sidewalk, hunched in tired heaving of his guts. It was yellowish and disgusting but I kept watching, standing a meter away from him. Mainly because he looked sad and pathetic; I thrive off that feeling. He turned his head towards me but he just looked right through. His eyes were varnish glazed and possibly thinking that the goth midget he sees was just a fragment of his haze and drugs. Platinum guy stood straight-or as straight as a drunk guy can- and staggered towards me. If I was normal girl I would’ve known to run away, scared for my life as a high as schist guys walks towards me with a murder look. He was swaying side to side until he stopped right in front of me, his eyes lifeless. Then he dropped dead, unmoving and tangled. It was a beautiful sight.

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