Knox's Girl (AU)

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Chapter 16: Dinner Gone Wrong

Poppy’s POV

I wandered through the adorable little cottage Knox and I had been inhabiting for the past few days. I’d grown quite fond of its fairytale-esque feel and appearance, almost like it was something out of a Disney story. It was similar to my own place in size, maybe a little bigger. The main difference was that it wasn’t crumbling to the ground and the inside had already been completely updated to mirror the more modern appeal of most people today.

I had a feeling of unease in my stomach, something that I’d learned was constant whenever Knox wasn’t close enough to me for my wolf’s liking. We’d both grown highly...clingy and dependent on Knox, but as much as I wanted to be annoyed by it, I wasn’t. That was mainly because Knox was the exact same, if not worse. The thing was, we depended on each other to make up for our own shortcomings. I wasn’t surprised that our personalities seemed to be perfectly matched.

For example, Knox had an awful temper that I had no problem calming. I was forgetful and often misplaced things I needed while he had an incredible memory and always knew where the things I needed were. I was a great cook but was awful at hunting and gathering - something Knox had proven thus far to be highly gifted at. And that was just to name a few. We complimented each other in the best of ways, making me so thankful to have been guided to him by fate.

I wandered into the living room and pushed back the curtains, letting the light filter into the room and brighten the entire space. I winced at the brightness at first before my eyes adjusted. My newly heightened senses were something I was still getting used to.

Once my eyes stopped burning, I sighed happily while looking around - still shocked that this place was actually all Knox’s. The look of the cottage didn’t seem like anything he would inhabit in a million years - which makes sense why he used to avoid it and just slept in wolf form in the woods. Well, that is until I showed up. He’d told me all about this place after I came to a few days ago. Apparently, it belonged to a female wolf in this pack. She ended up relocating after finding her match and mating in the neighboring pack. This place was the most clean-kept and also farthest from everyone else in the pack, making sense to me why Knox took it.

I heard the front door open as he came in with at least fifty different paper bags. My eyes widened in shock as I surveyed all the food.

“Did you think we were feeding an army?” I giggled while taking some of the bags from him and setting them on the kitchen counter. He’d gone to the little pack grocery store - if you would even call it that, It was just a simple building with a wide array of food that pack members were welcome to come and take as they pleased - in order to stock the fridge and cabinets of this place. He just smirked and winked at me, choosing not to respond to my goading.

“Knox, I’ve been thinking,” I started as we worked together to put all the food away in its respective place. He hummed in response for me to continue. “What if we just stayed here?” I asked. He put down the gallon of milk he was holding and turned to look at me.

“What do you mean?” He asked, though I could see he knew what I meant but wanted me to elaborate further.

“Well, over the past few days we’ve spent here I’ve grown quite fond of this place. It wouldn’t need any work, unlike my own cabin which is still basically falling apart. It’s the perfect size for us. It’s got a couple extra bedrooms for when we decide to start having pups,” I explained, watching as a fire ignited in his eyes at the mention of us trying for a baby. He licked his lips before prowling towards me like a predator does its prey. I didn’t move a single inch, wanting nothing more than for him to catch me.

His arms suddenly slid around my waist and jerked me against his body. I released a breathy moan seconds before he captured my lips with his own. I surrendered to his punishing pace as his tongue explored every inch of my mouth while his hands slid down to grasp my ass and pull me up onto my tiptoes. The change in position allowed me to feel his still-growing erection press against my belly. I whimpered with need, baffled that I could want this man again when all we’d done since I started feeling better was explore each other’s bodies. He’d barely let me step foot out of bed yesterday, keeping me occupied all day, but it seemed he still wanted more. And more I would gladly give him.

He swiped the rest of the various groceries off the kitchen island and hoisted me up to sit on the countertop. His mouth broke away from mine only to blaze a trail of fire down the skin of my neck to my chest. He ripped the silk nighty I was wearing in half, continuing his path of fire down to my nipples. My back arched, shoving my chest closer to his face as he gently nipped at the sensitive flesh of my breasts before finally capturing my dusky pink nipple in his mouth. His tongue swirled the now-pebbled nipple, lightly scraping his teeth over the surface while his other hand came up to pinch and pull at the other.

I felt the moisture collecting between my legs before slowly dribbling down my inner thigh as he continued his sweet torture. He continued his descent, pushing my thighs apart as he left open-mouthed kisses all around my tightening navel. My breath was coming out in uneven pants as he finally reached the place I desperately wanted him. I growled in frustration as he pressed teasing kisses to the entire area surrounding my dripping sex, skillfully avoiding where I was pulsing with want. No, with need.

“Knox!” I hissed impatiently, shooting a glare down at him as he just smirked smugly back.

“You want my mouth on this pretty pink pussy, Flower?” He asked erotically while running his hands up the side of my thighs and over the tops to keep my legs from shutting. Not that I was going to - I was absolutely delirious with need. He dug the tips of his fingers into my thighs, adding a pinch of pain that I’d recently discovered we’d both loved - him giving and me taking.

