Platinum & Psycho

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It was a cold afternoon, with the sun cast low on the city. I was walking on a dainty street, so much contrast as to who I am when I saw him again. Platinum with pink fur. Just like the last time I saw him, he was high as schist. Walking with a sway that is a combination of swag and limb uncoordination, he purposely bumped into a sweet little couple. His eyes showed rage and envy. Of course the guy was pissed when he unabashedly checked out the girl. Then there was a fight. While they were punching the lights off each other, and the woman standing stupidly on the side with tears on her face, I saw something light up on platinum guy’s face. Like he was having fun, but manic with anger. I felt him feeding his pain with more pain, with more hurt. It was such a nice picture.

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