High School Secret

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Chapter 11

Mr. Allman just sat behind his desk, frowning at us, making me nervous, and clearing his throat. "Mr. James, this is really not how you should start out at a new school," When Mr. Allman looked at me, I started fidgeting, this is my first time in trouble ever. "And Ms. Stevens, I expected to see your brother occasionally but never have I expected you." I lowered my head in shame.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Allman." He smiled softly at me. "Well, Miss. Stevens, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Looking at my hands, I answered Mr. Allman. "I'm really sorry, Mr. Allman; I'm honestly not sure what happened beside that it's my fault." Mr. Allman and Spencer both stared at me, shocked. "What do you mean, Miss. Stevens?" I shook my head, not meeting his gaze. "I caused the disagreement between my brother and Spencer, so I'm the one who should be punished, not them."

Spencer sat up straighter in his seat. "Mr. Allman, with all due respect, that's not true at all. The disagreement is between her brother and myself is exactly that. You understand transitioning here from one of your biggest rival school has made some things hard. But with that said, I'm working on fitting in, I do apologize for fighting at your school, and I can give you my word it'll not happen again."

Mr. Allman smiled at us, suppressing a laugh. "Miss Stevens, it's admirable that you'd wish to protect your brother and friend, but it wasn't you who threw a punch, am I correct?" I could only nod at Mr. Allman. "But you cannot take the punishment for others, I'm going to let you off with a warning, dear." I looked up at him, surprised. "Don't look so surprised, Miss Stevens. This is the first time you've been to my office due to being in 'trouble' and not to bring me a cake on my birthday or anniversary."

Mr. Allman turned to Spencer. "Mr. James, you, on the other hand, have been a good student at Domino High, I expect the same for here. I'll let you off with your first and last warning, one more scene out of you and you'll be in detention or possible suspension." Spencer just nodded, accepting, when Mr. Allman stood, we stood up, too.

"Okay, well, you've missed your class, so go on to your next or lunch if you've got it." I nodded eagerly, apologizing to him all over again.

Once we left the office and headed toward my locker, Spencer started giving me a hard time. "You bake the Principal a cake, seriously, B, you're too cute." I pushed Spencer playfully. "Hey, leave me alone. I like Mr. Allman and I like to bake, it gives me a reason to bake."

Spencer just laugh walking beside me to the lunch room where we sat down beside a confused Lauren, feeling eyes on me I looked over at Evan to find him glaring at us. Evan's eyes met mine for a moment, I could see hurt in them for a split second before he turn toward someone beside him I hadn't looked at yet but did then. My mouth gap open in surprise, Cassidy was sitting beside Evan super friendly, she had her hand on Evan's forearm leaning in laughing at something one of the guys said.

Lauren and Spencer noticed me staring, turn to look too. Spencer turn back around to me nudging me. "B you alright?" I just shook my head and turned my attention to my food thinking to myself.

'Was I wrong thinking I was his secret crush? Was it really Cassidy this whole time…' I snuck another look at Evan and Cassidy, he'd moved his arm around her shoulder looking really cozy with her. 'Oh my god it was Cassidy this whole time, I'm going to lose Evan.'

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