Knox's Girl (AU)

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Chapter 29: Two is Better Than One

Poppy’s POV

Knox hadn’t loosened his grip a single bit since his arm wrapped around me earlier, my body practically plastered to his side. It made the walk a bit stiff and awkward as I kept accidentally stepping on his foot, but he just sent me an amused smirk every time it happened.

I knew better than to believe the intense surge of overprotectiveness, more so than ever before - which was something I didn’t even think possible - was simply from being in what he still considered foreign pack lands. While the rightful leaders, Knox and Kiara’s parents, were back in power, no one could be sure how far his uncle’s delusions spread or if their pack members actually bought what the crazy man was selling. No, I knew that me just simply carrying his child was a large majority of the reason.

I glanced up once again, a small smile playing on my face as I watched Knox’s eyes intently survey our surroundings even though we were just in a measly hallway that led to the pack doctor’s office. I tripped on my own foot due to not paying attention to where I was walking. Knox’s body came to a halt in seconds before he secured me against him and scanned me from head to toe.

“Knox, I’m fine. Would you please relax? You’re going to give yourself an aneurysm if you don’t calm down,” I murmured with a light chuckle, reaching my hand up to cradle his cheek lovingly. My gaze turned worrisome as I watched a hard look pass over his face.

“What’s going on in that big brain of yours?” I asked softly.

“How could I have not known you were pregnant?” he grunted out, seemingly talking more to himself than to me. I let out a deep sigh, afraid that this was where his mind would wander after finding out the news.


No, Poppy,” he growled out of frustration, “how could I, your fucking mate, have not sensed this until someone told me? I sent you and our child into a fucking death trap. What kind of mate does that make me? What kind of father does that make me?” he continued. I could see the agony slowly burning in his eyes

“Neither one of us knew, Knox! What does that say about me as a mother?!” I shot right back, hoping to get through to him with the role reversal. “I’m the one who’s body is physically changing because of the pregnancy and I didn’t even suspect it! You cannot go beating yourself up like this! We’ve all been so stressed out and caught up with trying to take down your uncle and find your parents. We’re only human, Knox. We’re allowed to be imperfect,” I finished, brushing my thumb across his bottom lip to pull it from his teeth as he gnawed on it.

“Well, we’re technically not only human, but...” he retorted back instantly, amusement lacing his tone. I huffed and tried to act annoyed with him, but failed in doing so.

“You’re right, Flower,” he finally conceded.

“That is my favorite sentence to come from your mouth,” I teased playfully.

“Really? Not, ’panties off, spread your legs’?” he asked with a raunchy gleam in his eye. I giggled before pushing lightly against his chest.

“That’s not technically a sentence,” I quipped, throwing his previous word back at him. He chuckled quietly before leaning down to press a kiss to my forehead.

“Regardless of how careless I’ve been with you, I can only take it as a lesson learned and be a better mate in the future. Starting now, you’re not leaving my sight,” he stated vehemently. I just shook my head as he finished his rant, not bothering to argue his wrong opinion about being ‘careless’ with me or not letting me leave his sight for the next however many months; I was going to pick and choose my battles and this was not one I was choosing.

“We can continue standing here and talking, or we could go see our first ultrasound. It’s up to you,” I said nonchalantly.

“Well, when you put it that way,” Knox began before sweeping me up into his arms as I squealed in surprised and high-tailing it the rest of the way to the doctor’s office.

I was so excited that my mind practically blacked out and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the exam chair with my shirt up, belly exposed, and being covered in a cold bluish tinged gel. Knox was right by my side, keeping a keen eye on the doctor and watching her every move.

“Alright, mom and dad, are you ready?” The doctor asked. I nodded enthusiastically while staring intently at the screen. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I really couldn’t be more than three or four weeks along, but when the screen suddenly lit up, all I saw were two dark blobs surrounded by white.

“Is that normal?” I asked, worried. I knew most pack doctors were well equipped in extremely early ultrasounds as female werewolves always showed symptoms much earlier than humans, but she wasn’t saying anything and it was starting to freak me out. “Which one is our baby?” I asked.

The doctor gave a warm laugh. “Both of them, actually. You’re having twins,” she revealed with a bright smile. I gasped and looked to Knox. His eyes were glossy and wide as he continued staring at the screen in front of us.

