Chloe (Book 2 Halo series)

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Chapter 11

The next morning Chloe and Hunter set off to the clubhouse to have breakfast with their family and to pick up Jordan. When they arrived there were congratulation banners and balloons everywhere.

Croak walked up to the couple wrapping his arm around his niece’s shoulders. “Congratulations you two, we couldn’t be happier for you both. Just know Hunter, if you ever hurt her or Jordan there will be nowhere you can hide. Now, with that being said let’s eat.”

Chloe hugged her uncle for a moment, “have I told you lately that I love you, Uncle?” He shrugged his shoulders, “not in a while, my darling niece, not in a while.” They both laughed, “I love you so much and proud to call you my Uncle.” This pulled tears to Croak’s eyes but lead her to the table before she could see them.

Tia, Maggot’s old lady, spoke up. “Have y’all decided on a date or where you even want to have it?” Hunter looked over at Chloe silently asking her permission to fill them on what they were wanting. Chloe nodded her head in agreement.

“We have decided to have the wedding in three weeks. We need to talk to Sue and James first but would like to have the wedding there since Anvil and Halo were married there. We were kind of hoping to start a tradition that the rest of the Runningbull clan would keep in honor of our parents.”

Halo and Anvil smiled at the young couple. Anvil spoke up, “Son, we like that idea. I’m sure Grandma and Grandpa would love it too. We need to have more traditions in this family. Just to let you know Hunter, my wife and I are proud to have you as a son in law. You are good for my daughter and granddaughter which means a lot to me.”

Chloe got up and hugged her parents, “I love you, Mom and Dad. Mom, do you think I could wear your wedding dress?” Halo gasped, “I would love for you to wear my dress, baby. When we go home we will pull it out and make sure it doesn’t need any alterations, ok?“ Chloe smiled.

The subject changed and everyone was talking about different things. Chloe looked around and smiled at her family. They might not be the typical family but she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Halo and Chloe walked up to the attic and pulled the dress from the trunk it was stored in. “It’s still so beautiful, Mom. I hope it fits since I haven’t lost all the baby weight. Do you think they can get all the alterations done in time if need be?”

Halo smiled, “Baby, it will fit. Wait and see and if for some reason it doesn’t Grandma can alter it. That’s what she used to do before they moved here.” Chloe never knew that which made her think of how much she did not know about her grandparents.

Halo laughed at her daughter that was doing a happy dance. “I told you the dress would fit. No one ever listens to me and sometimes I know what I am talking about.”

Chloe smiled sadly at her mom, “Mom, what is going on between you and Davidson? Y’all used to be so close, what happened? It breaks my heart to see y’all this way.”

Halo’s eyes filled with tears, “I don’t know what I have done. All I know is that my son hates me and it’s killing me. He won’t even stay in a room if I’m in there. Maybe I have been too harsh on him or maybe I haven’t shown him enough love.”

Halo fell into sobs which caused Chloe to pull her mom to her chest and just hold her. She knew her mom had only been this heartbroken once when she was little and tried to take her life, but she was too young to really remember it, thank God.
Anvil walked in to see two of the loves of his life in a tight embrace and his wife was sobbing.

“Adawehi (angel), what’s wrong?” He looked to his daughter and she mouthed “Davidson” to him. He nodded his head to let her know he understood.

“Come on baby. It will be alright, it will work it’s self out. Look at how beautiful our baby girl is in that dress. I remember exactly how you looked in it and she is just a gorgeous as you were.”

This made Halo giggle. “Do you really remember old man or are you just trying to make me feel better, Equa Asgaya (big man)?” He smiled, “I remember everything from that day. I especially remember how red your cheeks got when Dad told Mom we were having sex and you heard him tell her.” Chloe busted out laughing and Halo swatted Anvil’s chest.

Before Chloe could slip the dress off Sue came running in. “You better not take that dress off before I get to see it! look beautiful, Usdiga (baby). My God, you looked just like your mother did.” Sue had tears welling up in her eyes.

“What’s this I hear that you would like to have the wedding at the house?” Chloe smiled at her Grandmother, “Yes, we would like to have it there since Mom and Dad were married there. We would like to start that tradition and maybe my brothers and sisters will keep it going.”

Sue was excited, “we need to figure out your colors so I can color coordinate my flowers with your wedding. I’m so fucking excited. I’m so glad your mom and dad like procreate, it gives me so much today.” Halo and Chloe looked at each then fell into fits of hysteria.

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