Chloe (Book 2 Halo series)

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Chapter 10

*Mature Content*
Chloe could not help to fall more in love with Hunter at his confession about being scared to have sex with her. She cupped his face in her hands and pressed her lips to his. Pulling back after a sweet but chaste kiss she looked him dead in the eyes, “Hunter, make love to me, please.”

Hunter looked at her with so much love in his eyes, “are you sure, baby? I don’t want to pressure you.” Chloe kissed him again, “Yes. I’m sure, Ayv Unahu. (my heart)”

They leaned towards each other pressing their lips together. Passion took off quickly between them. Chloe turned her head to the side so they could deepen the kiss. Their tongues stroked each other heatedly, finally pulling away from each other to breathe.

Chloe looked him in the eye, “take me, Hunter. Now, please.” Hunter took a deep breath, “thank fuck. I don’t think I could make it much longer.” This made her giggle.

Chloe crawled off his lap and stepped into the middle of the room. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head and throwing it to the side. She slid her hands to her back unlatching her bra letting the straps slide down her arms to finally pull it off and throwing in the direction of her shirt. Chloe watched Hunter’s expression for any signs of disgust but found none. All she could see was love and lust, a lot of lust.

She ran her hands over her breast tweaking her nipples along the way. She slowly let her hands glide down to her jeans and stopping at the button for a heartbeat. She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped them then running her hands in the waistband to start shimming them down her hips pulling her panties down along with them. Chloe kicked the jeans to the side of her. Hunter’s gasp caught her attention.

Hunter swallowed hard making his Adam’s apple bob up and down. “You are so fucking perfect. Just fucking beautiful.” This made Chloe smile. “You’re wearing too many clothes, Ayv Unahu (my heart). I want to see you, all of you.” Hunter grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and quickly pulling it over his head discarding to the side.

He toed off his boots then went to the button on his jeans and released it, slowly proceeding to unzip them. He slowly pulled them down over his hips and muscular thighs. His long thick erection sprung free and stood proudly against his stomach. When he reached his feet to kicked the jeans to the side.

He observed Chloe checking out his hard-on with an ear to ear smile. She slowly made her way towards him, when she reached him placing her hands on his muscular chest and running them upwards over his broad shoulders making Hunter shiver in delight.

She ran her hands back down his chest while leaving wet kisses in her hands trail making Hunter moan. When she reached his defined six pack she ran her tongue over each ab making Hunter’s breath catch in his throat and cock twitch. She slowly grabbed the base of his throbbing member bringing it to her mouth. She slowly licked the precum that was gathered at the head.

Chloe heard Hunter groan making her wet. She slowly swirled her tongue completely around the head before sucking him into her mouth. She licked the vein on the underside making Hunter and his cock jerk.

“Oh fuck, Chloe. You are going to make me cum so fucking fast, baby.” She popped his cock out of her mouth making a popping noise. She looked up at him from under her eyelashes, “it’s alright, baby. We have all night. I want to taste you and get to know this beautiful cock very intimately. Go sit on the edge of the bed, Ayv Unahu (my heart).”

Hunter groaned, “I have no fucking idea what you are saying in Cherokee but it is turning me the fuck on even more.” As he headed towards the bed he heard her giggle. “Ayv Unahu means my heart.” Hunter’s heart swelled with pride knowing how much Chloe loved him.

Chloe got on her knees in between his legs, “let me love on him. Let me show your cock how much I want him.” She grabbed his base leaning down and sucked him to the back of her throat. Wasting no time, she pulled back and swirled her tongue around him while pushing back down. She could hear her man moaning and groaning “oh fuck, this feels so fucking good.”

Chloe hollowed her cheeks taking him as deep as she could and started bobbing her head back and forth quickly while moving her hand up and down on the part of the shaft she could not take in. Her free hand went to massage his large heavy balls. “Fuck ba...babe. I’m fixing cum.”

Chloe felt the hot salty liquid shoot down the back of her throat making her suck harder to milk every ounce from him she could. When he was emptied out she released him and looked up at him. Hunter’s face was red and sweating. He was breathing harshly, “my God. I have never felt something so good. I thought I was going to pass out before I finished cumming. Fuck, me.”

Chloe laughed, “oh, I intend too, baby.” Hunter snatched her up making her straddle his lap. “Oh baby, I plan on making love to you the first time and then we will see after that. But right now, it’s my turn to return the favor.” He stood up with her and lay her back down on the bed with her ass on the edge.

He kneeled down in front of her spreading her legs to find her perfectly waxed pussy glistening with wetness. He blew across her hot and wet lips making her shiver and goosebumps appear. He slid his hands up each side of her pussy then took his thumbs to spread her open. Her clit was swollen and just waiting on attention.

He circled her clit with his tongue making her moan loudly and arching off the bed. He repeated this again and noticed how her juices were flowing out her in a steady flow soaking the duvet. He licked up her slit taking most of the juice on his tongue and groaning against her. “Fuck, baby. You taste so fucking good.”

Before she knew what was happening he plunged his tongue deep into her making her gasp. He started tongue fucking her while putting pressure with his thumb against her clit. She grabbed his head pulling him closer to her and riding his face.

“Fuck yeah, baby. Feels so fucking good.” Hunter could feel her body tightening up and legs shaking pushing him to go faster. Chloe’s whole body tensed up right before her body exploded around his tongue making Hunter groan.

After licking her clean Hunter stood up and motioned for her to scoot up in the bed. He crawled towards her and spreading her legs with his knees. “Baby, I have got to be in you. My dick feels like it will explode if I don’t have you.”

He pushed her legs up towards her chest to expose her pussy more, then aligned himself up with her. He slowly started pushing in, taking his time to let her get used to his wide girth. After a couple of inches, he pulled out to push right back in letting more of his cock sink in slowly.

They were both moaning at the feeling of each other. Finally, Hunter was all the way into the hilt. He stayed that way for a few moments basking in the feeling of his woman. “Hunter, baby. Please move. I need you to move or I’m going to go insane. Make love to me baby.” This is all he needed to hear.

Hunter pulled out and slowly slid back in. When he saw she wasn’t in any kind of discomfort he picked his pace up. He couldn’t believe how good this felt. He has had sex before but nothing felt like this, he was so glad they waited until now.

Chloe could feel every inch of his huge cock inside her. Compared to Hunter, Cole was tiny. She could feel him stretching her and rubbing inch of her walls making her pussy tingle. She could feel her climax starting to climb and she needed him to pick up the pace to get her to the edge.

“Baby, this feels so good. I need you so much, just let loose baby. Give it to me how you really want too.” His paced picked double time and thrusts were harder making his balls slap into her ass.

Soon Chloe was on the edge, Hunter reached down and took a hard nipple into his mouth and sucked hard causing milk to release which threw the both of them over the edge. Chloe moaned his name while clutching him to her the best she could while flashes of white light appeared in her sight. Hunter’s dick jerked hard before spilling into his woman. “CHLO...EEEE!”

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