High School Secret

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Chapter 14

Evan has been acting a little weird since we hung out at my house; I kept catching him staring at me randomly throughout class, having enough I caught him before we went to Mr. Bixler's.

"Evan what's the matter? You've been staring at me weirdly all day, is there something in my hair or something?" Evan rubs the back of his neck nervously before grinning at me. "Nah nothing is wrong Bex, wasn't even really looking at you more like through you." I didn't realize I was holding my breath hoping he'd say he couldn't stop looking at me or some silly thing like that, I felt deflated, maybe Cassidy was his secret girl and he didn't want to tell me since he knows we dislike each other now; he'll only ever see me as his best friend.

"Oh, okay," I say defeated, he snaked his arm around my shoulder tugging me to his side. "Hey are you alright Bex?" I smiled at him trying to ignore my racing heart. "Yeah, I'm just tired," Before we got too far down the hallway I hear the voice I hated the most.

"Evan," I cringed stepping away from Evan, we looked back toward Cassidy. She gave me a sneer of disgust before smiling sweetly at Evan. "Oh, hi Bexley." I didn't even greet her, I looked back at Evan. "I'm going on to class, catch you later." Evan didn't even get to answer before Cassidy spoke for him. "Actually we've got a date after school, maybe you should take the advice I gave you yesterday Bexley, you look a little puffy you should take care of that."

"Whatever Cassidy," I went to walk on to class but Evan stopped me. "Hold up Bex, Cassidy what the hell happen yesterday?" I turned to stare at Evan shocked that he was confronting her, she gave me a death stare but honey dripped from her mouth when she answered Evan. "Nothing happen yesterday Evan, Bexley asked for my advice, you know girl stuff and I helped her out." I stared dumbfounded at her lie and wondered.

'How the hell can she lie so easily and not even flinch.'

Evan sighs looking from me to Cassidy. "Cassidy, Bexley is my best friend if you can't accept her; because she's not going anywhere then maybe this relationship won't work out." Cassidy gasp and was quiet a minute before sniffling and covering her face with her hands. "Oh my god Evan, I only tired being friends with her, what did she tell you!?" Confusion crossed both Evan and my face before Evan wrapped his arms around Cassidy's shoulder. "I'm sorry Cassidy,"

I didn't stay around to hear anymore I turn and rushed on to class, not believing Evan fell for her trick. Lost in thought I just sat down in my seat not paying attention to anything around me.

'How could he seriously fall for that? I don't understand, Evan is smarter than that, or oh my god Cassidy is the girl. That's the only reason he'd give in as easily is because she's the one he loves.'

Frowning deeply I didn't hear Evan when he poked me I looked over. "Bex you okay? I've been talking to you for a couple minutes now." I frown even more. "Sorry Evan I was lost in thought, what were you saying?" He returned my frown before answering. "I was asking if you'd want to grab a bite to eat after school." I looked at my notebook answering. "I can't, maybe another time Evan."

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