Knox's Girl (AU)

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Chapter 12: Fire in my Veins

Poppy’s POV

I gasped as Knox flipped me onto my back in seconds, pushing my legs apart before situating himself between them. My knee-jerk reaction was to try and shut my legs, but he saw right through and kept them open.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little curious as to where this could possibly go, regardless of what I’d told him just a mere minutes before.

It was more than obvious to me that Knox’s human side had vanished - his wolf side had completely taken control and was now eyeing me up and down as if I were a baby deer he wanted to eat up.

He probably did want to eat me…

“Female,” he growled out, his tone so deep and gravely that I could just barely make out the word he’d uttered. “My female,” he growled again. I dug my fingers into the mattress at my side as he inched down the bed, beginning to kiss and suck my skin starting at my ankles and moving up. My stomach was a mess of knots by the time he’d reached my knees. My body quivered dramatically as his sucking grew more intense as he traveled farther up my inner thigh. He left deep red hickeys all over my thighs that I could just barely see in the ray of moonlight coming through the window.

His fingers dug into my hips with a delicious sting of pain as he abruptly brought his face to my center and took a deep whiff. My body froze at the action, unsure of what to do or how to react any way other than embarrassment. A loud, possessive growl reverberated through the entire cabin causing me to hold my breath.

Untouched,” he hummed before pressing a kiss to my center that caused a quiet moan to release from my lips. “So pure,” he added before licking a strip up my entire center. I cried out from the incredible sensation before releasing the sheet from one had and replacing it with his soft locks of hair. He’d begun applying more pressure with each stroke of his tongue as my cries became more and more frequent. The embarrassment I’d once felt had completely faded away as I let my body succumb to the intense, gripping pleasure he was giving me.

I tensed up when I felt his finger prod at an area no one had ever been before. He responded by sucking my throbbing clit into his mouth and rolling it back and forth with his tongue, instantly loosening my limbs into goo once again. Seconds later, I felt an unfamiliar feeling of pressure as he pressed a single digit into my core. It was neither a good or bad feeling, just odd at first - but then after he began coordinating the sucking and thrusting of his fingers was when all the air left my lungs. I dug my nails into the wrist of the arm that was wrapped around my upper thigh, anchoring my hips to the bed as I began to squirm with need. What I was needing I had no idea but I was growing frustrated at the absence of whatever it was. Soon, I’d felt him slide a second finger into me, working it a tad faster while running his tongue over my clit in figure eight motions.

“Knox, please,” I whined out before moaning loudly. My mind was growing fuzzy as the ball in the pit of my stomach grew tighter and tighter, begging to be let go. His hand picked up speed as he began rubbing the tips of his fingers against my inner walls with increased pressure, bringing me so close to something I could almost taste it.

“Yes, yes!” I screamed out before locking my thighs around his head as the pressure in my stomach released and a sensation of warmth, pleasure, and something else I couldn’t even begin to describe washed over my entire body. My legs shook fiercely as he continued his ministrations until I was completely spent, lying unmoving against the bed sheets that were now slightly damp from the light sheen of sweat all over my body.

“Such a good girl,” Knox murmured before placing a final kiss against my lower lips and pulling away. He resituated our bodies into a more comfortable position before my sleep-deprived mind faded off into unconsciousness.

The next morning, I awoke to the smell of bacon. Confused, I sat up in bed before checking the time on my phone to see that I’d slept in until 11:30. I can’t even remember the last time I did that.

I gently rubbed the sleep from my eyes before stretching in bed, my sore body groaning and popping - reminding me of the events that took place in the middle of the night. I pressed the back of my hand to my burning cheeks before clearing my throat and pushing back the covers. I was about to get up and go searching for the wonderful smell when it was suddenly brought to me.

Knox sauntered into the room with a heaping pile of eggs and bacon.

“What’s this?” I asked, shocked. I’ve never had a man bring me anything before so I wasn’t sure how to react.

“Food,” Knox replied smartly with a barely-there smile.

