Chloe (Book 2 Halo series)

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Chapter 13

Hunter had gotten tickets for a cruise to Belize and Cozumel, Mexico for seven days. Halo and Anvil were going to watch Jordan for them. Chloe was anxious to leave her daughter even though she knew she was in perfectly great hands.

Anvil was so excited to be watching his granddaughter. He had cleared his schedule at the tattoo parlor especially for that. Halo was amused to watch her husband get so excited to spend time with Jordan. Halo couldn’t ask for a better husband and father to her children and grandpa to Jordan.

Halo came home one evening to find Anvil, Jordan, Andrew, Lilly, Rowdy, and James in the living room sitting in a circle all excited. Halo walked towards them, “Hey, guys. What’s going on?”

Everyone jumped and looked up with big eyes. Andrew was the first to speak up, “we tried to tell dad you were going to be mad but he just wouldn’t listen, Mom.” Anvil whispered, “Traitor.” Andrew just shrugged his shoulders, “have you ever gotten a spanking from Mom? That crap hurts way worse than yours.” Halo giggled.

“Well, what did Dad due to warrant him a spanking?” James spoke up this time. “He bought Jordan a puppy, Mom. You told us no more animals cause you get tired of feeding them and picking up their poop.”

Rowdy scrunched up her nose. “Yeah, Mom. Dad said that since Jordan is not big enough to help with it, we have to be on poop patrol. Is that shit even fair?”

Halo just shook her head and looked at Anvil. “Really, Equa Asgaya (big man)? You’re going to make your kids clean up after an animal that you really wanted?”

Anvil gave her puppy dog eyes, “well, Jordan can grow up with him and he can help protect her.” Halo knew she had already lost this fight. “Fine, Uyehi (husband). Let me look at this puppy.” The kids couldn’t believe their mom gave in and they could keep the puppy.

The little husky puppy was so adorable, she could understand why Anvil couldn’t say no. He was a fat little booger. He was black and white with the bluest eyes, and little pudgy belly.

“What is this puppies name?” Anvil cleared his throat, “Well, we haven’t picked one out yet.” Lilly spoke up, “Can we call him Creed?”

Everyone thought about it for a moment and they all liked the name. Anvil smiled at his daughter, “that’s a good name, Uwoduhi (beautiful). Creed it is.”

The week went fast and Anvil was exhausted. The front door busted open and in ran Chloe. “Where’s my baby girl? Give me my girl, dad.” This made Anvil laugh. “Alright, alright. Jeez, how about a hello dad. I love you dad. I missed you dad.”

Chloe laughed, “sorry, Edoda (father). How are you doing? Are you exhausted? I love you, dad.” Anvil smiled, “much better. Hell yeah I’m exhausted. We had lots of fun, she gave Eduda (paternal grandfather) lots of laughs and kisses. She peed on me a few times and she even shit on me once, which your mother still giggles every times she see’s me.” Everyone laughed.

Halo walked through the room to the kitchen. Hunter noticed the sad expression she wore and the purple bags under her eyes. He excused himself and headed in that direction.

He found Halo leaning against the counter with her face in her hands with her shoulder’s shaking. Hunter wrapped her in a hug, “Etsi (mother), what’s wrong? You know you can tell me anything and I know you need to talk. Talk to me, mom, please.”

Halo wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged her new son. “I just don’t know where I went wrong with Davidson. I always told him I love him, I made him work for the thing he wanted to teach him to be responsible but he always had everything he needed. I know I was hard on him sometimes but it was for his own good. I just don’t understand how a boy goes from never wanting to leave his mothers side to hating her in just a years time. What did I do that made him hate me?”

Hunter looked over towards the kitchen entryway and noticed that Chloe and Anvil was watching with the saddest looks in their eyes. Hunter’s heart broke for this beautiful family and his wife. He could see this was effecting her but wasn’t sure how to help them.

When they entered the living room Anvil pulled Halo down on his lap and snuggled her to his chest. He looked over to his oldest daughter, “did the kids tell you Jordan got a puppy?”

He gave Chloe a sheepish look to try to keep her from getting mad at him. Hunter laughed, “I told you he would do something and blame it on our little girl.” Chloe gave her a deadpan look, “really, dad? You’re going to try to blame it on Jordan? I bet mom nutted out on you, huh?”

Halo laughed, “he gave me the puppy dog eyes and Creed is so cute I couldn’t get too mad.” Chloe laughed, “where’s it at now? How did you come up with the name Creed?”

Lilly walked in with him in his arms, “here he is. I picked his name out.” Chloe patted the seat next to her and Lilly sat down. Chloe hugged her sister and held on to her for a moment. “I missed you, sis. You picked a good name, I really like it.

Lilly smiled up at her sister, “really? You missed me?” Chloe frowned, “yeah I really missed you. I know there is a good age gap between us but you are still my sister and I love you.” This made Lilly smile ear to ear.

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