The Billionaire's Mask

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Chapter 20


So what’s the plan? When are you going to tell her?” Oliver asked.

I threw the last pin on the dart board, but it didn’t touch the bull’s eye. I breathed out, then get another three dart pins on the side table. Oliver stood to remove the pins.

I grimaced. I told her it won’t take a month but time seemed flies too fast, it’s already been a week. I could only connect with her by eating the food she was cooking for me and she always left a note, saying ‘Enjoy your day’ or ‘I miss you’ and I couldn’t even write back. It was like a silly pass-the-message crumpled paper kids do in school. Every words in the notes means I couldn’t keep my promise.

“This is too much,” I told him and then threw the first pin, “How am I supposed to tell her that I am going to be away for a long time?”

“It’s going to take a year. You need a lot of time to completely change yourself. You need to learn everything again. It’s like back to basics. Your daily life is going to change big time. I already prepared everything for you.”

I stopped, staring at the dart pin, “Did he agree to perform the surgery?”

“Cassius won’t let another hands touch your body. Whether you like it or not, he’s going to be your surgeon.”

I smirked, “I wouldn’t want anyone to touch me anyway. He’s the only person.”

“Cassius is competitive, but he’s smart and the most capable person who could perform your surgery. He’s the most knowledgeable in your case. You’ve got to trust him, buddy. He’s behind all of this progress you are having right now. He’s the reason why Alayna can touch you now and why you can walk out again. I am just here to assist you because you don’t want to see him.”

I swallowed hard. “I know, Oliver. Don’t make me feel guilty. It’s the fact the he was the first person to know and didn’t told me that Casey’s my sister when he was my best friend. You know how devastated I was when I found out about it.”

Oliver sighed, “Well, I am sorry. I was upset about that too, knowing that she is your sister when I thought she was from children’s home.”

“That is why I couldn’t trust him. He touched me. He knew how much I didn’t want to be touched and then he shut me off with that bloody medicine he struck in me. I almost died, Ollie. I just couldn’t forget that. Casey’s the only one I have left, and she doesn’t even know about it.”

“It’s been a year, Brandon. We cannot change it anymore. He didn’t mean to hide it from you. He’s afraid. No one can know that she’s your sister. Her life could be in danger, too. What happened last year was an accident. He didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“It looks like I don’t have a choice at all.” I gritted my teeth in frustration. Oliver was right, there was no turning back now. I threw out the last dart pin on the board and this time, I hit the bull’s-eye.

I smirked, “Your turn, buddy.”

He chuckled, then he hooked his arm around my shoulder, “I didn’t know that I would get to play this with you, but I’m starving.”

“I could do this all day,” I shrugged.

“You need to exercise, but why don’t we eat first?”

“You eat first. I’m staying here. I’ll wait for you.”

“Oh come on, don’t you want to know what she prepared for us today?”

“Then bring it here.” I told him.

Oliver put down the pins, “Hey, I thought of something.”


He grinned, “Why don’t you just go to a date with Alayna? Of course, it won’t be in public. It would be a perfect time to tell her. What do you think?”

I raised an eyebrow, “How am I supposed to tell her that we won’t see each other for a year after the most fantastic date we ever had? Hmm?”

“So are you just going to disappear without telling her? Come on, Brandon. You can’t do that to her. She’ll be very disappointed. She might find another man because she thought you already ditched her,” he joked, but Oliver knew it was also possible.

I groaned. I was fine with the fact that anything could happen to me, but I couldn’t let any other man to take her away.

“See? You’re already seething.”

“What do you have in mind? Where can I take her?”

“Is it going to be me again? Why don’t you think about it? Besides, tomorrow is your rest day. You can meet with her.”

I couldn’t think of any other place, but there’s one I tried to bury and forget. “My mother left me her villa at Healdsburg. It is well maintained by the care takers but no one has lived there since. It would be far, but it’s very private.”

“Is it still there?” Ollie couldn’t hide the delight in his face. It was once our favorite countryside place for vacation. “Then that’s good. You won’t even notice a single people on the neighborhood. It’s a romantic place,” He chuckled. “This is why I like you. The Brandon Lucien I know is still there.”

“Only, if you take us there.”

“Oh well, that’s my job to do,” he nodded. “I am as well getting paid for it. Besides, I’d like to tour Betty. I can’t take her, right?”

“It’s okay, Ollie. You can do whatever you want. I’d like to see Alayna tonight. I’ll tell her the plan. I’ll probably join you downstairs and eat.”


Casey’s had been so much help to me the last few days. She was easy to work with. She does not brag about her skills, and a good listener. She was easy to get fascinated with simple things but she could be talkative. She talked a lot about her childhood. Even though she’s three years older than me, it didn’t really matter because she was young at heart. She never had a boyfriend or fling because Oliver and Cassius are always getting in the way. But, she adored her brothers so much.

The more I look at her the more she reminded me of Brandon. They have the same eyes and hair. I still couldn’t believe she’s adopted. She told me that the Katrakis genes were pale skinned with blue and green eyes, just like Oliver and Cassius. A lot of them are blondes.

I was always attracted to blondes. My exes are blondes. I wondered why I got attracted with Brandon. He was so much different in any other man I’ve met. He’s mysterious and caring in his own way. His dark hair and gray eyes are the sexiest thing about him.

