High School Secret

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Chapter 12

"I don't get what Evan is doing, Cassidy really? He can do WAY better than her," Lauren started mumbling to herself picking at her food, Spencer noticed the hurt look on my face and nudged her to shut her up. "I'm sorry Bexley, want to skip lunch?" I shook my head at her. "No, besides Evan is just my friend doesn't matter who he dates." Spencer and Lauren gave each other knowing looks but didn't say anymore.

Last class of the day Evan and I were the first to arrive for once; when we sat down I just stared at my desk for a second before speaking up. "Evan what's going on between us? What did I do so wrong to make you so upset?" Evan didn't look at me for a moment then sigh. "Nothing Bexley just forget about it," I interrupted him. "That's a lie Evan; you've been acting different toward me since the game! We went as friends; I don't even like Spencer that way."

Evan narrowed his eyes at me. "Yeah but he clearly does, only a matter of time before you return his feelings." I stared at him dumbfounded for a minute. "That won't happen Evan, I don't understand you never got upset when a guy flirted with me before, beside you and Adam both chased any guy away. We're best friends; at least we're supposed to be so talk to me Evan, explain the problem to me because I really don't understand."

Evan just huffed irate at me. "You wouldn't understand even if I explained it, just forget about it." I just huff starting to get mad myself, after a minute of silence I blurted. "What are you doing with Cassidy anyway!?" Evan looked guilty for a second before he looked away. "We hooked up after the game," I started at him shocked. "So Cassidy is the secret crush this whole time?"

The teacher walked into the room looking at us confused. "Stevens, Sheppard why are you in here and not in the cafeteria for the rally for the carnival this weekend?" We both looked at each other frowning slightly. "I totally forgot all about it," I started to say and Evan said at the same time "Forgot about all the rally did we miss it?" The teacher just laugh shaking his head. "Missed most of it, you might as well stay here, just no phones."

When the bell rung we walked quietly to our lockers, when I was done putting my school stuff away and started to walk away Evan stop me. "I'm sorry Bex, can we just forget about this weekend and be good again?" I smiled at him nodding. "Please, got plans tonight maybe we could have a movie-pizza hang out?" Evan started to reply when Cassidy came up out of nowhere taking hold of Evan's arm giving me a sneer.

"Evan are we still going out tonight?" The smile I had slowly fell, I quickly adjusted my backpack. "Never mind Evan, enjoy your date." I started walking away when someone grip my arm stopping me.

"Evan doesn't need you in his life anymore, I think you should stop talking to him." I stared at Cassidy dumbfounded. "We're just friends Cassidy, are you seriously threaten by me." She laugh harshly at me. "As if, Evan's finally open his eyes to see that I'm all he needs. You'll only ever be the charity case, if it wasn't for Evan or your brother no one would even know you existed."

Tired of hearing her mean words I just started walking again, Cassidy didn't take that so well so she jerks be back around. "Don't walk away from me!" I sigh rolling my eyes at her. "What Cassidy want to spill more ooze at me? Obviously you're not as 'important' as you clearly think you are, if you're so threaten by Evan's best friend. What Cassidy are you simply all talk and not enough action to keep the guy happy?"

I knew I was baiting her to blow up, but I was still upset a bit from how Evan had been treating me, even if we just made up and Cassidy's way of always being nasty to me. I never expected her to snap that far though, the next thing I knew what was happening Cassidy smacked me across the face, my head snap to the left from the force. My cheek stung badly, I could feel my cheek swelling and turning bright red already.

"Bitch I can ruin you if I so chose to!" I just stared at her still in shock for a moment then quickly ran down the sidewalk toward where I lived not even waiting for Adam. Once I was far enough from school I let the tears fall, crying as hard as I was I didn't even notice the car pulling up beside me.

"B, hey Bexley hold up." I looked at the driver through the passenger window and saw Spencer, sniffling pathetically I stop. Spencer quickly parked the car against the sidewalk leaning over opening the door. "Get in B, I'll give you a lift home." I shook my head turning his offer down. "I'm fine Spencer, thanks anyway, I only live a few blocks away."

