Knox's Girl (AU)

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Chapter 14: Love Bites

Poppy’s POV

Entering the training room, the men were scattered around the massive area. Some were sparring one-on-one while others were going over fighting techniques; I was actually quite intrigued. We meandered through the room, stepping around groups as we went before finally reaching Jason. Although we tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, my crutches seemed to catch the attention of most people we passed by.

“What’s wrong Gracie Girl, what happened?” Jason asked, wiping a paw down his face and stepping away from his sparring partner after seeing us walking towards him.

“I told Poppy she could stay with us until her place was finished - she’s injured herself again because of her shitty porch,” she explained, pulling major puppy dog eyes while pointing towards my bandaged leg for leverage. Jason’s forehead pinched together in confusion.

“That’s fine. Why did you feel the need to ask me?” He mumbled, confused.

“Well, it’s not just my home, it’s ours. I just wanted to make sure it was okay with you first-”

What the fuck happened?” Came a menacing growl from across the room. I tensed up, knowing exactly who the voice belonged to.

“Uh-oh,” Grace and I both whispered at the same time, the ground shaking with every step Knox took towards us.

Poppy!” Knox demanded while stepping up right behind me and spinning my body to face him. He bore all my weight while eyeing my leg in anger and worry.

Oh, so now he’s worried?

I yanked my arms from his hold - which really wasn’t a good idea with my crutches - wobbling on my feet for a few seconds until I was able to stabilize my weight. He narrowed his eyes at me as a hush fell over the whole room.

“You would’ve known what happened hours ago if you wouldn’t have ignored me this morning when I needed you!” I hissed while schooling my face into an angry glare, not wanting him to see how hurt I was.

“What?” He grunted, seeming confused.

“After you stormed off like a child this morning for no reason, I fell through my front steps and got stuck. I was in a lot of pain and didn’t have anyone to help me. You deliberately ignored my cries for help over the mind-link. I don’t even want to think about what would’ve happened to my leg if it hadn’t been for Corbin showing!” I fumed as my voice rose with anger.

Did he touch you?” He sneered, getting worked up, completely ignoring the fact that Corbin had helped me.

“He had to in order to get me out! You have no right to be angry after you left me in such a situation, especially concerning what you said to me!” I hissed, not holding back how I was truly feeling for another second. It was then that Knox must’ve realized we had such a large audience witnessing our heated argument. He shut his mouth and I could tell he was going to grab me and storm off, but then his eyes wandered down to the what I could only assume were the marks on my neck left by Corbin’s rough handling earlier.

“What the fuck are these?” He demanded to know, a fire raging in his eyes as he ghosted his fingertips over the light bruising on my neck. They ached just a smidge when he touched them. I kept my mouth firmly shut, not wanting to cause such an issue with the Alpha’s son, but Knox was having none of it. His head shot down to the crook of my neck as he intensely sniffed my skin, gathering a scent.

You!” Knox boomed while whipping around to point an accusing finger at the Alpha - who had been watching our interaction closely. “Get your son here now!” He finished.

“Knox, please…” The Alpha begged with a look of desperation after seeing the deadly glint in his eyes. He knew summoning Corbin would be a death sentence with the mental state Knox was in. Deciding I didn’t want to see the bloodbath I knew would have ensued, I grabbed Knox’s arm and tugged to gain his attention. He was too focused on staring down the Alpha to pay any attention to me.

“Knox!” I hummed while pulling his arm once more. Again, he ignored me. In that moment. I had had it with him brushing me off.

Goddammit, Knox!” I shouted, catching him off guard. “I have the ability to reject your mark if I do so choose and if you have any intentions of speaking to me ever again you’ll listen to me!” I snarled. His back turned rigid as everyone took a deep breath and held it. I heard Grace gasp from behind me, obviously terrified of the repercussions my threat would bring. I knew him better than that, though. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was he would do. Not after this morning. I was starting to question everything I thought he felt for me.

“What?” Knox snapped as his jaw ticked.

“You heard me,” I whispered only loud enough for him to hear. “If you go after him right now before discussing whatever the heck this morning was, then this will be our last goodbye,” I murmured, leveling him with a challenging gaze. An angered growl rumbled through his chest as his hands clenched and unclenched by his sides.

“This isn’t over. Tell your son I’ll be coming,” Knox fumed before sweeping me up off my feet and into his arms so fast I couldn’t even see straight.

“You put me down, Knox!” I raged while pounding my fists against his chest, though they didn’t deter his movements at all. “Where are you taking me?” I demanded as he moved so fast we were already leaving the pack house and breaking through the forest line. Again, like before, no answer. I huffed as my anger mounted. I grew dizzy as we sped through the forest, everything passing so fast around us it was like a blur. Note to self: never agree to go for a run with him.

I yelled in frustration as he began slowing his pace when we approached a break in the trees. Having had enough I slammed my hand down over his dick and grabbed it in a harsh hold. A garbled yell of pain flew from his mouth as he faltered forward a few steps, almost falling into the clearing.

