Knox's Girl (AU)

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Chapter 30: Epilogue

Poppy’s POV

I smiled and sighed with relief just as Knox came bounding into our kitchen, a huge smile lighting up his face as his eyes landed on me and our girls. They’d had another one of those afternoons - the one where they would scream bloody murder unless they were both strapped to my chest in their twin kangaroo sling. My back was aching and begging for relief, as were my breasts. I desperately needed to either feed the girls or pump. If either didn’t happen within the next five minutes, my boobs were going to explode.

Knox must’ve seen the look of desperation of my face because he immediately rushed over to me and swept both babies out of the sling and into his arms. They both squealed immediately and began playing some sort of infant patty-cake against his toned chest. The action caused both Knox and me to laugh. The girls were always so playful with Knox - something I secretly wished they’d share with me. Over the past six months since their birth, I’d discovered that they came to me for their love, comfort, and - of course - food; they went to Knox for playing and laughter. While it sometimes made me jealous, I got to revel in the sight of him playing with our children while they giggled their little heads off. It really was a win-win situation.

“By the look on mommy’s face, you girls have given her one hell of a day,” Knox commented.

“They haven’t moved from that spot on my chest since you left this morning for your meeting. I’ve either been breastfeeding them or cradling them,” I answered before walking the short few steps to our living room and slumping down on the reclining chair. The second my butt hit the soft cushion, both girls started up with their crying again while making grabby hands for me.

“Thank God,” I groaned before reaching out for the girls one at a time. I shoved my lactation pillow onto my lap right before Knox set Ellie down on my left side followed by Evan on my right. Both girls latched quickly under Knox’s watchful gaze. I cracked up when I saw the heated look in his eyes grow even hotter.

Ever since the girls were born, our sex life has been what Knox likes to call ‘non-existent’. The man can’t handle going without for even a few days. We’re on day number seven of no sex, which is the longest Knox has ever had to go without having me.

I think it’s starting to wear down on his mental health.

I chuckled, “I asked our mothers if they’d want to take the girls tonight so we could have an evening to ourselves,” I revealed, already seeing a look of alleviation cross over his face.

“When are we handing them off?” he asked eagerly. I rolled my eyes with a playful smile and just shook my head. I opened my mouth to reply but had to stop and help Evan readjust so she could continue nursing.

“I told them as soon as the girls had dinner. I’ve already pumped more than enough for them to make it through the night and morning, so when we’re done here we’ll walk over.” He nodded before pressing a kiss to my forehead and murmuring that he was going to go change out of his work clothes.

Today had been one of the final meetings our pack had with The Council. By our pack, I mean the pack that rightfully belonged to Knox’s parents. The transition of power went smoother than any of us imagined it would. Turns out, when you treat everyone you rule over like a piece of shit tyrant, people have no problem with you being killed and replaced by a wonderful, peaceful leader.

The biggest problem - and the one Knox and his father have been sorting out the past year and three months since the transition of leadership took place - was the issue of the smaller packs Knox’s uncle had taken over during his rule; there were so many groups of wolves without a true leader that had been spiraling out of control even before Knox killed his uncle.

No one could believe that vile man had just up and left the group of wolves to fend for themselves after he’d conquered their leader. It’s been a grueling process finding and vetting new Alphas to take back control of those groups and reinstate some sort of order. The pack meeting Knox had been in earlier today has been a long time coming, but it was to swear in an Alpha for the last and final pack that was overthrown. I knew Knox would want to celebrate tonight - hence me instilling the help of our mothers to ensure he and I could properly celebrate.

“I don’t know how you did this shit with two babies. I can’t even make it through this with the one,” Grace groaned while waddling into my kitchen. Since becoming permanent members of this pack, Knox and I moved into of the three wings of the Alpha’s house - Kiara and her mate occupied the other previously empty wing while Knox’s parents took back their rightful spot in the middle section of the house. The great thing was the vacant house right next door in which Grace and Jason moved into. Kiara and Grace were constantly over at my place during the day, giving me some moral support in this whole ‘parenting’ thing.

It also worked out perfect that Kiara’s baby is only a few months younger than Ellie and Evan, so they all usually play together during the days and can give Kiara and I a moment to just breath and catch up. In just a couple of short months, Grace's little boy will join the group as well.

I just giggled at Grace’s statement while watching her make her way to the couch across from me before plopping down.

“I swear, I could kill him. I could kill him for not pulling out that night when I told him to,” she grumbled before propping her feet up and sighing.

“Should’ve known you’d come around,” Knox teased Grace as he walked back into the living room and coming straight over to the recliner I was in. I smiled lovingly and stroked his stubbly cheek, having missed him while he was in and out of meetings today.

“Your place always has better snacks. Jason’s still on my ass about eating healthy and what not,” Grace replied flippantly with a wave of her hand, cutting off Knox and I's sweet moment as we both chuckled.

“Could you talk to him about that? I swear, not even withholding sex works on that man. He’s adamant about me eating all organic and lean meat and yadda, yadda, yadda. You’ve got to talk some sense into him, Knox,” Grace pleaded.

Because Knox and Jason took over the two positions as head pack warrior trainers, they’d become extremely close. It was something that greatly benefitted Grace and me; our men never really complained when we wanted to have a girls night as they would usually just head over together and do whatever it is men do together for entertainment. Kiara's mate usually tagged along as well. The girls and I call them the three musketeers behind their backs.

I felt Evan and Ellie release their hold on me simultaneously before beginning to squirm.

“Here,” I murmured and handed Evan over to Knox for him to burp. “Let me try that, I need some practice,” Grace exclaimed. I giggled and gently placed Ellie in Grace’s arms before draping a towel over her shoulder. I mimed how she should burp her before getting up to go pack a bag for the girls. When I was done, Knox already had them both changed in their pajamas, wrapped up in their respective blankets.

There was a knock on our front door that I left to answer. I giggled when I saw Kiara standing next to both Knox and my mother knowing that Knox was going to throw a fit about having to wait to whisk me upstairs.

“Oh, come on!” Knox growled when he saw Kiara follow our moms inside. I threw my head back and laughed out loud.

“What’s wrong?” Angela asked Knox, her brow furrowed with worry.

“Mom, what’s the nicest way to say ‘please go away so I can ravage my mate?’,” he asked while looking pointedly between Grace and Kiara, both of whom just laughed and rolled their eyes.

“Didn’t you say you guys wanted to wait a few years for another kid?” Kiara shot right back.

“Yes, but practice makes perfect. Thanks for agreeing to take the girls, we appreciate it. Kiara, Grace, lock the door on your way out please,” Knox grunted before quickly turning and slinging me over his shoulder. I cracked up while playfully punching at his back, sending a parting wave to our mothers and my best friends before they disappeared from my sight as Knox took the stairs two at a time.

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