Chloe (Book 2 Halo series)

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Chapter 12

Three weeks passed quickly with everything that needed to be done. Anvil stepped up and took most of the load off the women’s shoulders. He ordered the arch, got the men’s leathers cleaned, rented all the tables and chairs, he even ordered the centerpieces. Chloe was in awe of her dad, she always thought he was a great father but knew he was a great man.

Rowdy Sue walked in and flopped down next to her big sister. “Sissy, why do I have to wear a dress? Why can’t I wear leathers like dad, Loaf, and Uncles? It’s just not fair! Mom bitched at me this morning and told me I had to wear the stupid dress. You owe me big time!”

Chloe cracked up laughing. “Thank you, little sister, for wearing a dress for me. I know you don’t like wearing them so as soon as the wedding and pictures are over you can change but not before then.” Rowdy got a panicked look on her face. “I have to take pictures in it too? Oh my God! Are you trying to kill me?”

Halo entered the room about that time, “Dammit Rowdy Sue! You are wearing the fucking dress! You keep fucking with me and you will wear the son of a bitch to bed even. Do I make myself clear little girl?”

Chloe knew something was wrong with her mom when she cussed at Rowdy that way. She decided she needed to talk to her dad about her mother’s behavior. She was really worried about her. “Mom, are you okay?”

Her mom huffed, “everything is fucking fine. Most of my kids have lost their fucking minds. Rowdy is bitching about having to wear a fucking dress for a few hours, Davidson won’t stay in the same fucking room as me. Lilly, well Lilly is a good girl and doesn’t give me any trouble. Yet, anyways. James and Andrew don’t want to get off their gaming system to do shit. The best child here is Jordan, no offense baby. You were always a good kid, mostly.”

Chloe giggled, “if you only knew about the shit that you never found out about that I did with dad and Uncles.” Her mother rolled her eyes and laughed.

The next morning everyone was up early so they could have breakfast before getting ready. Chloe had Jordan in her arms coming out of her old bedroom when she heard yelling and screaming coming from Davidson’s room.

Davidson flew out of his room pissed off. “Fucking, bitch! I don’t know why dad puts up with her shit. She ain’t nothing but a lying cunt!” He stopped in front of Chloe, “the only fucking reason I’ll be at the wedding is to be there for you. As soon as it is over, I’m fucking out of here!”

Anvil came up the stairs and had heard everything his son said about his mother. He walked up to Davidson, grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against the wall. “I tell you what, you just pack your fucking shit and get the fuck out of my house! I’m tired of you treating your mother like a piece of shit. The only things you are allowed to take are your clothes and phone. The bike and everything else we have bought stays here. Now, get the fuck out."

Chloe couldn’t believe her dad had just kicked Davidson out. She understood but was totally shocked. She knew her mother was going to take this very badly. She looked at her dad, “Dad, mom is going to take this badly, with everything she has been going through I’m scared that she might try to kill herself again. Please, daddy, watch her closely.” Anvil hugged his daughter and headed towards his wife.

Sue, Halo, and Lilly helped Chloe do her hair and makeup. “Lilly, I just wanted to thank you for helping me today. I love you, sister.” Lilly looked up at her big sister, “your welcome. You look beautiful and Hunter is a lucky man to get a wife like you. I love you very much too, sis.” The two girls hugged and the women matriarchs had tears pooling in their eyes at the sight.

When it was time for the wedding to start Anvil, James and Andrew entered the bedroom where Chloe was. Each of the brothers told her how beautiful she looked and they loved her. Anvil walked up to her cupping her face in his hands.

“I have been dreading this moment since the first time I saw you, baby girl. I’m glad it is Hunter that you are marrying. He will make a fine husband and father. Do you remember the promise I made you years ago about always being special to me? Now, I love all my kids but me and you? We have a special bond that the others will not have. I love you so much Chloe Renee Runningbull. If you ever need me I will be there, I promise this to you.” He kissed her forehead and hugged her.

Tears tried to run but she caught them with the kleenex that James handed to her. “Daddy, I actually do remember that promise. It made me feel so special and you have always been there for me. I could always talk to you about anything. I remember you going to the store for pads when I first started my period and mom wasn’t around. You could have sent one of the old lady’s but you went yourself. I never told you how much I have appreciated every little thing you have ever done for me. I love you, Edoda (father). I might not have your blood but you have my heart.” Everyone had tears flowing by now.

Anvil cleared his throat, “ok, we have changed who is going to walk you down the aisle. Your brother’s decided that the men of this family give you away. I talked to Davidson and allowed him to be here long enough to this, he is changing right now. I’m sorry for the shit storm this morning.”

When it was Chloe’s time to walk down the aisle, her left arm was wrapped in Anvil’s, her right in Davidson’s. James’ hand was on her left shoulder and Andrew’s was on her left shoulder. They all had leather’s on and looked handsome.

As they walked out the double doors of the house, Chloe couldn’t believe how her dad had come through once again. She whispered, “it’s beautiful, dad. Thank you so much.” Everything was lavender and cream. The aisle flowers were beautiful. Purple flowers were scattered around the white runner to the aisle and purple flowers were at the end of every other aisle.

As they were approaching the alter she couldn’t take her eyes off Hunter. His leathers were shining and looked so damn good she almost could wait to get him naked. It seemed like an eternity before they reached him, but soon her dad and the boys were putting her hands in Hunter’s.

Davidson looked at his soon to be brother in law. “We expect you to take very good care of our sister and our niece. Don’t ever hurt on purpose or you will have to deal with a lot of pissed off men.” Hunter looked each man in the eye and swore to never intentionally hurt either of the females.

The wedding was over quickly, it was simple and to the point. Exactly like Chloe wanted. As they walked into the tent Anvil had put up for the reception, Chloe was blown away once again. Her dad had done another amazing job. The tables and chairs were in cream colored cloth while the napkins and centerpieces were in lavender.

Chloe and Hunter had the first dance then there was a daddy/daughter dance. It was so precious to see her little girl in her daddy’s arms while he was swaying back and forth enjoying his time with her.

Anvil held Chloe in a tight embrace while dancing wishing he could turn back time and Chloe be little once again. Of course, she had to dance with her Grandpa and all her Uncle’s but her mom surprised her with a daughter/mother dance which everyone thought was sweet. Sue and James had hired a few sitters to stay the night to watch the kids, so once nine o’clock hit the real party started.

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