“Yes,” I whined out, sounding pathetic but not caring. Without another word or warning, he dove forward and sucked my clit into his mouth, rolling the swollen nub back and forth before circling it with his warm tongue. I shrieked loudly and fell back against the wooden countertop, unable to keep my body upright. I wound my fingers into his hair and tugged, needing something to hold onto as two of his thick digits probed my entrance, pushing all the way in and crooking against my walls. I wailed loudly while shaking, calling out his name repeatedly as I undulated my sex against his face in time with the in-and-out movement of his fingers.

The knot in the pit of my belly tightened until it was painful as he increased the speed of his sucking. All air seemed to leave my lungs as my toes curled, a chorus of moans leaving my mouth as I begged him to let me cum.

I was on the edge of the cliff, seconds from diving over into oblivion when three loud knocks echoed against the front door. Knox stilled his movements, causing me to yell out in frustration. I had opened my mouth to berate him when the knocking came again, pulling my muddled brain from its haze of pleasure. I growled angrily before pushing myself back up into a seated position on the counter.

“Someone has something against me having an orgasm and I’m going to hurt them,” I hissed before hopping down from the counter with Knox’s help as he chuckled at my statement. He pulled his shirt from over his head and covered me before smacking my ass and quickly kissing my lips.

“Don’t worry, Flower. Tonight, I’ll make you cum so many times you’ll be begging me to stop,” he rasped huskily against the shell of my ear while guiding us both towards the door. I highly doubt what I’ll be begging you for is to stop I thought to myself, feeling Knox’s smugness through our bond and knowing he’d been in my head listening to my thoughts just then. As we reached the front door, he schooled his face into an expression completely void of emotion. He stepped slightly forward and nudged me back and to the side so I was hidden from view, shielded by his hulking body as he cracked the door open.

“Alpha Aaron, can I help you?” his deep, timber voice asked. I peeked around Knox’s body to see the Alpha standing there looking bone-tired.

“Lycan Knox, how have you been?” he asked, completely ignoring Knox’s question.

“I’ve been good,” Knox answered cryptically, but it still seemed to catch the Alpha off guard. This must be an uncharacteristic answer for Knox.

“That’s...good. I’ve come to you this evening because Grace showed up at my office freaking out. She hasn’t seen or heard from Poppy in a few days and she’s grown very worried. Have you seen her?” Alpha Aaron asked. Was it custom for the Alpha of a pack to check on a friend for another pack member? I asked myself. Before I could come to an answer, I started feeling sick to my stomach knowing I’d worried Grace by disappearing with Knox, not even thinking to let her know where I was or that I was alright.

“You’re not an idiot, Alpha Aaron. I saw you sniffing around when I answered the door and I know you can smell her newly changed scent here. That’s why you came here to find us instead of her place,” Knox answered with annoyance dripping from his words. “What my mate and I do and where we are is of no concern to you or anyone else,” he spat. I instantly grabbed his arm and tugged, getting his attention. I gave him a pointed glare as his words were partly aimed at Grace. He gave me a meaningful look back that I knew meant there was more to this situation than was being said. He turned his attention back to Alpha Aaron, waiting for him to speak. He shuffled around on his feet for a few seconds before finally clearing his throat. He glanced back at me, causing Knox to growl loudly and take a threatening step towards the Alpha.

“The Luna and I are requesting the two of you at the pack dinner we’re having tonight. That way Poppy can see Grace so she’ll know that she’s okay,” he said meekly. Knox snorted in irritation before crossing his arms over his chest.

“Fine. We’ll be there,” he grunted before slamming the door in his face and turning to face me. He stayed quiet as I watched him strain his ears. By the intense look on his face, I knew he was listening to the retreat of Alpha Aaron’s footsteps before speaking.

“Grace wasn’t the one inquiring about you,” Knox spoke confidently.

“How do you know that? And if that’s the case, then who was?” I asked, confused.

“I know that because I mind-linked her while you were sleeping right after I mated you. I knew she would be worried and that you would want her to know you were okay. She knows where you are and she knows that you’re safe with me. My guess is Corbin has once again stuck his fucking nose where it doesn’t belong,” he growled angrily. I nodded, a wash of relief flowing through me at knowing Grace hadn’t been left in the dark. She was the only person - besides Knox, Kiara, and my mother of course - that I really had in life to go to, and I didn’t want to screw that up by being a bad friend or making her think she wasn’t important to me.

“C’mon, Flower. We need to get some clothes on and head to the packhouse before we’re late for this stupid fucking dinner,” he grumbled. I giggled at his disdain before turning and heading for our bedroom. I grabbed my clothes and quickly pulled on my bra and one of Knox’s sweatshirts, making sure to keep my face to him and my back to the wall. I knew Knox could feel my old scars, but he’d never seen them in the light and I know that’s why he’s never asked about them. I hoped to keep it that way for as long as possible, afraid of what could result from his temper.