“Knox, you better answer me right now!” I demanded, glaring at his stony expression. He came to a complete stop and carefully released me onto the ground. I was further annoyed that I had to keep ahold of him to stay upright without putting weight on my leg as he’d left my crutches behind when he stormed off.

Neither one of us said anything as we just stared into each other’s eyes. He had a look of faux calmness on his face, but I saw right past it.

“Well?” I demanded, expecting him to start explaining himself and what had happened earlier this morning.

“Who called you this morning?” he questioned. What the hell does this have to do with anything?

“What?” I hesitated, confused beyond belief.

“This morning you pushed me away to answer a call. Who is he?” he demanded angrily. I blinked a few times, utterly shocked by his misplaced anger.

“It wasn’t from any man, Knox. It was from my best friend in my old pack. She’s the one who helped me get away. I’ve been worried sick since her first call that my old Alpha had done something to hurt her or my mother and sister,” I explained, though the explanation only seemed to confuse him.

“What are you talking about? Helped you get away?” he asked.

“Yes. My old Alpha and father were trying to force a mating between me and Alpha Williams to strengthen both our packs. My mother and best friend, Kiara, helped me get away and come here instead. Is that why you abandoned me this morning? Because you thought I had another man?” I grilled, angry he would think that of me. I’d let him have my body in an intimate way, and he still thought that?

He didn’t reply, but I watched as every single muscle in his body coiled with tension. The vein in his neck and arms began bulging as his chest heaved up and down.

“Knox!” I hissed, trying to gain his attention and get some answers.

“Poppy, I need you to shift. Now,” He rumbled out lowly, sounding barely human. I hesitated for a second, not understanding what was going on before he yelled again. “NOW!” I gasped in slight terror before doing as told and letting my wolf take over my body. I shredded all the clothing items I was wearing as I landed on four paws where my human side once stood. My wolf rested on her belly with her head between her paws as we watched Knox’s quaking form.

Suddenly, he burst into his own shift, turning into his monstrous fur side. My wolf lifted her head into the air and took a meaningful sniff, an exhilarating tremble running through our entire being as her belly quivered. Her head flew back in the air as she released a shrill howl into the sky that could only mean one thing. Mate.

Oh my god, Knox was right.

He’s my match.

My wolf whimpered, but not in a scared or timid way. It was a whimper to beckon him our way before going belly up, a sign of utter submission. A purr-like growl erupted from Knox’s wolf as he sauntered over to us, scaring all surrounding wildlife with each rumbling step he took, before laying his entire body over us. He forced our neck up and to the side so that we were left baring our entire throat and neck to him. My wolf slapped her tail on the ground a few times in excitement before she licked her lips.

Knox’s wolf sniffed around for a few minutes until, quick as lightning, he plunged his canines deep into our flesh. I was shocked, wanting to force my wolf to retreat back so that my human side could come forward. The only thing stopping me was knowing how dangerous that would be considering his teeth were still embedded deep in my neck, intertwining our DNA.

Knox’s wolf stayed attached longer than necessary before finally withdrawing his teeth. He began to lick the wound closed. I forced a half-assed angry growl through my wolf’s throat before shoving her back and letting my bones snap back to my human side. My anger was rapidly dissipating as the warmth of his mark turned my body to a pile of goo, but I was still going to give him an earful.

“How could you mark me when I was still upset with you from this morning?!” I hissed as tears started to fall down my face. Why the hell am I crying?

A woosh of air around us and the feel of his skin against my own alerted me that he’d changed back as well. He moved so that I was resting in his lap as his arms cradled me. He reached a hand up and swiped his thumbs under my eyes to catch my tears, staying quiet until my breathing had slowed and regulated.

“Calm down, Flower,” He murmured in my ear while a soothing purr came from his chest. And just like that, my tears were gone as was the lump in my throat. But I was still pissed.

“I can’t believe you,” I grumbled as he stood us up. He pulled a large shirt from its hiding spot in the tree next to us and slipped it over my head to cover my body. He wound both arms around my waist and pulled me against his chest, leaving no room between the two of us as he bore all my weight. The skin on skin contact made my brain fuzzy and light with need. It wasn’t a want - oh no - my need for him was more intense than anything I’d ever experienced before in my life. It felt like every fiber of my being was strumming a melody just for him. He slid his hands down my lower back to my ass before lifting me up and wrapping my legs around his waist. I tried to force my mouth open again to berate him as I’d intended, but all that fell out was a distressed moan as my sex brushed against his pelvic area.

His grip on my butt grew bruising as he buried his face in my neck and began sucking on his already-healed mark. I threw my head back and moaned loudly as the sensation hit my body like a wall. He began walking, never letting up on the delicate flesh of my neck. I peeked my eyes open for a second to see the fairytale-like house he was walking us into. Had I been in the right state of mind, I would’ve had a million and one questions - but I wasn’t.

He kicked the door open only to slam it shut behind him seconds later. I grasped the back of his head by his short hair and pulled him back before attacking his lips with my own. He groaned low in his throat, sucking harshly on my tongue. The action had my nipples peaking into hardened nubs.

