High School Secret

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Chapter 15

Lunchtime I sat staring at Evan's table, watching them all joke around about the carnival this weekend when I felt warm bodies sit down on either side of me. "Hey B, darling if you stare any harder you'll burn a hole through his head. What happen this time?" I looked at Spencer on my right and looked over at Lauren on my left. "Nothing happen, I think I know who Evan's secretive girl is."

Lauren gasp and Spencer just looked at me expectantly. "Well who is it Bexley, you can't say something like that and leave us hanging!" I sigh looking at Evan as I answer. "Cassidy's the girl, she has to be." Evan looked at me; smiling a little he lifts his hand in greeting, smiling sadly I lifted my hand up to him. Spencer nudged me with his shoulder making me look at him.

"You need a pick me up B, how about after school the three of us go shopping? We could even catch a movie and food." Lauren giggled looking at Spencer. "Are you sure you're not a girl Spencer?" Spencer and I shared a look laughing at her question. "What, what is so funny you two?" Answering her through my laughing. "Nothing Lauren, that sounds perfect to me, so we'll take your car Spence?" Spencer laughs shaking his head.

"Of course B, I shall be your personal chauffeur; if you don't break me I'll treat you guys to food too." I smiled sweetly at him, Spencer easily becoming a good friend to me. I looked back over at Evan to see him frowning but his attention was quickly stolen by my brother. "I see now why L loves you so much, you're a spoiler." Spencer just laughs and Lauren looked at us confused. "Who is L? Okay now I am missing something." Spencer smiled at Lauren. "L as the lovely B is talking about is the love of my life." Lauren returned his smile. "Figured you'd be taken, long distant relationship, bet that's hard." Spencer smiled sadly. "Yeah, but we make it work," I interrupted. "Maybe we can get an outfit for the carnival this weekend, are we going to go together?"

"Well I would but Drew wants me to go to this party this weekend, but you two can together." Spencer and I exchanged a glance. "Yeah B, you could meet L later at the carnival." I quickly smiled excited to finally meet the amazing Liam. "That would be awesome Spence."

Later after school Lauren and I met Spencer at my locker which made Evan even more upset. "Where are you guys going?" I smiled at him trying to pretend everything was normal between us still. "Lauren and I are going on a shopping spree and we're forcing poor Spence to be our chauffer." Evan actually laugh a bit. "I almost pity you, have fun Bexley." Evan then turns to leave, something made me stop him. "Want to go with us Evan?" He stops to look at me frowning at Spencer, then the voice I dread sounds behind me. "Evan! Are you ready for our date, I want to leave before traffic gets bad."

Cassidy stop to grip Evan's arm like she own him, I still can't believe that he believed her even after I told him what she did. "Yeah Cassidy, sorry Bex maybe later." I just nod and walk away with Spencer and Lauren. Spencer bumped me with his shoulder, whispering. "Alright B?" I smiled sadly at him nodding.

We got into Spencer's car, once we got into town we shopped for a while, Spencer helped Lauren pick out a cute outfit for the party she was going to this weekend. "Alright B it's your turn, we've got to get your so sexy looking he'll have to be blind not to see what he's missing out on." I laugh but went ahead letting them play their game.

Spencer came up with this cute layered ruffled skirt that's almost a cream color with a soft adorable sweater to match. "Alright B you've totally got to try these on, they'd look amazing on you!" I laugh but tried it on, when I walked out Spencer whistled at me and Lauren clapped her hands excited. "Oh Bexley you look amazing in that and I've got leggings that would look awesome paired with it!" I turn around looking in the dressing room's mirror. "You guys really think so?" They both nodded agreeing together. "Okay then this is what I'll wear then."

After we were done shopping, Spencer being a gentleman carrying out bags for us took us to get a drink and ice cream. Lauren got strawberry, Spencer got Black raspberry and I got my favorite mint chocolate chip, we sat down at one of the benches outside to enjoy the treat. "Is your any good Spence?" Spencer laugh shaking his head at me. "B are you wanting a lick of my ice cream." I laugh with him nodding not needing to lie since he already knew. "Haha maybe, never tried it before." Spencer smiled at me then nodded. "Alright make you a deal; I'll give you a lick of mine if you give me a lick of yours."

