High School Secret

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Chapter 13

"I'm sorry Bex, I didn't mean to scare you," Evan rub the back of his neck like he always does when he's nervous, I interrupted him. "What are you even doing here Evan, thought you had a date with Cassidy?" Evan shook his head answering. "I canceled, we can go out another night, and tonight we should hang."

Evan looked over his shoulder. "So who was that, thought Adam had practice tonight?" I open the door looking at Evan a second before answering. "Was Spence, he caught me walking and gave me a lift home." Evan looked a little mad. "What the hell Bex if you didn't have a ride I would have took you home!" He didn't even mention anything about it being Spencer who brought me home so hope bloomed in my heart.

"Yeah well I didn't want to intrude in your date," Evan shook his head, heading to the kitchen. "Bex even if you make me mad enough to pull my hair out I'd never make you walk home and you've always came first even when I dated some girl." I just stared at him shocked for a moment.

"I know but your dating Cassidy, this won't," Before I could say more Evan saw my face. "Bex what happen to your face?" I hand went to tenderly touch my cheek. "Nothing for you to worry about Evan." Evan moved my hand out of the way, gripping my chin gently he tilted my face up for him to look at my cheek. "Someone hit you Bex, who did it!?"

I sigh not wanting to cause problems for Evan, but I've never lied to him or kept anything from him before. "Cassidy slapped me, it's nothing though Evan so forget about it." Evan looked at me stunned for a minute before snapping. "She did what! Why did she hit you, oh my god Bexley I'm so sorry." I just shrugged and turned going into the kitchen.

Evan grabs my arm right inside of the kitchen stopping me. "What do you mean Cassidy slap you and it's nothing, Bex that's something huge!" I just shrug keeping my back to him. "Exactly that Evan, she confronted me about some things and I retorted my answer, apparently it wasn't what she liked and let me know by hitting me." I heard Evan mumble something when I turned to look at him. "I can handle myself Evan, please just forget it okay, let's just hang out get a pizza or something and watch Netflix."

Surprisingly Evan wrapped his arms around me hugging me tight, my breath caught in my throat feeling tingly all over. "Evan?" He hugs me tighter before letting me go. "Pizza and a movie, just nothing like Odd Thomas alright." I laugh dialing the pizza hut, after ordering I took two sodas into the living room sitting down beside Evan. "Okay you can just pick the movie then. Pizza will be here in twenty minutes."

After eating most of the pizza and half way through the movie I leaned my head on Evan's shoulder like usual but this time I ended up dozing off. After the movie was over Evan realized I was asleep. "Bex," I answered him my cuddling closer to the warmth of his side; he smiled down at me watching me sleep for a minute before gentle shifting to pick me up. "Hm," I nuzzle under his chin making him grin wider, he quietly and gently carried me to my bedroom; laying me on my bed. "Shh Bex I'm taking you to bed." Evan gently stroked the hair from my face.

Mumbling more asleep than anything I softly talked to Evan. "Hm, shh don't tell...Evan," Frowning Evan lean down to whisper to me. "Don't tell Evan what Bex?" Snuggling into my pillow I muffled the answer with my face half in my pillow. "I love him," Evan sat there stunned staring at me for several minutes until I started to shift in my bed again, he quietly left my room.

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