Knox's Girl (AU)

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Chapter 17: Scars to Your Beautiful

Poppy’s POV

Knox was tightly wound by the time we’d finally made it home and I knew there was only one thing that would calm him down when he was like this. The second we entered the house, I grasped his arm and pulled him towards me. He looked at me quizzically, though the seemingly permanent glare didn’t leave his face. Without another word, I pushed myself onto my tiptoes and brought him down by the front of his shirt, smashing my lips against his own. He didn’t miss a single beat as he responded, his all-consuming kisses rendering me breathless and begging for more within seconds.

He backed me up to our room while never removing his lips from my own. We began to tear at each other's clothes, leaving a trail behind us as we made our way to the bedroom - thought It seemed Knox didn’t want to have me in the bed tonight as he didn’t stop there and continued leading me to the connected bathroom. Once we were both naked, he turned the shower water on to heat up before pinning my hips to the counter as the edge dug into my ass. I whimpered at the sting of pain that added to the delicious feel of his hands and lips roaming my body.

In my haze of pleasure, I hadn’t realized that the light was on and my back was facing the mirror. I knew something was wrong when the tension that had finally gone returned to his body as he tore his lips away from my skin.

“Are those whip lashes?” Knox growled as he trailed his hand up my back so gently I could barely feel it. I gasped as my heart began to pound in my chest. Cats out of the bag now…

“Yes,” I whispered quietly, watching his face intensely and waiting for the moment he’d blow up. He had to have at least an idea, right? I mean, he’s felt them before - just never seen them. I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t surprised, just murderously angry at the confirmation of what my scars were from. A shiver of fear trailed down my spine, not so much for myself but for my father whenever Knox finally got ahold of him.

Who did this to you, Flower?” He demanded, his voice that of his wolf’s. I gulped while trying to bring his attention back to my face rather than the reflection of the torture I’d been through in the mirror.

“M-my father,” I murmured as a single tear trailed down my cheek. A loud roar ripped from his chest as he tore himself away from me and began pacing the length of the bathroom.

“Knox,” I called sadly, that familiar feeling of worthlessness creeping up as the flashbacks of that day came to mind. He just continued to pace, pinching the bridge of his nose every so often while trying to reign in his wolf.

“Knox,” I called again weakly, but it was no use. He was completely lost in his thoughts. I wiped my tears with the back of my hand before quietly entering the shower. I took a deep breath when the scorching water hit my skin, my hand shot forward to turn the knobs all the way down to arctic temperatures; the water’s heat reminding me far too much of the burning of my skin splitting from the harsh crack of the leather whip. I rested my palms and forehead against the cold subway tile as the water cooled my body off almost instantly. I gulped while biting my lip to keep the sob that was forming in my chest from escaping.

I hadn’t realized Knox entered the shower until his arms wrapped around my waist and he gently pulled my body back to rest against his own. I turned in his arms and pressed my face against his chest as my body wracked with silent sobs. He ghosted his hands up and down my back, his fingers feeling every groove and dip of my gnarled skin. I thought having someone touch the area so intimately and thoroughly after really seeing it would have caused me to freak out, but it didn’t.

I let his hands continue to roam my back and calm me. When my cries subsided he turned me and pressed the front of my body flush against the shower wall. My breathing quickened as he pressed soft kisses starting at my neck, down to my shoulders, before finally reaching my upper back. I sucked in a deep breath and held it as he proceeded to press a delicate kiss to every single raised scar on my back. I couldn’t help the tears that leaked from my eyes at the action. With every touch of his lips, the memory of that day faded a bit more until I saw and felt nothing but him and his love for me.

A breathy moan flew from my mouth as he scraped his teeth down from my lower back across the top of my ass, his hands flying up to grab the two rounded globes and squeeze harshly. Despite the icy chill of the water, a heat like no other took over my body starting right between my legs. He grabbed my hips and pulled them away from the wall, pulling my cheeks apart he surged forward and began to explore my slick folds without with his tongue. I grasped the ledge closest to me, knocking all the items off of it as Knox continued to slowly torture me with his expert tongue.

His hand came around my front and ventured between my legs to begin rubbing my clit in quick circles. The sensation was too much as I squeezed my eyes shut and let a scream tear from my chest. With his tongue massaging me and his fingers toying with my clit, I could feel the quick build of the orgasm I’d been denied earlier. I tried desperately to hold out as long as possible, wanting to prolong the pleasure for as long as I was physically able, but I just couldn’t. My thighs clamped shut around Knox’s hand and my legs shook, my orgasm hitting me like a sack of bricks. I opened my mouth to scream once again but nothing came out as the edges of my vision began to blur.

My body sagged against the wall as Knox stood back up, his hands never leaving my body.

“I’m going to take care of you,” he murmured, “and once we’ve laid down for bed, I want to know everything,” he finished, just a whisper against the shell of my ear. I nodded in agreement as he grabbed my shampoo and proceeded to squirt far too much into the palm of his hand, threading his fingers through my hair and pressing them against my scalp. He used just the right amount of pressure that my eyes fluttered closed with the incredible sensation. I peeked an eye open after a few minutes as he moved on to wash the rest of my hair, giggling when I watched his face scrunch into one of confusion at how many suds there were. He growled playfully when he caught me laughing before carefully guiding me back under the water. It took him longer than it should have to rinse out all the shampoo, but I didn’t mind. I quite liked him doting on me and taking care of me.

That was until he went straight from shampoo to body wash and completely skipped conditioner.

“What are you doing?” I asked skeptically. He stopped with the body wash mid-air, about to pour the bottle's contents onto the comically pink loofah in his hand.

“I’m...going to wash your body?” he asked more than said with a single raised brow of confusion. I snorted before taking them both from him.