“Well, I know that silly,” I giggled before accepting the plate from his outstretched hands. I carefully balanced the plate in one hand while propping a pillow up against the wall behind my back before leaning against it and beginning to eat my breakfast.

“How did you make this?” I asked in slight astonishment after swallowing my first bite.

“I have a little portable stove top I sometimes use. I went and got it this morning so that you can have something to cook meals on until we get the flooring replaced and new appliances,” he explained before eyeing me in a silent order to continue eating.

I’d gotten halfway through the large amount of food before releasing a deep breath and handing it back off to him.

“I can’t eat another bite, I’m stuffed,” I groaned before holding my slightly aching stomach. He nodded and proceeded to finish the rest in a couple of bites, amazing me and also causing me to wonder if he even tasted it.

“How are you feeling this morning?” he asked, hinting at our intimate activity. I blushed once again before licking my dry lips.

“Fine,” I murmured shyly. He nodded once, catching me completely off guard by leaning down and pressing his lips to my own. Nervous butterflies swarmed in my stomach, unsure of what I was doing as this was my first kiss. I let my eyes flutter closed and submersed myself in the new sensation. His soft lips against my own were enticing, so much so that when he moved back to break the kiss I followed him forward.

He licked the seam of my lips and I slowly opened my mouth as an invitation to deepen the kiss. He quickly took the opportunity as his tongue slid into my mouth to gently coax my own. I hummed happily, pulling back feeling high and warm all over. I bit my lip before clearing my throat as I finally gathered the courage to ask him what I’d been dying to ask.

“Knox?” I questioned nervously.

“Hmm?” he hummed, continuing to stare intensely at me as he had since he’d come in here, his gaze flittering down to my lips for a few fleeting seconds.

“How come you haven’t asked me on The Run yet?” I asked, my stomach turning with embarrassment at even having to ask.

“Because I don’t need to. It’s unnecessary,” he stated simply, though his eyes told a different story; they were flickering back and forth between his own and his wolf’s as his jaw clenched harshly. He seemed to be having a hard time controlling his other half, keeping the feral side at bay.

Oh,” I mumbled, my tone heavy-laden with disappointment.

If he didn’t have any intention on even entertaining the idea of having a future with me, then he should’ve never laid his hands on me. I shouldn’t have been so naive to let him touch me in such an intimate way. I feel dirty and used.

The last thought left a prick in my throat as my eyes grew wet with unshed tears.

“I think it’s time you left,” I whispered, getting up from the bed and quickly making my way to my bathroom to prevent him from seeing the single tear that had slid down my face. I slammed the door and locked it behind me before leaning against the sink. Once again, I felt the air around me shift.

Uh oh. This is not going to be good.

My female,” came the loud, demanding voice through the barely-hanging-on door. A shiver rushed throughout my entire body as my mind forced me to listen to him. It was the strangest sensation ever - almost like an alpha command but more intense. If that was even possible. “Open this door, now,” he bellowed.

I couldn’t control my body. My hand reached out as if it had a mind of its own and undid the lock. The door flung open, causing me to stumble back and land on the floor. I twisted at last second to avoid hitting my head and to let my hands and knees brace the fall instead. I winced in pain, about to push myself back up when his large arm swooped around my waist and hoisted me up, pulling my back flush with his chest. The powerful aura around him made my wolf drunk with lust as she basically panted in my head.

“Do not ever run from me. I will always catch you. I live to chase after you and I will always win. Do you understand, my female?” he half growled, half purred against the crook of my ear.

“Yes,” I moaned out, unable to resist even though he’d just said he had no intention of asking me on The Run. But then again, he just called me his female?

“I don’t need The Run to know you’re my true match. I’m a Lycan, I can sense it just by your smell. I’ve met six others before you and not a single one felt right. Until you. No female has ever interested my wolf, or myself, ever before the way you do. You’ve seen my wolf side and while it scared you at first, you did something no one has ever done - you touched me. Fuck, you even slapped me. Since that moment when you rode atop my back to the pack house when you hurt yourself, you’ve been mine. Your body, your mind, your soul. They’re all mine,” came his possessive response. I had no idea what to say. I was happy, shocked, excited, and scared all at once.

