Chloe (Book 2 Halo series)

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Chapter 4

Chloe laid in bed listening to her parent’s fight while tears streamed down her face. She couldn’t take the fighting anymore, so she got up and stormed to their room. Without knocking she just barged in, “I can’t take this shit anymore! No more fucking fighting over my shit! Mom, I don’t understand why you are so mad at dad cause he won’t kick Cole’s ass. So the fuck what he doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore and doesn’t want this baby. This baby has so many people to love her that she will never know the difference. When I find the right man for me, he will love her just as dad loved me and give her a life just like y’all gave me. I just don’t understand what your problem is!”

Halo looked at her daughter with sad eyes, “I want that little mother fucker dead for what he has done to my firstborn and my firstborn grandbaby! You don’t deserve to be treated like garbage, baby. It fucking kills me to know that I couldn’t protect you from this, just like I couldn’t protect you from your piece of shit sperm donor.” Halo fell to the floor in tears, “I just wanted better for you.”

Chloe sat on the ground next to her mother and pulled her into a hug. “Mom, you have done a great job at raising me. It’s not your fault that my sperm donor was a piece of shit. I’m a lot better off without him in my life. I ended up with the best dad anyone could ask for. Daddy loves me more than that man ever could and I couldn’t be happier about it. If Cole doesn’t want to be in this baby’s life, I will find someone just like dad, that will love her unconditionally as his own. It’s alright, Mom. You do know how much I love you, right?”

Halo sobbed, “I love you too baby. I just want all of you kids’ lives to be better than mine and not have to go through the shit I did. I’m sorry baby.” Halo looked up to Anvil, “I’m sorry, Uyehi. I don’t know why I’ve been acting like I have. I love you so much.” Anvil picked her up and snuggled her to him. “It’s alright, Adawehi. I love you so fucking much. If you want me to kick his ass I will.” All three of them laughed.

Chloe climbed back in bed and was almost asleep when she regretted confronting her parents. She could now hear them loving one another and it was mentally scarring her. She loved her parents to pieces but damn, really?

Chloe woke up to her stomach growling like an animal. “I guess you’re ready for some breakfast huh baby girl?” Chloe giggled when stomach growled again. She climbed out of bed and headed downstairs to find her parents and grandparents already there drinking coffee. “Good morning, everyone. I’m surprised to see my lovely parents up this early.” Anvil looked at her confused, “why wouldn’t I be up this early, baby?”

Chloe giggled, “I’m just surprised either of you could walk this morning after all that....exercise last night. Y’all keep me up most of the night.” Both of her parent’s faces went bright red. Halo cleared her throat, “Chloe, if your dad didn’t have stamina in the bedroom, you wouldn’t have five brothers and sisters.” This made Chloe choke on her orange juice and everyone else laugh.

Chloe was standing at the dough table talking to her mother while making bread. “Hey, mom. Do you think it is too soon to date since I’m pregnant and all?” Halo looked up and smiled at her daughter. “Well, that depends I suppose. Is there someone you’re interested in, honey?” Chloe’s cheeks went red. “Yeah, actually there is. He doesn’t know that I’m pregnant that I’m aware of though. I know I should tell him but I’m scared I’ll scare him away.”

Halo looked down at the dough she was kneading smirking, “well, if he runs because of that, then he wasn’t the right one anyway. I know most normal mothers would be warning you off of bikers but have you thought of dating one?” Chloe looked up at her mom with a big smile, “we are not a normal family to most people anyways, mom. But yeah, I have thought of dating a biker. He has even told me when I was ready to give him a call. I just don’t know how dad will react.”

Halo chuckled, “can I know who it is?” Chloe blushed, “Loaf. I would love to date Loaf to find out if there is anything there and where it would lead. Do you think Dad would blow a gasket?” Halo smiled, “you don’t worry about dad. Leave him up to me.” Chloe groaned, “Oh God! I’m never going to get any more sleep if you handle dad.” Both women giggled.

“What are my two beautiful girls giggling about?” They both looked up to see Anvil there smirking at them. They both giggled some more while Anvil just shook his in amusement at them. “I just came by to let you know that I’m going to pick the kids up from school. Davidson has football practice, right? If I catch that boy lying to me again about where he is going, I’m going to take his bike and put it in storage until he is forty.” Halo smiled.

“Dad, can I go with you? I need to talk to you about something.” Anvil smiled, “sure you can, baby. Come on.” They got into the suburban with third-row seating. “Alright, baby. Spit it out.”
Chloe sighed, “dad, would it be alright if I went out on a date with Loaf? I know I need to tell him I’m pregnant beforehand but if he is ok with it, would you be mad?”

Anvil had to hold back the smile that was trying to grow on his face. “Chloe, thank you for talking to me about this. I know it can’t be easy for a girl to talk to her dad about this stuff but it lets me know how much you respect my opinion and me for asking before you just started dating a club brother. Loaf is a club brother and all around good kid. I think you would be lucky to be with someone like him and I know he would be lucky to have a woman like you. I would not mind at all if you two started dating, but with that said, you know I will still have to threaten him, right?”

Chloe chuckled, “I wouldn’t expect anything less. If this happens, will you keep Uncle’s under control not to mention my siblings?” Anvil laughed out loud on that one. “I think you better worry about your mom and grandma the most. Those two women are vicious.”

When they pulled up to the front of the school Rowdy, Andrew and James came and got in. Each child gave their father and sister a hug and told about their day until they reached the high school where Lilly got in giving everyone the same treatment of a hug.

Lilly tapped Chloe on the shoulder, “sister, will you take me shopping for some new clothes. I have a dance to go to Friday night.” Chloe smiled at her little sister, “sure, sis. What kind of dance is this? Do you need just fancier regular clothes or is it formal?”

Anvil held up his hands, “just wait the fuck up! My daughters are growing up way to fucking fast. There better not be some boy you are planning on going with.” Lilly’s face turned bright red, “DAD! You are so embarrassing!”

This made Chloe laugh and Anvil sigh, “Well, shit! You’re breaking my heart, Lilly flower. You told me that I was going to be the only man in your life and look at you now, traitor.” This made Lilly giggle and Rowdy joined in the conversation.

"You’re still the only boy I love daddy! All other boys besides Uncle Axe have cooties and pick their boogers.” Anvil smiled, “that’s my girl. I love all of you kids with all my heart. You are my greatest treasure besides your mother.”

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