“You have to put conditioner in my hair first,” I stated in a duh tone as the smile on my face never wavered.

“Why? I don’t?” he stated as if it were the most simple thing.

“You know how you like running your fingers through my hair while we’re cuddling at night?” I asked.

“...Yes?” he answered, obviously clueless as to where I was going with the point I was making.

“That wouldn’t be possible unless I used conditioner. Without it, my hair would be a tangled mess,” I explained before grabbing the bottle off the shelf and rubbing the product into the bottom half of my hair. He watched me with a comical look on his face; as if he were trying to solve the hardest mathematical equation. I just laughed before motioning towards the two things in his hands once again, signaling for him to continue what he was doing before I stopped him.

“I’ll just have to take your word for it,” he chuckled before quickly lathering the soap and beginning to wash my body. He paid special attention to my breasts and ass, causing me to giggle girlishly and swat his hands away after a very thorough washing. I would’ve let him continue, but I was already starting to prune.

Not another word passed between us as we finished and exited the shower. He towel dried my body, making sure to caress my skin with his lips every once in a while, before ushering us towards the bedroom to get dressed. And by getting dressed, I meant Knox crawling into bed naked while I pulled on one of his t-shirts.

Once we were settled in bed in our normal position - both on our sides facing one another, my head resting on his bicep with one of his hands curled in my hair and the other pressed against the small of my back - he finally spoke up.

“Why?” He whispered simply. I could see the hurt and pain in his eyes clear as day. And it was all for me.

“My father...he’s wasn’t, still isn’t, the best man. He acts impulsively and doesn’t think twice about the consequences his actions have for those around him. It happened almost seven months ago. When all of my friends got to leave or take online college courses, he had flat out refused the opportunity for me. He told me I had no business pursuing a career because it would just be a waste of time and money. I didn’t know at the time that he and my old Alpha had already basically sold me off to Alpha Williams, so, blindly, I fought back. I’d never spoken up to him in my entire life because I was too afraid, but I didn’t care at that moment. I was just so angry that he wasn’t even going to give me the chance to speak and tell him what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. It didn’t matter to him. I screamed at him in front of our Alpha, amongst a few other high-ranking officials as well, and told him I hated him.

“The next thing I knew, I was being dragged by my hair to the whipping post. It was a ways out from the pack house, but still centrally-located so everyone could easily see what was going on. I can remember my mom sobbing as he chained me up, the feeling of vomit coming up my throat as I begged him not to do it. But I could see the feral look in his eyes. I thought he was going to kill me,” I cried while hiding my face in his chest. “He ordered one of the pack members to uncover my back. I kicked and screamed so loud I lost my voice.

“I’ll never forget the feeling of the first crack of that whip against my back. Everyone became so silent as my cries of pain got stuck in my throat. I remember hearing my mom’s knees hit the ground behind me as I dug my nails into the post and prayed over and over again as the lashes seemed to just keep coming. After the fifth one, I couldn’t keep my body upright anymore. He didn’t get very many in after that before my Alpha took over and stopped him, but he sure made them count,” I wept as my body shook.

“I was in the pack infirmary for a month; the silver coating on the whip made it almost impossible for my wounds to close and scab over. That day was the last time I’ve ever truly looked my father in the face. I can’t stand to see the man who caused me so much pain and hurt - especially when it’s the same man who was supposed to love me and comfort me and teach me right from wrong. I’ve been an outcast ever since. No one wanted to get mixed up with me on the off chance he might snap again. I mean, if he could do that to his own daughter, imagine what he would do to a random pack member,” I hissed.

“He’s done it to my mother before, too” I blurted after a moment of silence. “It was back when I was really little. No one in the pack talks about it. I don’t know why it happened, but I’m terrified he’ll do it again. That’s why I had to take Kiara’s call that morning. I needed to make sure they were all okay,” I whispered out.

Knox didn’t reply for a while, just pulled me closer to him and kissed me every so often.

“Mark my words,” he finally murmured, his voice low and husky, “I am going to track down your father and when I find him I will give him everything that he deserves,” he growled, a faraway look in his eyes.

“Knox, please don’t. Not right now. We have bigger things to worry about - like finding your family. I don’t want to mess with my past just yet. I’m still trying to cope with it as it is and I don’t want something bad happening to you because you’re avenging me. My father isn’t The Councils favorite man, but they still have to keep law and order so going after my father unprovoked isn’t a good idea,” I begged, hoping he would see reason through his haze of anger.

“Unprovoked? Poppy, he’s trying to wage a war over my mate. How the fuck would that be viewed as unprovoked?” He challenged. I could see his point, so I had to change tactics.

“If not for that reason, think about the red flag this will raise for your uncle. How long do you think it would take for word to spread through the packs that a Lycan went after a Beta because of his mate, who also happens to be that Beta’s daughter? The gossip mill will have a hay day with that one and it will get to your uncle’s pack in no time. Besides, the day I left I remember the conversation my father and Alpha Rhymes were having,” I began, a lump forming in my throat thinking about how he’s going to take the news I was about to deliver. “The whole reason they were trying to mate me off and gain power for both packs was because of your uncle. He’s taking over small packs at such a fast rate, that by now he could take on a pack like my old one with no issue. He’s trying to overthrow The Council and change our way of life as we know it,” I stressed, watching the way his face contorted into one of anger.

“Then I’ll kill two birds with one stone,” he growled as a malicious smile took over his face. I gulped, more confused than I’d ever been by his response. What the hell does he mean by that?

“Knox-” I started, but he immediately cut me off.

“Let’s sleep, Flower,” he insisted before pecking my forehead and lips before twisting to turn off his lamp. It was only once the room was cloaked in darkness did I let my thoughts run rampant, trying to figure out just what the hell he was up to.

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