Platinum & Psycho

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In the wee hours of the morning, he told me. Everything. I drank it all.

My parents died in a robbery when I was nine. My uncle took me in after fours years of me living in the streets but they blamed me for the death of my parents because I was the one who insisted to go to that candy store. He treated me like sh!t. I got out of his house after five suffering years. I was full of hope for the future, where I can finally find happiness and I thought I did. In her, my love, my everything. She made me happy. She was all I wanted and needed. We were in a bliss. Or maybe it was only me. She left, without a word. Just gone without a trace and then one day I saw her in the embrace of another man. She saw me but ignored my presence and that is the day I felt pure rage and hatred. All of them left. I have none. I thought, maybe if I keep feeding this black hole they left inside me she will feel sorry and come back. But she never did and this hole inside me got greedy. It’s always hungry.

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