Chloe (Book 2 Halo series)

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Chapter 14

Ten months had passed since Chloe and Hunter’s wedding. They were now planning Jordan’s first birthday party. Once again the men wanted to plan the party for their favorite little princess, so the women stepped back and let them. Of course, Grandma was making the cake so she had to know the basics to make the cake to go along with the theme.

The Runningbull’s dining room looked like a pink bomb went off. The theme was cupcakes and everything was pink and white. There were pink and white ribbons running along the ceiling draping down, little pink and white banners saying happy birthday on the wall above the cake table. Halo had made a three-tiered cake with pink fondant with a cupcake and a number 1 on top with extra pink cupcakes.

Jordan was loving the attention that she was getting from her huge family. Everyone was eating, laughing and having a good time playing with the birthday girl and sneaking food to Creed.

Creed and Jordan got along like gangbusters. He would help watch her outside to keep her from the lake. If she would get to close he would grab her clothing and pull her back up closer to the house, which Jordan thought was hilarious and would squeal with delight.

Every time this would happen Anvil would look at his family with pride and tell them, “see I told you he would help protect her” which always made Halo roll her eyes and peck his lips.

It was time for Jordan to open up her gifts and all the men got excited to see what Anvil bought her to see how much hell Chloe and Halo were going to give him. He was always in trouble when it came to his little princess.

She sat in her daddy’s lap as he helped her open up her gifts, which made Anvil pout like a little boy making everyone roll their eyes. She got lots of dolls, clothes, and toys, even Creed got a few gifts.

Her grandpa had bought her, her first leather jacket. It was pink with leather fringe hanging from the arms which she found amazing.

Chloe gave Hunter the last gift which was in a little pink clothes box. Hunter opened the box for her and held up the white t-shirt with little pink letters spelling out “I’m going to be a big sister”.

Anvil asked what was on the front of the shirt so Hunter turned it around to let his father in law read it. It took Anvil a few moments to realize what it meant, but when he did he looked up to Chloe with tears in his eyes, “I’m going to be a grandpa again, baby?”

All Chloe did was nodded to let him know he was correct. He jumped up and pulled her into a tight hug. “When did you find out? How far are you?”
She laughed cause she knew he was going to be mad to find out he was the last to know and nobody told him.

“I found out a week ago. I wanted to surprise you and this was the best way to do it, Edoda (father). Please don’t be mad.”

“Why would I be mad? Why is no one else excited? What’s the matter with you people?” Now he was getting mad because no one was excited for his daughter.

Sue spoke up, “Atsutsa (my son), all of us already knew. You were the last to know. Chloe wanted to keep it a secret but Rowdy overheard her talking on the phone with Hunter and told everyone. You were gone to Texas to the tattoo convention. We had to threaten her to keep her mouth shut.” Sue laughed and Rowdy huffed and puffed.

Anvil turned to his youngest, “What did they threaten you with, baby?” Rowdy got a sad look on her little face. “Grandma said that I would have to wear a dress every day and sleep in one for a month if I told you. I just can’t do that, daddy.”

He opened up his arms and she ran to him. He kissed her forehead, “it’s alright baby, Daddy understands.” Everyone was sniggering. He gave his mother a playful glare, “mean old grandma.” Sue flipped him off.

Everyone had left and Chloe was about to leave when the doorbell sounded. Chloe announced she would get the door and headed in that direction. She was gone for a while so Halo went to find out what was going on.

As she entered the living room she saw Davidson hugging Chloe. He looked up and gave his mother a sad smile. Nobody had seen or heard from him since the wedding and it was killing Halo.

Davidson let his sister go and spoke to his mother. “I hope it is alright if I am here. I don’t want to cause trouble, Chloe invited me.”

Tears were pouring down Halo’s cheeks, “of course it’s alright that you are here, Atsutsa (my son). We are your family and we love and miss you so much.” Halo opened up her arms and Davidson ran into them.

“I’m so sorry mom for how I have treated you. I’m so sorry, I love you so much and I have missed you like crazy.” All three of them were sobbing when Anvil walked into the room.

“Who was at the...” he stopped in his tracks seeing his eldest son hugging his mother. Davidson let his mother go and turned to look at his dad. “Edoda (father)...” before he could finish Anvil was upon him pulling him into a tight hug. “I’ve missed you, boy. I’m sorry things turned out how they did. Just know I love you and always will no matter what.”

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