Platinum & Psycho

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Rain poured as we drank our warm coffee. His yellow leather jacket bounces off the water droplets pouring from the roofside. It got me thinking, “Where do you get your clothes?”

“Do you want some?”


Platinum shrugged off the jacket and threw it on the side. “I have work you know.” I only raised my right brow in question. I did not believe him. Not a little bit.

“Deals. I sell the stuff I use. And cougars.” I almost spitted my coffee in surprise. I looked at him, wide eyed with judgement. There was a nauseous feeling at the pit of my stomach. “Cougars? Ew.” I straight up told him the disgust I felt when he uttered the word cougar.

“You have morbid thoughts and cougars are ew?” His eyes were alight with amusement. “Your moral compass is awry.”

I was never someone’s amusement.

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