Chloe (Book 2 Halo series)

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Chapter 7

Chloe was now three weeks away from her due date. Her relationship with Hunter was going great, they were truly getting to know one another. Anvil, Hunter, and James were watching her like a hawk now that she was getting close. It was driving her mad on some days but knew they were only doing it because they loved them both.

Chloe decided to get out of bed and take a shower but as she was walking towards the bathroom a strong pain hit her in her lower back and circled around to the front of her lower belly. “Hunter, are you still here?” Hunter had been sleeping over with her but on a blow-up mattress. She knew her mother, grandmother and siblings all went shopping and would not be back till later that evening.

She pulled out her phone and dialed her grandpa. He picked up on the second ring, “good morning, baby. How are you feeling?” Another pain struck causing her gasp, “grandpa, it’s time and nobody is here. Help me, please.” All she could hear was a ringtone as James had hung up on her to head the three blocks that separated them.

A few moments later, she could hear the door fly open and heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. “Chloe, Chloe! Where are you, baby?” She waddled the best she could towards the door before it came flying open. James looked at his granddaughter for a split second collecting himself and ran over to grab her hospital bag then swept her up bridal style to carry her to the truck he was driving.

On their way there, Chloe timed her contractions while James made a phone call to Anvil to let him know what was going on, tell Hunter and call Halo. “Dad, I’m busy with a client. Is it important?” James was a nervous wreck and his son was pissing him off. “Boy! Our grandbaby is on the way. I’m taking Chloe to the hospital as we speak. Get Hunter and head there and call the women. NOW!” James hung up and heard Chloe giggling. “I love you, Grandpa.”

When they pulled up to the hospital the women were standing out by the emergency room doors pacing back and forth. Sue ran to the truck to open the door while Halo pushed the wheelchair up and they helped her to get in. Sue looked at her granddaughter, “I love you, Chloe. You have made me so proud to be your grandma. Everything will be fine. Let’s get you in there to have this beautiful baby girl.”

James was in the waiting room waiting on the guys when the sound of a pack of elephants resonated down the hall. An out of breath, red-faced Hunter came rushing around the corner. “Grandpa, I mean James, where is she? Is she alright?” James laughed, “she’s in room three down the hall there. You better get in there, she’s been asking for you.”

James looked up to see his son pouting, “what the fuck is wrong with you, boy?” Anvil huffed, “she didn’t want her daddy?” Every male in the room roared with laughter. “Son, do you really want to witness your daughter give birth?” He physically shivered. “I just wanted to make sure she was alright before that happened. That’s my baby in there.”

Rowdy walked up to her father, “Daddy, will the bear crow hurt the baby? I don’t want it to hurt my niece.” Anvil looked at his youngest with confusion then looked to Lilly. He leaned towards Lilly, “baby, do you have any idea what she is talking about?”

Lilly thought about it for a minute, “Rowdy, what are you talking about, sis?” Rowdy threw her little hands up in the air and rolled her eyes, “Lilly! Everyone knows that babies are held in their mommy’s tummy with the bear crow! Will, it hurt her when she comes out?”

Anvil fell out laughing, “it’s called velcro not bear crow. That’s not how they are in there.” Everyone started laughing thinking that was the cutest thing they had ever heard until the little girl started crying.

Anvil panicked, “baby, why are you crying? Sissy and the baby is going to be alright.” The little girl sniffled, “why is everyone laughing at me? Everybody always makes fun of me.” She ran to her grandpa and crawled up in his lap snuggling into his chest.

James hugged his youngest grandbaby. “Oh, honey. We weren’t making fun of you. We were laughing at how we didn’t know how they stayed in their mommies bellies. You know, boys are stupid sometimes.” Rowdy just her head yes in agreement. The men were snorting trying to hold their laughter in cause they knew it would be hell to pay for making their Rowdy Sue upset.

Two hours later, the women all came back into the waiting room to see a bunch of pacing grown men bikers. “Well, what the hell is going on? How is my daughter? How is the baby?” Halo laughed and walked up to her husband and wrapped her arms around his waist. “She just started pushing, so it won’t be long before we are grandparents.”

Anvil smiled at his wife, “oh, by the way. You need to explain to Rowdy how babies stay in their mommies tummies. She thinks they are held in by bear crow.” Halo looked at him for second in confusion before she busted out laughing. “Velcro? Really? Damn, I love our kids!”

Thirty minutes later out walked a proud and smiling Hunter walked out carrying a pink bundle. He walked up to Anvil, “congrats, grandpa. We have a beautiful and perfect little girl. She weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces. 22 inches long and born at 12:46 p.m. Dec 1, 2018.”

Anvil took his granddaughter from her daddy and instantly fell in love. “Oh, God. I’m in trouble, there won’t be anything I won’t’ give or get for you. You just ask and it is as good as done. I already love you so much my little...” Anvil looked at Hunter, “do you know her name?” Hunter smiled brightly. “Jordan Da’Nae Kerrington. I hope no one minds that she has my last name. I’m going to be the best daddy to this beautiful, precious little girl that I can be.”

Anvil smiled, “We don’t mind in the least, son. Just next time you have sex when she is this close to her due date, make sure you stay around.” Hunter got a confused look on his face, “uh, we haven’t had sex yet, Anvil.” Everyone looked at him like he grew an extra head. “What, I wanted to wait until we got to know each other and have a foundation of trust, friendship, and love instead of one made up by sex. I want a relationship with your daughter like you have with Halo and James and Sue have.” Every man in the room respect for this young man just grew to the moon.” Halo grabbed him into a hug, “thank you for respecting my daughter. We love you Hunter and will gladly accept you into our family with open arms when the time comes.”

Halo looked to her husband, “stop hogging, Jordan. Grandma needs some snuggle time.” Anvil smiled and passed her over and whispering, “you are the hottest fucking grandma I have ever seen.” Making Halo giggle.

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