High School Secret

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Chapter 10

It's been a few days since the big game; Evan has sort of given me the cold shoulder; he won't answer my calls and won't return my text messages. I don't really know what I did to make him so upset with me. I didn't even see him before class; I waited until the bell rang and went into class.

Spencer was in his seat behind mine, when I sat down, he poked me. "Morning, B, what's the long face for?" I sighed then turned to look at him. "It's Evan; he's totally giving me the cold shoulder. I'm not even sure what I did wrong, he won't talk to me to let me know."

Mr. Hendricks interrupted me from talking with Spencer any more. "Miss Stevens, is there something you'd like to share with the class?" I turned back around, blushing, shaking my head. "No, Mr. Hendricks." Mr. Hendricks continued on with his study; half way through class Evan finally walked in, he glanced at me, started to smile but gave me a strain expression instead. "Good of you to join us, Mr. Sheppard."

Evan shrugged, handing Mr. Hendricks a letter, then took his seat, not even saying hi. When Mr. Hendricks continued with his study, I leaned over to whisper to Evan. "Hey, Evan, you alright?" His only reply was to grunt and shrug at me, not even giving me a look. I sat back in my seat with a humph, confused more. Spencer gave Evan a death glare and lightly patted my shoulder to comfort me, Evan apparently noticed because his jaw ticked in aggression.

After class, Evan tried to rush out of class, but I caught up with him before he could get far. Grabbing his arm to stop him, I quickly demanded. "Evan, will you please talk to me, what did I do!?" Pulling his arm out of my grip, he huffed, turning to look at me for the first time today. "Nothing, Bexley," His gaze settled behind me a moment then an angry glare returned to me. "Forget it, I've got to get to class before I'm late."

Without another word, Evan turned back around and left me staring, even more confused than before. Then I felt an arm go around my shoulder, tugging me toward my next class, I looked up to see Spencer. All of a sudden, it clicked in my head. "It's all your fault." I stopped dead in my tracks to glare at Spencer, who just looked at me softly. "I've always been a thorn in his backside, but yeah, B, he's acting this way because of me."

Suddenly tears formed in my eyes and Spencer cursed under his breath, tugging me in the opposite direction than our next class. When I finally realized where we were headed, we'd already stopped in front of Spencer's car.

"What are we doing here?" I asked sniffling, trying not to cry, Spencer shrugged, unlocking the car door. "You looked like you needed a quiet place away from eyes for a few minutes, you okay, B?" I couldn't contain my tears anymore and they started slipping down my cheeks. "Thanks, Spencer," I got in his car, continuing to cry. "Why have you been a thorn in his backside? Why is Evan acting different to me because of you!?" I demanded out of Spencer in between sobs, Spencer sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"I'm really sorry, B, I'm a thorn because I'm the captain," Spencer laughed at captain. "Well, was captain of the last team who played you guys, who almost walked away with the game, did you not see me or remember me?" I looked at him, shocked a little, but shook my head. "I honestly wasn't paying attention to the other team, I'm sorry. That explains why he doesn't like you, but why is he acting different toward me?" Spencer shook his head, laughing at me a little. "Because, B, I'm showing you attention, flirting with you and that makes him mad. You're his and he really does not want to share with me, jealousy makes you do stupid things."

I shook my head at him in disbelief. "Evan and I are best friends, have been since we were kids, we grew up together. He wouldn't get jealous, he doesn't like me that way." I felt a pang of pain in my chest when I said that, wiping a tear from my cheek, Spencer snorted at me. "Really, B, then you're both blind. I see how Evan looks at you, that's mainly why I started flirting with you to make him jealous; I just didn't expect him to do this."

I turned to look at Spencer, shocked. "So, you're only flirting with me to get at Evan?" Spencer shook his head, laughing. "Sorry, B, I like you, you're a beautiful girl and would love to really be your friend but you and I drool over the same team."

I stared at him, dumbfound for a moment, thoroughly confused at what he meant. Noticing my confusion made Spencer laugh really hard, when I started to frown, thinking he was making fun of me, made him laugh even harder. I smacked his arm, getting upset now. "What do you mean drool over the same team? I don't understand, this isn't funny Spencer."

Spencer laughed good one more time before he could calm himself down enough to explain himself. "See, this is part of why I like you so much, B, you're stupid smart, but at times don't understand anything. We drool over the same team, you know boys, and I'm gay." I gasped in shock, would never had guessed it.

"Does Evan know!?" Spencer laughed, shaking his head. "No one here knows besides you, B, my boyfriend is back at Domino High. Only a few people back there knew, would appreciate it if that info doesn't leave this car." Spencer sighed, looking at me. "I'm not ashamed of Liam, but already got heat from being the x-captain from Domino. But if everyone knew that, they'd really give me a hard time."

I nodded at him, understanding completely how mean people can be to others. "Your secret is safe with me, Spencer." I smiled at him reassuringly, my tears finally stopped flowing. "Thanks, Spencer, for being a good friend to me." He returned my smile, reaching for the door handle. "Come on, B, let's get back to school, I think it's Mr. Bixler's class now."

Wiping the last tears off my cheek, I got out of Spencer's car; walking back into school with him, he'd slip his arm around my shoulder, telling me a joke as we walked into the building. No sooner than we walked into the school, we ran right into my brother Adam.

"What the hell, did you not learn anything last time, dude!" Adam shoved Spencer away from me. I quickly grabbed Adam by the arm, trying to pull him away from Spencer. "Adam, stop it, he's just my friend!" Adam continued to ignore me, shoving Spencer again who stuck his hands up in the air. "I don't want to fight you, Adam. B is right, we're only friends." Adam, not listening to either of us, drawing a bigger crowd to the scene, drew his fist back, jerking it out of my grasp and punched Spencer directly in the nose. Spencer cursed brightly as he stumbled backwards, holding his bloody nose. "Adam!"

I grabbed at his arm again, only for him to forcefully elbow me in the face, knocking me to the floor, dazed on my hands and knees; my head swimming, I hear Adam curse. "Bexley, what the hell, sis." I looked up at the two of them, feeling something warm and wet run down my chin, Spencer hissed. "Fuck." Next thing I knew, Adam was knocked out on the floor beside me.

Spencer helped me up and tenderly wiped at my lip. "You okay, B?" I just looked at him, dazed a bit, and then looked down at my brother. "You hit my brother, is he okay?" Spencer sighed, shaking his head in amazement. "B, your brother, being an idiot, hit you and you're concerned because I knocked his dumbass out." I frowned, confused. "He's my brother, I'm always worried about him, he didn't mean to hit me." I bent down to check on Adam.

We heard a commotion from down the hall, it was the principal and school nurse. Mr. Allman glared at us, shaking his head. "Miss Stevens, Mr. James, my office now! Mrs. Atwood, would you please check Mr. Stevens out and if he is okay send him to my office as well." With my head hung, Spencer and I followed Mr. Allman to his office, once inside, he motioned us to take a seat.

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