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Life is a serious mistake it takes its place and then we wish we had not done it all in a matter of minutes of days why because we are not what we were ten minutes ago, I am a fool cries the partner. What does it matter says the spouse what is done is done and why do you care so much anyway? Love grows and then becomes hate? Surely not when the whole world is loving and lustful and we see the results all the time. Where in the world shall we place love? Is it hell or heaven? Well some say it is hell and some say it is heaven some even say it both times at different stages in their lives. Why what is wrong with love? There is not enough of it going round. My it is a joke or something look we have too much of it there is not enough going round and round why? That is one of the quests of what it is living in this century with all the windows shut to the world while we suffocate in some disease of the mindless acts we are all capable of? Thoughts mind what are you talking about? Well not much I am munching on a olive and it is tasty. Do not bear a grudge against the world it has done you no harm. When it has taken myself from me? What has it done in return? That is the question it has taken so much so very much...

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Chapter 1

Love is a buzz word it buzzes here and then buzzes off. We love to repeat after the rich and famous that love is a bee stinging and flying from flower to flower as if the flowers will not welt or become somehow hurt. That we love to become the omen of our decadent generation when lovemaking is only a form of self expression. We love to do such deeds as they in the box do and make believe we richer than the famous. We like to live like apes and aping behaviour is what monkey’s do. Live well while you all may. This is the may tradition when they in bloom make off with the crown and for a whole year are the crowned fools. When many have them and spit them out as if they then become trashed and common. We did not mean it to happen we did not mean it to be hurt. But we did it anyway.

The family thought that might happen to their daughter. The family being a bare necessity a father of that woman who is so ugly in this story called Emine. We love Emine do we not? A rich riot of a woman who has had more feelings hurt than the rocky mountains in Western Virginia. We love you all it said and leave you again and again. Wise fools speak false but when they seek after their own pain they go to it with a will this is her story.

“So here is this woman going after her own pain?”

“Yes is it not droll.” they were all passing through let us call one Mehmed the other Murad and leave them at the bedroom door with their undershirts.

Buzz off here is the good reader wanting to know where is the ties between the two men? They had similar ties and they had similar shirts and if one left it outside the door and the other on the landing no one noticed or seem to mind at all. Mehmed had a small neck tie and the Murad had the longer kind but they wore the same coloured tie. So what did they do after leaving. I have no idea. They fled the scene so fast they did not leave anything but their names and they were forever gratified we did not contact them. They had enough money to get on with their own lives. That they were so and so disgrace to matrimony and manhood they knew.

Well you see Emine was a woman who had plenty. What is plenty? I mean men. Having said that she had a good gracious disposition and did not eventually seek medical aid for her over sexed self. It meant nothing and when she married she married to one man. Well she did.

Marriage is not about polygamy exceptions are made but mostly marriage is to one person and it is till death do us part. But what did it matter when she had the plenty before and then death and lack after? Being lacking in vivacious lusts afterwards said so much for marriage it dulls the appetite. I meant no harm but having that to look forward all her life as the happiness and bliss then when she got wedded to see it as nothing but somehow the impurities in her soul exposed and not glossed over. Why and what for? I mean when one is in youthful pursuit it is like Diana the huntress chasing the game when the marriage is settled game is over.

So when the game is over they go to this staid and middle aged glass house where they do a lot of dining and wining and all that? All the time. Sex becomes what the friends see you as and what you see your friends as. It is a matter of life and death to be seen at all costs to be agreeable to each other because people might think you are about to divorce. Divorce would mean lack of success and you become a failure.

In today’s world we do not go into what failure means.

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