A knock on the door interrupted us. “Is dinner’s ready?”

“All done, I’m just making a sauce” I told him, showing him the sauce I was making.

“Smells good. Brandon would love to taste everything. You even made a salad.”

I nodded, “I hope he’ll like it. Wait, I’ll just write a note”

“No need, Alayna. He’s going to see you.” He grinned

“Really?” I asked, almost a whisper. I bit my lip, smiling. “Oh God, I miss him so much” I muttered. “I’ll hurry up”

“Easy, you have the whole night” Casey laughed.

“She won’t just have the whole night. Brandon’s free tomorrow. Oops! I don’t want to spoil everything” Oliver winked at me, grinning.

“Oh Gosh,” I sighed in relief. “I can’t wait; I miss him so much. I can’t wait to be with him again. Thank you Oliver. Oh my Gosh”

I put the sauce in a bowl and placed it beside the beef ham and vegetable salad, “All done” I told them, biting lips.

“Okay, I’ll carry it for you then we could all have dinner together” Oliver said.

“You should bring it to him you know. We don’t want to disturb your wonderful night, we can eat here, Alayna. We’ll be fine.” Casey assured me. “Right, brother?” I saw her elbowed his brother’s side. I laughed.

Oliver winced, “Uh-yeah. We’ll be fine”. I saw Casey mouthed ‘Don’t’ to his brother.

“Are you sure?”

They nodded. “Sure.”


Brandon was sitting on the couch watching the TV when I entered his room. I didn’t knock since it wasn’t a problem to him. He turned off the TV when he saw me. He smiled sweetly as he raised up and walked towards me. I stopped pushing the trolley while I wait for him coming to me. He cupped my face and leaned over. His lips landed on my mouth, whilst I was still surprised and dazed. I couldn’t find my balance because my knees are getting weak. Brandon slipped his arm around my waist and squeezed me tighter. I pulled away, “Wait” I whispered.

“What?” he said with accented voice I had missed so much.

“You can kiss me now is that it?” I said.

“Yes. I already kissed you last week, if I wasn’t mistaken, or was it a dream?” He grinned.

“No. It’s not a dream” I bit my lower lip. I slipped my arms around his neck, cupping him. He was so warm. “You surprised me, well now I’m ready. Kiss me again” I told him,

He smiled as he dipped his face again on mine. His lips were playful the next attempt. His tongue played on the top of my lips, parting them together. He thrust his tongue into my mouth, exploring me inside. He breath tasted like mint and chocolate, both his hands went down my thighs then he lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. His expert mouth went down my neck, leaving my lips much hungrier for him. The sensation was too much. I moaned.

Brandon brought me to the couch, without breaking the kiss. I sat on top of his lap where I could feel his hard, throbbing cock. His tongue went down between my chest and he sucked me there, “Oh my Gosh, Brandon” I moaned.

“Your dinner is going to get cold.”

“Hmmm? Is it?” he said, and then he went back to my chest until his expert tongue reached the tip of my cleavage.

“As much as I wanted to do this, I am really hungry, and I didn’t eat lunch because I was preparing this since morning” I told him, catching my breath

He stopped, frowning, “You skipped lunch?”


“I don’t want you skipping meals, for something like this,” he said, softly. “Hmm?”

“I won’t. We can do this later. I want to kiss you all over if you won’t mind”

He shook his head, “I won’t mind,”

I grinned, “Okay. Should we eat now?”

“I’ll rather eat you first,” he stated, but he lifted me up then put me on the couch. Brandon stood up and walked to the food trolley. Damn, he really has a nice round butt. His sweat pants didn’t do its job to cover him there because the curves are too visible. I’d like to squeeze it so hard before the night ends. I bit my lower lip.

I looked away quickly. I might lose myself again, “Can we watch movies? Oliver told me that you are free tonight?”

“Uh-huh, I am” he said, now, coming back with the food trolley. “What did you make today?” He opened the lid, “Hmmm, smells good. No note tonight?”

I shook my head, “No. I’ll rather say every single word I want to say right now. Can I stay here tonight? I’ll sleep on the couch. I just want to be with you”

“Why would you sleep on the couch?” he frowned. He took the plate and started slicing the beef ham into thin cuts.

“Oh, would you rather sleep on the couch?”

“No. You can sleep with me in my bed,” he said, his eyes still on beef which made him so sexy. “Besides, it’s hard to explore every inch of you if you were on the couch. Unless, you prepare it on every side of my room. I can make an exception”

I gulped. What he said made me so damned warm. His sexy husky voice went through down my core. I could feel that I was already soaked.

“Hmm... this is delicious. You didn’t make this before,” He observed, while chewing the food I made for him.

“No. It’s my mother’s favorite and mine as well.”

He nodded, then forked another piece, “Say ah,” he said.

“Ah…” and then when he was about to put it inside my mouth, he ate it.


He chuckled, “Here,” he picked one using his finger. I immediately ate the piece of beef from his finger. I looked at him and I sucked the tip of his fingers. His gray eyes stared back at me, with now full of desire. The tension itself gave me a goose bumps and it went down my core for the second time.

“What?” I whispered.

He shook his head, chuckling. “Bad girl,” he mouthed, then grinned sweetly. He pressed a small kiss on my forehead. “Let’s just eat, for now.”

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