Chloe (Book 2 Halo series)

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Chapter 2

Chloe noticed since she moved back home two weeks ago, that Halo wasn’t acting like herself. “Hey, Mom. What’s wrong? I have done something?” Halo walked up to her giving her a hug. “No, baby. You haven’t don anything wrong. To be honest, me and your father are disagreeing on something and it’s got me stressed out. It will work out eventually, you don’t be worrying, ok?” Chloe just nodded her head yes and went on baking the tarts she was making.

Chloe was just like her mother. They both loved the bakery, sweet shop, motorcycles, guns, outdoors, kids and the MC. She would not trade her life for anything. She was very loved and had anything her heart desired while growing up and she knows her baby would have the same. She also knew that this baby would have its grandpa and great-grandpa wrapped around its little fingers cause, to be honest, it already has. The men in her life were catering to her every whim and coddled her every waking moment.

The women in her life coddled her also, but there was something going on with her mom, grandma and aunts. She wasn’t sure what, but she could just feel it. She did not press her mom on why she was fighting with her dad but knew they would work it out eventually.

She decided that she would work the front to give her mom a break and headed that way. “Hey, Mom. Why don’t you take a break? I will watch the front and close up.” Halo smiled at her daughter, “I love you, baby. Are you sure you feel like closing?” Chloe rolled her eyes, “yes, mom. Head on out, I got this.”

Chloe watched her mom climb onto her 2016 Harley Soft Tail with longing to ride her own bike. How she missed her bike, to feel the air in her face and blowing her hair back. Chloe and Halo had gone and picked out matching bikes and had mother and daughter stenciled on their gas tanks. The men in her life thought that was the cutest thing they had ever seen, making the mother/daughter duo gag.

The doorbell chimed pulling her out of her thoughts. When she looked up in came the newest member of Fire Valley MC, Loaf. They named him that due to the fact he would buy several loaves of their fresh baked bread every week.

Chloe smiled at Loaf, “Hey, Loaf. What are you out doing today?” Loaf smiled his gorgeous smile, “Hey, Chloe. I’m just out and about and decided to stop in to grab something to snack on and to bullshit. How have you been doing? I haven’t seen you in a while.” Chloe blushed, “I’ve been doing alright. Trying to re-adjust to living at mom and dads. I never realized how loud our house was until I moved out. I guess with eight people living in one house it’s going to be loud.” They both laughed. “Yeah, I guess it would be. I was the only kid so it was just my parents and me. What made you move back home if you don’t mind me asking?”

Chloe took a deep breath, “well, Cole left me and mom and dad wanted me to move back home. I’m surprised you didn’t know.” Loaf shrugged, “I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks visiting the parents and I just got back in, so I haven’t been to the clubhouse yet.” This made Chloe all giddy inside for some reason. She had always thought he was gorgeous, smart, and sweet but she was in a relationship with Cole.

“I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. He’s a dumb mother fucker to leave you. If you were mine, there is no way in hell you could get me to dump you, even with your dad and Uncle’s threating me. I guess I better get going. If you ever want to go out sometime just give me a call. See you around, Chloe.” He gave her a sexy as hell smirk and wink then walked out the door.

When Chloe walked through the door a water balloon slammed against her forehead bursting getting her soaking wet. “Fuckin’ shit! Rowdy Sue! What the hell are you fucking doing?” Rowdy peeked around the corner looking sorry. “Sorry, sissy. I thought you were Uncle Axe. He’s supposed to be here any minute. I will go get some towels to clean my mess. Please, don’t tell momma, she will spank me this time.”

Chloe just shook her head in amusement, “alright, baby. I won’t tell mom, this time. Just be careful on this wet floor. Hurry and get some towels and I will help you.” As they were cleaning up the mess, they heard two bikes pull up. Rowdy grabbed two balloons and handed Chloe one. “Will you help me, Sissy?” Chloe laughed.

As soon as the door opened they both let their balloons fly. “Mother fucker! Boys, I’m going to kick your fuckin’ asses!” Anvil looked over in the direction where the balloons came from to find his eldest and youngest daughters standing there with their hands behind their backs giving him their most innocent looks. In unison, they both said, “sorry, daddy. We thought you were Uncle Axe.”

Axe stepped in the door at that moment and fell out laughing. “I love your kids. Especially these two, you just never know what the fuck they are going to do. How the fuck are you supposed to get on to them when they give that look.” Anvil just smiled at his girls, “I love you both but mom is going to kick all of our asses if we don’t have this cleaned up in the next couple of minutes.” Everyone got busy and cleaned everything in hopes Mom didn’t find out.

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