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying ourselves, when it hit 6 p.m. we drop Lauren off at her house and Spencer took me home, we sat out front of my house for a few minutes. "So you excited for the carnival?" I sigh looking at him sadly. "Not really, I always went with Evan but he's going to be going with Cassidy and I doubt we'll even get to hang out." Spencer patted my shoulder. "Did you tell him what she did you too yesterday?" I looked at the window for a moment, shrugging my shoulder. "Yeah I told him, he got upset but today he sort of confronted her, she bold face lied and he believed her. I…I think I'm losing my best friend and what's worst is I'm in love with him and he'll never know." I started to cry so Spencer reached across the car to hug me in comfort. "It'll work out B, I don't get what he sees in that bitch but he's got to open his eyes to the snake underneath!" I sniffled trying to smile at Spencer. "Thanks Spencer, I'll see you tomorrow at school." I got out turning to wave at him going into the house.

Once I shut the door I called out. "Hey I'm home guys." The house was silent, when I sat my keys on the table in the hallway I found the note from dad and from Adam. Dad's note let me know he'll be at work until real late tonight and Adam's said he was hanging out with Mike until late as well. "Great so I'm home alone again, left overs and Netflix it is then." I sat down after warming up some of last night dinner, turning on LOTR, half way through there was a knock at the door. Getting up to answer it I came face to face with Evan.

"Evan, what are you doing here?" He just shrugs and smiled at me. "Well you couldn't get a bite with me earlier, so I thought maybe we could have a movie night instead. I brought over that new Narnia movie you wanted to see." I smiled brightly at him. "Awesome, got leftovers from dinner last night if you're hungry." Evan shut the door behind him following me in the house to the living room. "I'm good, so do you want to finish Lord of the rings first?" We sat down on the couch getting comfy. "Yeah, it's almost over and then we can watch Narnia." Through the rest of LOTR I edged closer toward Evan to curl into his side to watch the movie, I was super comfy and content to be against him. I every so often took a deep breath, breathing in his cologne; I always loved how Evan smelled.

When LOTR was over Evan offered to put Narnia in, once he was done and settled back on the couch comfortable again he pulled me back into his side snuggling down into the couch. Somewhere toward the middle of the movie we dozed off with Evan snuggled down in the corner of the couch, his right leg stretch out between my legs and his left propped on the coffee table. I was wedge between the back of the couch and Evan's side with my head on his chest, Evan arm was wrapped around my shoulder. Adam came home an hour or so later finding us, instead of waking us he just covered us with a blanket going to bed himself.

I woke up to the alarm on my phone going off, I stretch feeling something warm against me, looking up I see Evan still asleep. "Oh my god Evan we fell asleep together!" Evan woke rubbing his tired eyes, smiling at me. "Morning Bex, yeah sorry did you sleep okay?" I sat up missing the heat of his body instantly. "Yeah, I'm going to go get ready for school, I'm sure Adam has some clothes you could borrow." I quickly made my escape to my room to get ready for school. Thirty minutes later I was back downstairs to get something to eat, Adam and Evan walked in shortly after.

"Morning sis, sleep well?" Adam gave me a strange look, just brushing it off I shrugged at him. "Yeah, why didn't you wake us up?" Adam laughs while he fixed a bowl of cereal. "You two looked to peaceful to wake up, besides I know my boy here wouldn't try anything with you anyway." I frown at him saying that, without him knowing it Adam hurt my feelings. "He's got too much respect for ya sis, besides he knows I'd kill him." Evan laugh and I rolled my eyes at him. "In a fight between the two of you my money is still on Evan." Adam gasps holding his hand to his chest. "You of little faith sis, don't think I can take lean Evan?" I looked over at Evan then back to Adam laughing a little. "Just because you're a football player doesn't mean you're tougher, beside Evan is quicker than you." Adam laughs and kissed my forehead. "Alright sis I'll just have to show you one day."

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