“Twins?” he rasped out so quietly I almost didn’t hear him. A laugh of pure happiness escaped my chest as I nodded and squeezed his hand that’d been holding my own.

“How far along?” Knox murmured, looking intently at the doctor once again.

“Well, based on this I would say she’s almost nearly a month along so right around 4 weeks. I’ll have you guys come back in about a month or so, that way I can positively confirm the due date. Congratulations, Alpha and Luna Carmichael,” she spoke respectfully, though the title wasn’t ours to keep. We both just nodded, still staring at the screen; completely enamored.

Knox and I trailed back to where our families had ended up congregating, practically floating all the way there on cloud nine. The second we walked into the pack house’s living room, Knox’s father chuckled loudly.

“You have the exact same expression on your face that I did when I found out we were having you,” he remarked, “scared shitless, but beyond excited.” I snickered along with Jim while wrapping my arms around Knox’s bicep and cuddling up to him.

“Yeah, but mine is probably twice as shocked as yours was,” Knox shot back, putting extra emphasis on the important word. His father just raised a single brow, not quite understanding what Knox was getting at.

“We’re having twins,” I blurted abruptly. Our parents’ faces morphed into disbelief before both our mothers burst into tears, grabbing onto one another and blubbering about being grandmothers.

“Speaking of babies,” I said, an odd thought suddenly coming to me. While I didn’t want to break the happy moment, there was still a major chunk of what Knox’s uncle had done that had been left covered up and I was dying to uncover the answers.

“Does anyone have any idea how Kiara ended up in my birth pack?” I asked, looking around at the various faces in the room before finally settling on Kiara’s own.

“I called the people I’d grown up with and they confessed everything as soon as I told them that I knew the truth” she murmured. “Just before I was born, our uncle paid a visit to a new family that’d just recently been transferred into our pack. It was a couple in their late twenties that hadn’t been able to conceive due to the male being infertile. Our uncle found this out after overhearing the female’s conversation with some other pack women. He approached them and bribed them with a massive wad of cash and an opportunity they apparently couldn’t pass up. Since they were new to the pack and not well known, their disappearance wouldn’t have been noticed. My uncle set up their next transfer to your birth pack, Poppy, and forced them away days before I was born and destroyed the paperwork so there wouldn’t be a paper trail to follow. When I finally popped out, he took Knox and I and fled. When he showed up with me to the border of their new pack, he’d already gotten rid of Knox and just dumped me into their arms. They claimed that he threatened their lives if they ever spoke up about it and that he would always have someone watching them. I guess the stress of keeping the secret and always being around me got the best of them and that’s why they retired to Alpha Aaron’s pack in Montana. They told me that if my real parents were to ever come after them for retribution due to their silence they’d be under the protection of a strong pack with a competent Alpha.”

No one spoke as Kiara’s words hung in the air.

“I can’t believe I was so blind to everything he was doing; I can’t believe how easy I made it for him to tear my family apart,” Jim growled, his hands clenching as he began pacing the room.

“Those with greedy hearts will stop at nothing to get what they think is owed to them,” I responded, hoping to sooth Jim’s aching heart. Angela placed a comforting hand on his arm and whispered a quiet she’s right to which he gave a disgruntled nod of agreement.

“What’s happened is in the past. We can’t move forward if we’re dwelling on the actions of those against us. While I’m hurt that I’ve lost so much time with you both, you’re here now and I want to focus on being a family again,” Angela spoke wisely. Looking around, everyone was nodding in agreement.

“First order of business is ordering takeout. We haven’t had a proper fucking meal in years,” Jim grunted much to everyone’s amusement. I could feel the vibration of Knox’s laugh through my body, something that had my blood heating with the need for his body over mine. I scolded my brain for instantly going into the gutter at such a sweet moment, desperately trying to put out the flames of desire before Knox sensed them and took care of them.

He needs to be making up for lost time with his parents, not your body! I thought to myself.

Later,” Knox hissed against the shell of my ear before nibbling on my lobe and giving my butt a meaningful squeeze. My cheeks heated before nodding in agreement and accepting the kiss he was leaning down to place against my lips.

“Knox, my boy, let’s go for a run,” Jim hollered with a proud gleam in his eyes, the happiness he was feeling radiating throughout the room. Knox’s face lit up with a huge, bright smile that had my eyes welling with tears.

At that moment, I knew everything was going to be just fine.

Well, after Knox made good on his promise of ’later’ that is...

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