I was saved from having to think about what the hell to say back when my phone began ringing in the other room.

There was only one person it could’ve been, and I’d been waiting four days for her next call. I shoved - well tried to shove - Knox aside to beeline for my phone, but he grabbed my arm and instantly pulled me back.

“Knox, let go! I need to get that!” I pleaded while trying to jerk away, desperate to answer the call before she thought I wasn’t there.

“Why?” Knox demanded skeptically. I just didn’t have time to explain it all to him.

“Let go!” I screamed as tears clouded my eyes and I shoved at his chest. His expression grew angry as he dropped my arm. I dashed for the phone and answered within seconds, praying she was still on the line.

“Kiara!?” I called over the receiver.

“Thank God you’re there, I thought you were about to send me to voicemail,” Kiara semi-joked, but I could tell she was serious.

“Never. What’s been going on?"

“Well, The Council pulled the investigation yesterday like we thought they would. They also told your father and Alpha Williams that the reason they were pulling it was because they’d received the paperwork from you filing persecution status elsewhere…” she trailed off.

“Oh my gosh, that means they know I’ve joined a new pack. They could start calling around to try and hunt me down,” I worried, knowing my father and previous Alpha weren’t past doing such a thing to find me.

“The Council knows what they did and told them they wouldn’t like the consequences if they tried to find you or start a war over this, but you know how they are. They’ve always thought they were above our laws,” Kiara hissed with anger. I sighed as my forehead wrinkled with worry.

“How about you, mom, and Tansy? Have they backed off? Are you all okay?” I asked hopefully.

She chuckled, “God no. They haven’t backed off of me or your mother, but Tansy is fine. They stopped trying to use her against us because they know we’re not going to budge and the council is already keeping an eye on our pack and how they treat the members now,” she sighed out. I felt a huge weight lift off my chest knowing they were all at least safe. For now, that is.

“So, how are you liking your new pack?” she asked. I was relieved that I was finally able to talk to my best friend like we used to.

“I love it for the most part,” I answered truthfully.

“For the most part?” she asked with confusion lacing her tone.

“Yeah. It’d be perfect if you guys were here,” I responded with a wistful smile. She chuckled lightly before sighing.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to tell me?” she asked skeptically.

“I really love Grace. She’s hilarious and reminds me so much of you,” I added, knowing it was exactly what she wanted to hear. I don’t know how, but somehow she must’ve gotten word about the time I’ve been spending with Knox.

Speaking of which, where did he go?

“You’re still holding out on me,” she stated knowingly.

“Well, there is this guy...” I giggled with a giddy smile. I heard her own laugh on the other end before she demanded I spill everything. I proceeded to tell her all about the last few days and the time I’ve spent with him. I couldn’t believe it had been such a short period of time when it felt like we’d known each other for months - despite the fact that I’d barely learned anything about him other than that he actually preferred to sleep naked, but slept semi-clothed for my sake.

“Well, since you’re so damn tight-lipped it doesn’t seem I’ll be getting any more juicy details out of you for the night. They aren’t doing nightly checks anymore so I can call more often now. I’ll ring you tomorrow night, okay?” she promised before telling me she loved and missed me to which I returned before hanging up.

Getting off the bed, I wandered into my desolate living room, confused. There was a good fire going, leaving the room toasty and warm. That meant I wouldn’t freeze my butt off while wearing nothing but Knox’s shirt. But where was he? I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around my body before stepping out onto my porch. I peered around, looking for a sign of Knox anywhere. I climbed down the first few front porch steps, wincing at the cold wood underneath my feet.

“Knox?” I called out, hearing my voice echo around me.


“Knox?” I called once more, louder than before.

Again, nothing.

I stepped down another step only to have my foot break through the wood plank, cutting my skin open and causing me to bleed while also leaving me rooted in place. I screamed out in pain as the sensation surged up through the rest of my leg.

Only one problem; no one can hear me...

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