Knox and I drove to the pack house in my SUV as I discovered he didn’t have a car at all. Technically I didn’t either, I just happened to be borrowing this car from my old pack. He kept his hand firmly on my thigh the entire time as the quiet lull of music flowed from the stereo. I hummed along with the beat of the song while watching the trees pass by my window. I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer that someday, when everything was said and done, Knox and I could live a peaceful life with no fear of our pasts creeping up on us. It sounded so incredibly nice.

Knox cleared his throat and leaned over to peck my lips softly, pulling me from my reverie. I kissed him back, stroking my thumb over his stubbly chin lovingly. I stared into his eyes for a few seconds before breaking contact when we had to exit the vehicle. I stayed put, knowing he liked to open my door for me as much as I liked him opening it for me.

“Time to get this shit show over with,” Knox snorted with amusement as I wrapped my hand around his arm and cuddled against his side as we walked. I laughed at his statement before sighing apprehensively as we entered the large, looming house. I could hear the loud roar of voices as we approached the common dining room, feeling a flutter of nervous butterflies kick up in my stomach at facing everyone as Knox’s mate for the first time. If the distant reactions I’d received when I only smelled like him were anything to go by, I knew this dinner was going to be highly awkward.

And I was right.

The second we entered the room, all eyes were on us as the loud talking turned into a quiet rumble of whispers all over the room. I saw Alpha Aaron’s arm raise in the air, signaling us to his table with a tense body. Knox strutted through the rows of tables confidently as he removed my arm from his hand only to wrap the same arm around my lower waist and pull me even closer to him.

Coming up to the table where all high-ranking pack members sat, I could sense their collective unease.

“So, riddle me this,” Knox began catching them all of guard. “If we were supposed to be here so Poppy could see Grace and let her know she was okay, why are we supposed to sit here and not at Grace’s table?” He asked with a cocky glint in his eyes. I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from smiling at how Alpha Aaron floundered around like a fish looking for an answer. Poor guy, he probably was just the middle-man in this situation.

“The Alpha and I just figured since you’ve finally mated, it would be beneficial for all the leaders to be well acquainted with the new woman of power in our pack,” Luna Caroline filled in for her mate, though I could tell she was lying through her teeth. A snort caught our attention and my gaze snapped to Corbin, who sat at the end of the table with tight fists and a clenched jaw. He appeared to be grinding his molars while trying to keep from jumping out of his chair. He opened his mouth to speak as well, but someone kicked him harshly under the table, causing him to groan in pain. Knox just quirked his brow before sending Corbin a challenging look and pulling out my chair for me. I sat, murmuring a thank you before clearing my throat awkwardly as the chatter in the dining room finally picked back up again.

God, if this wasn’t deja vu then I don’t know what is. Is this what it’s going to be like entering a room with Knox for the rest of our lives?

Dinner ensued the same way it had started, though there was more conversation flowing amongst those at our table. Knox tended to ignore the questions he didn’t want to answer, whether they were about us or about the pack training. He’d give them a look that said next and they just took it without protest.

When dinner plates had been pushed aside and dessert served, all hell finally broke loose.

“Can I fucking help you, pretty boy?” Knox growled out while staring Corbin down. I knew this was going to happen, especially since Corbin hadn’t stopped glaring at him since we’d arrived. Knox wasn’t a man of patience in the first place, but it was even less so when it came to Corbin I’d realized. Everyone at our table stopped to look between the pair as if they were at a tennis match, waiting on bated breath for someone to make the next move.

“I would say keep your Goddamn hands off things that don’t belong to you, but you’ve clearly already gone and fucked that up,” Corbin snarled back bravely. I gasped loudly, as did Luna Caroline. Knox slammed his silverware onto the table, causing it to clatter loudly, before flying out of his seat, the chair legs screeching against the wooden floor. Before anyone could say anything in protest, Knox had Corbin out of his chair and dangling in the air by his neck.

“You listen here you little pretentious fucking asshole,” Knox growled menacingly, his grip on Corbin’s throat tightening, “my mate is not an object or a thing, she’s a Goddamn human being! She’s my female. I have her heart, her body, and her soul just as she does mine. She was destined to be my mate when she was fucking born and not you nor any other fucking pest with a big ego was going to change that. I suggest you pull your head from your fucking ass and start giving respect where it’s due or I’ll squash you like the roach you are - Alpha or not. You understand me?” He screamed in his face - which was quickly turning purple. I got up from my own seat to stop him from killing Corbin and confirming everyone’s fear of him, but he threw Corbin’s body away from his own and into the wall in front of us. His body hit the wall before sliding down it, limp and unmoving.

My heart beat frantically in my chest as I grasped Knox’s arm in a death grip, watching Corbin’s body lay unmoving on the floor as Luna Caroline and Alpha Aaron frantically shook him.

“He’s fine, just passed out from the lack of oxygen,” Knox murmured so quiet I knew only I could hear. “We’ll be taking our leave now. I suggest you teach your son some manners before the next time I see him,” Knox warned staring directly in Alpha Aarons eyes. I gulped at the fleeting look the Alpha couple sent me before Knox whisked me away back to the safety of our car.

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