Chloe (Book 2 Halo series)

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Chapter 6

Halo walked into the living room grabbing everyone’s attention. “Listen, we haven’t had a family gathering in a long time. We are going to be having it here on Saturday. Uyehi, let all the guys know and tell them they better all be here at eleven.” Chloe was excited to be having her family all together.

Saturday rolled around quickly and Chloe jumped out of bed to get ready for the chaos that was about to happen. As she stepped on the last step the doorbell rang. Chloe opened the door to find her prince in leather standing there smiling. “Why are you ringing the doorbell? The guys just come in like they live here. Come on in.” Hunter blushed, “well, I would normally have done just that but since we are dating it felt like I needed to ring the doorbell.”

Chloe looked around the table to see her Uncle Croak with Aunt Sis, Uncle Geek with Linda, Uncle Maggot with Tia, Uncle Axe and Uncle Wet. There were twelve more club members and their old ladies with kids. Chloe heard her dad speak up, “so, have you thought about baby names yet, baby?” When she never answered him back, Hunter waved his hand in front of her face pulling her out of her thoughts. “Babe, your dad was talking to you.”

Chloe’s cheeks turned pink while she looked over to her father. “Sorry, Edoda. What was it you asked?” Anvil smiled lovingly at his eldest daughter, “I asked you if you had any names picked out yet.” She smiled “yeah, I have actually but you are going to have to wait until she is born to find out.” This made her father pout.

Rowdy came running in the room and stopped on Chloe’s side. “Sissy, can I put my hands on my baby neesh? I want to see if she will kick the shit out of my hand like she does to daddy.” This made Chloe giggle, “sure, baby. But she is your niece, not neesh. You might want to stop saying bad words before mommy spanks that little butt of yours and dad’s big butt.” This made everyone laugh.

Hunter sat back and watched Chloe mingle with her family. He knew without a shadow of a doubt Chloe was going to make a wonderful mother like Halo. The front doors fly open suddenly with Davidson charging in towards his mother with a furious look on his face. “You fucking bitch! Where the fuck is my bike?!”

Before anyone knew what was going on Halo jumped up and punched her son in the face breaking his nose instantly. “Listen here you little prick, you will not speak to me that way. I have no fucking clue as to what you are talking about!”

Anvil stood from the table and stepping in between mother and son. “Boy, you better watch your fucking mouth speaking to females that way, especially your mother. I’m about tired of you treating her with no respect, she brought you into this world, gives you everything you need and want and how do you show her your appreciation? By calling her a fucking bitch, disrespecting her rules of the house and always talking shit about her behind her back. What the fuck is your problem?”

“I went to Roxy’s house for a little bit and when I came out my fucking bike is gone! I know she fucking had something to do with it, she hates me!” Halo started crying with a startled look on her face.

Chloe jumped up and slapped him on the back of the head. “You stupid mother fucker. Mom loves you! I wonder why sometimes tho. She bitches at you cause she’s trying to make you a decent man like dad and not the scum of the fucking earth like you are turning into. She wants you to treat women with respect and not use them for just pussy. She doesn’t want you going around having babies that you don’t want to take care of or hell, even know about! Grow the fuck up and stop acting like your twelve!”

Chloe had big tears rolling down her face. Hunter walked up to her wrapping his arms around her and pulling her to his chest. “Shh, baby. It’s going to be ok.”

Chloe looked up at Hunter, “no it’s not. He’s going to be just like Cole. He’s going to have all these kids and not want shit to do with them.”
Chloe turned to look at Davidson, “do you know if it wasn’t for dad taking me in and loving me like his own that I wouldn’t even have a dad? My sperm donor did mom basically the same way that Cole did me. Mom had a shit life before she met dad, ask her about it sometime and you will fucking find out why she does what she does. She always has a reason! Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, all our Uncle’s and Aunts love us like nobody else would. We are fucking lucky to have such a great family, a lot of people is not so fortunate, you little bastard. Wake up and look around at the people that love you and stop to think about why they want us to do certain things!”

Chloe and Hunter walked into the living room still wrapped up together. “I’m sorry Hunter. I’m sorry you had to witness that, I just want to get out of here, please.” Hunter nodded his agreement. “Alright, babe. Let’s go pick up some food and go to my place. You’ll have to excuse the mess tho.” Chloe giggled.

They finally made it to Hunter’s apartment and unloaded the bags onto the dining room table. Chloe spotted some kind of reptile enclosure and panic started to take over. “Hunter, what the fuck is in that enclosure?” Hunter looked to where she was pointing, “now before you freak out I already got rid of it. Anvil said that you and your mom have arachnophobia, so I got rid of it. No worries, babe.” Chloe smiled, “you didn’t have to get rid of it, maybe just move it out of my sight or something. Thank you for thinking of me tho.” She stepped on her tippy toes and pecked his cheek.

They sat down to eat and she could feel Hunter staring at her, “Chloe, are you feeling alright? I know that had to be really emotional for you.” She smiled sadly at him. “I’ll be fine. Can you please forget what you heard today? No one was supposed to know that Dad is not my biological father.” Hunter picked up her hand and gave it a little squeeze in confirmation that he wouldn’t ever mention it.

They were mid-way through a movie when Hunter pulled Chloe between his legs and started rubbing her shoulders and back making her moan loudly. “Wow, that feels so fucking good. I didn’t realize how stiff my body was.” Hunter chuckled, “speaking of stiff. I would like to talk to you about something.”

Chloe grunted letting him know he could finish what he was saying. “I know this is going to sound crazy and all but it’s really important to me. I would like for us to hold off on any kind of sex until we really get to know each other. I want us to have a relationship built on honesty, trust, friendship and hopefully love instead of just sex. I want a relationship like your mom and dads, that’s what I want for us and this little baby girl.” He was rubbing her baby bump now.

Chloe sat there for a moment to think about what he had said, “it’s the kind of relationship I want too. With us not having sex, are you going to stay away from random girls and club girls?” He smiled, “I’m with you and only you whether we are having sex or not. I know how to take care of myself if I ever have the need to do so. I have only been with three girls since hitting puberty and I have dated each long term.”

Chloe smiled, “I’ve only been with Cole and not that many times. I did not have sex until I was seventeen and then I didn’t go at it like rabbits. I have a little experience but nothing to brag about.” Chloe shrugged her shoulders before asking him her next question. “Is some of this due to the fact I’m pregnant with another guy’s baby? Does that turn you off?”

Hunter laughed, “babe, you were sexy as hell to me before you were pregnant but you are smoking fucking hot now with your baby bump. This has nothing to do with that, I just want us to start off on the right foot and fight for a great relationship. That’s all, I promise.”

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