Spencer just shook his head, pushing the door more open. "Not taking no for an answer B, get in." Huffing annoyed at him I got in, when I went to hook my seatbelt I heard Spencer hiss. "Shit B, what happen to your face it's swelled and red." Covering my cheek I just looked at the window. "Nothing I walked the locker." Spencer shook his head again, laughing a bit. "Never really peg you for being a klutz so nice try, what really happen B?"

"Nothing I didn't deserve," Spencer interrupted me before I could say more. "Don't you dare think you deserve someone hitting you, because that's what happen isn't it?" I sigh defeated, he always seems to know things without me telling him, he was fast becoming one of my closest friends. "Yeah, I said some things to Cassidy and she smacked me." Spencer looked at me shocked and pissed all at the same time.

"She hit you, know where she lives?" I looked at Spencer confused. "I don't know, Cassidy and I aren't really friends you know, why do you want to know where she lives anyway?" Spencer pulled into traffic as he answered. "Because I want to put the bitch in her place, she has no right to lay her hands on you. I don't know what the hell Evan is doing or thinking messing with her. Cassidy and I have a history just as much as Evan and I do."

I looked at him curious, not sure if it was alright if I asked but curiosity got the best of me. "What history do you two have together?" Spencer gripped the steering wheel tighter but answered me with a question. "You remember back in 8th grade when Cassidy was dating a guy named Liam?" I was quiet a minute as I was trying to think back to 8th grade, I could vaguely remember him.

"Uh I think so he had a surfer vibe to him if I remember right, he had shaggy like blondish brown hair right?" Spencer smiled at me.

"Yeah that's Liam, still is too, anyway I've known Liam since kindergarten. We've always been tight, I knew back then I had feelings for him, Liam was fighting it confused on it and all the stuff that comes with the territory of understanding how you feel and being comfortable enough to come out. So I just enjoyed our friendship and waited you know sort of like you." Spencer nudged my shoulder, I just smiled sadly at him, he continued with his walk down memory lane.

"So 8th grade Cassidy spotted Liam at this party we'd attended, I honestly think it's because Liam is captain of the football team at the time that drew her attention the most, she sweet talked Liam into dating her. She never really cared for Liam and I caught her myself in a few situations where she cheated on Liam, but he was really into at the time. When Liam caught her with his cousin in his own car it broke him, he was beyond hurt about it."

I frown even more, from what I could remember Liam was a nice guy. "So is that how you and Liam started out?" Spencer laugh at my question. "Sort of how it started, we didn't actually start until that summer after their break up. We were both a little drunk and ended up in bed together, that's when Liam realized he wasn't as straight as he originally thought he was. We've been a couple ever since, we just haven't came of the closet, so to say because Liam's folks would be totally against it."

I frown at how unfair it was, this is the twenty first century it's not like gays were anything new but I understand in away how his parents felt. "Well if you're happy with it, I'm glad for you. So you really don't like Cassidy then." Spencer laugh humorlessly. "I want to knock the bitch out, but seeing as she's a girl I can't just hit her can I."

We'd pulled up in front of my house, I sat in his car talking with him for another hour before his phone started ringing. Spencer looked at the caller id smiling like the Cheshire cat, making me smile too. "Let me guess Liam?" He just nodded and I open the car door. "Thanks for the lift Spence, see you tomorrow at school?" He waved at me as he answered the phone.

Shaking my head at the giddy expression on his face I pulled my keys out of my pocket walking toward my door, as I was putting my key in the lock I noticed movement from beside me. Jumping freaking out I swung my bag at the person stepping up beside me screaming.

"Ow Bex what the hell!" I heard them shout in surprised hurt as my bag connected with their head. I stood frozen in surprise as relief quickly flooded my system. "You scared me to death! Don't ever do that again!"

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