I gasped as he threw me down onto the soft surface of a bed. I bounced a few times before Knox’s large frame came down onto my own. He spread my legs and settled between them before beginning to kiss and suck my neck and chest area. I cried out as he pulled one of my nipples into his mouth while rolling and pinching the other with his fingers. I dug my toes into the flesh of his thigh trying to calm my body, but it was no use.

“Can’t wait, need to have you,” he rumbled in my ear as his hand wandered between my thighs, testing how wet I was. “So ready for me,” He praised before flicking my clit. I begged incoherently as he grabbed himself and began running his tip along my cleft, coating his member in my slick juices. I let my hands run up his chest before digging into his shoulders as he slowly sunk into me. My mouth opened as a half-pained, half-pleasured hiss fell from my lips.

“Hold on, Flower,” He murmured against the shell of my ear before giving one final thrust, seating himself all the way inside of me. I groaned loudly before wrapping my legs tightly around his hips. I felt stuffed, like I would rip open if I moved even a hairsbreadth. His fingers found my clit once again as he began rubbing small circles. I released a sharp cry as I squirmed from the pleasure. Knox took that as his cue that he could move, so he slowly pulled out of me before pushing back in. I bit my lip as he continued, setting a slow pace as I grew used to the sensation.

A knot began to form in the pit of my stomach as the pain of being stretched so wide faded and was replaced with nothing but a warm feeling of pleasure.

“Faster,” I moaned out while biting and sucking at his earlobe. He grunted before edging forward on his knees leaving practically no space between, digging his fingers into my hips before beginning to quicken his movements. My breathing hitched as he abided my wish, sending my body into a frenzy of sensation. My pussy was so snug around him that I could practically feel every vein of his cock stroking my walls, the intensity overwhelming my mind and body as my legs began to shake and my chest heaved up and down from trying to catch my breath.

A low hiss and a garbled fuck rolled from his lips as a single drop of sweat rolled off his forehead and dropped between the valley of my breasts. He was straining so hard to hold back from devouring my body. I could see the way his face was scrunched tight with concentration before he bent down to press his nose against my mark and breath in my newly changing scent.

Realizing I wanted more, just like he did, I released the bed sheet from my grip and slid my hands up his arms to dig into his biceps.

“Knox, let go,” I plead before purposely tightening my inner muscles around his dick, causing him to grunt loudly as his inner thighs shook. He pulled my hands away from his arms before running his own along my arms, stopping to intertwine our fingers together against the bed. He gave my hands a single meaningful squeeze before pulling out and thrusting back in so hard I saw stars. I gasped, cocking my head back and tightening my hold on his hands as he repeated the action.

I couldn’t breathe or think or hear as everything around me faded to nothing. I could only feel what he was doing to me. A short sob-like cry fell from my lips as it all became too much. I was on the brink of losing my mind as my climax climbed. A mantra of his name fell from my lips as he continued taking my body to new heights.

“My good girl,” He growled into my ear before attaching his lips to my mark and sucking harshly. The single action caused my eyes to snap shut and my toes to curl as the ball of tension in the pit of my stomach broke free. A wave of pleasure encompassed my entire body, making me feel like I was floating in air as I screamed his name. His pace quickened even more as his thrusts grew uncoordinated and desperate. Finally, he buried himself to the hilt before releasing his own roar of completion as he coated my insides with his seed, prolonging my mind-numbing orgasm.

We stayed connected for a few minutes as the both of us caught our breath, my body trembling from the rush of hormones that had come and gone. I whimpered as he slowly pulled out of me, our combined fluids leaking down my thigh and quickly growing sticky.

“So perfect,” Knox murmured while watching the sight. My cheeks flamed, causing him to smirk.

He climbed off the bed and disappeared for a few seconds before returning with a warm wash rag. I blushed furiously as he propped my legs open once again and began to wipe me clean - something that proved difficult as his cum had already started to dry to my skin.

“So demure except for when I’m pleasuring you,” he said smugly before nipping playfully at my inner knee. I giggled softly and let him finish cleaning me up in silence as sleep began to tug at my mind. He rejoined me in bed before pulling me towards him so that I laid rested against his chest, unable to pry my eyes back open in my delusionally sleepy state.

“I’m still mad at you,” I managed to slur out to which I could feel his amusement through our newly strengthened bond - which I could feel wrapping around me like a security blanket.

“I’m sorry, Flower. I was irrational this morning thinking you were trying to force me away to speak with another man. I should’ve just stayed and asked you instead of jumping to conclusions. As for me ignoring you, I would never intentionally do so. My wolf was so angry I couldn’t focus on anything but the pulsing in my body and my need for destruction,” he murmured, ghosting his lips across the top of my head.

“So, what, now that you’ve marked me you’re Dr. Phil all of a sudden?” I huffed in annoyance at his sensible answer, wondering when he decided to become so talkative. His chest rumbled for a few seconds with laughter, something that shocked me into silence and had my eyes cracking open. I peered up at his happy expression as my jaw slackened having never seen him wear that look before.

Crazy how quickly something can become your favorite sight in the whole world.

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