The Perfect Couple

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Gennyfer Morris and Cole O'Donnell are best friends. They are actors on the hit TV show Happier. Their fans think that they would be perfect together and people on set too, but there are just a few problems. Cole is married and has a 2-year-old son and Gennyfer is rekindling an old romance with a former co-star. However, what happens if they fall in love? Read this story to learn about the Perfect Couple with the not so perfect love story.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Gennyfer was scrolling through her feed on Instagram. She had just wrapped for the day. It was rare for her to finish so early in the day, so she was excited to have the rest of the day to herself. Gennyfer was looking through all of the photos people tagged her in. She loved her fans so much. Some of the pictures were from today’s set. News sure traveled quick, she thought. Then she came across a picture of her and Cole. She loved that guy to death. He was her best friend, one of the only people who understood her. Somedays they would spend hours together on set filming the popular telivision series Happier, which the two of them starred in. They also spent lots of time together outside of work. Gennyfer would often go to Cole’s house for dinner. She was really great friends with Cole’s wife Hailey, and his son Eric was just so cute. OMG Colyfer!! I wish they were together. Why does Cole have to be married? Gennyfer read the caption on one of the picture on her Instagram. She started to look at all the other comments. They were all full of hate, Jennifer despised how Cole’s wife Hailey always got no respect from fans. Gennyfer couldn’t imagine how Hailey would react if she saw this. Hailey didn’t know that much about Colyfer. Well at least that’s what Gennyfer hoped.

Cole knocked on Gennyfer’s trailer door. “Hey,” he said when she opened the door. Gennyfer stepped aside, inviting him inside,

“Are you on brake?” She asked.

“Nope I am finished for the day,” he replied.

“Me too, wanna go out for lunch or something?” She asked him.

“Sounds good.”

“Ok,” Jennifer said grabbing her purse.

Colin put his arm around her and they walked to the parking lot.

“You guys heading out?” They bumped into Tina in the parking lot. Gennyfer and Tina had always been great friends, even before Happier started. They had seen each other at a lot of fundraisers and functions when they were younger. Back when they were both two aspiring actresses. Now they where on a popular television series that had inspired so many people.

“Yup,” Cole said taking his hand back.

“See you tomorrow,” Gennyfer said.


Lately, Tina and Jennifer hardly ever got to spend time together. Tina now had her son, and family time became her first priority. Plus Gennyfer always felt like the third wheel when she hung out with Tina and her husband Jake. Luckily she had Cole to hang out with. It’s funny how he joined the cast of Happier right when Gennyfer needed a friend. It was a weird coincidence. Cole also needed a friend too because he was all alone in Vancouver. Hailey and Eric were in Cole’s hometown in Ireland. He didn’t want to move his family to Canada, as he didn’t know how long he would be on the show. So Hailey and Eric visited him a few times a year when he was filming and when Cole got breaks he flew home to Ireland. It was hard for him to be away from his family for so long, but it always reminded him how much his family meant to him.

“So do you have an idea where you want to eat?” Cole asked her; as they got into Cole’s jet black Jeep.

Cole had driven Gennyfer to set. They often liked to car pool in the mornings. They lived in the same neighborhood, so it was convenient for them. “How about we do take-out or something,” she said to him. ”

What do you mean?” Cole asked.

“Like let’s go to a drive through place,” she explained.

“You want fast food?” he said confused.

Gennyfer usually ate something like a salad or oatmeal for lunch. He knew this as he had lunch with her almost everyday.

“I just want something different,” Jennifer told him. She was always like that with Colin. He made her more carefree, more willing to try new things. She was herself with him.

“Okay then,” he agreed with her.

Cole drove Gennyfer to Wendy’s. He was going to drive to Mc Donald’s, but when he suggested it he could tell by the grimace on he face that it disgusted her.

“What would you like?” he asked her when they got to the drive through speaker.

“I will have a Baconator,” she said and smiled.

“All righty then,” he said cheerfully.

“We will have 2 Baconators,” Cole said speaking loudly into the speaker, to make sure that the lady on the other end could hear him.

Then he looked at Gennyfer, she was smiling. Cole started to laugh.

“What? In the commercials on TV they looked really tasty,” Jennifer said giggling.

Colin started to laugh too. They drove up to the pick-up window to retrieve their food.

“How about we take these back to my place?” Colin suggested.

“Sure,” Jennifer nodded her head in agreement.

Jennifer and Colin walked into his fairly large house. Colin lived in a house, whereas Jennifer lived in a townhouse nearby. Colin’s house looked like any typical house a family would live in. The television company of Happier had bought Cole a house in Vancouver, so his family could live in it with him when they visited. However, most of the time Cole lived in the house alone. There were 4 bedrooms, one master bedroom where him and Hailey slept when she was in Vancouver. There was another room decorated like a nursery for Eric. He missed his family so much. However they were planning to come to Vancouver soon, as it was summertime and Hailey didn’t have to teach. Cole always liked to brag that his wife was a teacher. He admired how she was so patient and caring to all of her students.

Gennyfer sat on a stool at the island in the kitchen. She opened the brown take-out bag. She got up and grabbed 2 plates one for her and one or Colin. She knew where everything in his house was, as it was like a second home to her. Colin sat next to her, also on one of the stools. She handed him a plate,

“Thanks,” he said.

“You know I should really be serving you,” he smiled.

“Aren’t you such a gentleman,” she said sarcastically.

“So tomorrow is the weekend. Any plans?” Gennyfer asked,

“Nope. You?” He asked her back.

Jennifer took a big bite of her burger.

“Well Jeremy is in town and I haven’t seen him in like forever, so I was thinking I would met up with him for lunch or something,” she explained.

Gennyfer and Jeremy used to be on a television series together. It was a medical show and their characters on the show fell in love, got married, and then got divorced. Gennyfer and Jeremy’s relationship was just as complicated as their character’s. They had fallen in love, Jeremy even proposed to her. Back then Gennyfer had actrally believed that Jeremy was the one for her. However, when things started to get serious and they started to talk about spending their entire lives together Gennyfer started to get nervous. She suddenly didn’t know if she wanted that. Therefore, Gennyfer decided to call off the engagement, but her and Jeremy stayed some what friends.

Even though things between them were clearly over Gennyfer sometimes couldn’t help, but think about what could have happened if she hadn’t broke up with him. She never understood why she called off their engagement. They never had a proper goodbye. She hadn’t seen him since she went back for the final episode of Apartment, the show that she used to be on.

“Oh ya, that sounds great Gen. I hope everything goes well,” Cole told her.

“Ya me too. We just never really talked about our break up you know,” she said. “Maybe this is your chance,” Colin said kindly.

“Maybe, but it has been so long.”

“While I know you and him are still great friends-” Jennifer interrupted him.

“Cole we only ever talk through text or phone,” she explained Now that she was explaining everything to Cole she is feeling nervous for tomorrow.

“Hey Gen don’t worry it will be fine. Plus what do you have to loose,” he said.

Cole was right. If it went great then that would be amazing, but if it didn’t who cares.

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