High School Secret

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Chapter 16

We got to school early, Adam, Evan and I hung out in front of Evan and my locker. "So are we going to the carnival this weekend?" I shyly looked at Evan when Adam asked about the carnival, Evan just shrugged. "Cassidy wants to go to this big party that's happening but I want to go to the carnival, what about you two?" I adjusted my bag on my shoulder trying to bide time before answering. "I'm going to the carnival, supposed to meet up with some friends." Evan gave me a look and Adam just ruffled my hair. "Well be sure to stay out of trouble alright sis." I laugh trying to fix me hair. "I always stay out of trouble Adam, that's your department anyway."

Evan started to say something when that awful voice I'm learning to hate more now called his name. "Evan there you are, I thought you were going to meet me at my locker." Evan sighs looking back to Cassidy. "Oh hi Adam," Cassidy greets Adam in a flirty tone which made me roll my eyes, of course she'd flirt with my brother in front of her boyfriend. Cassidy sneered at me. "Morning Bexley." I looked between the three. "Cassidy, I'm going to head on to class. Are you taking me home tonight Adam, or do I need to find a way home again?" Before Adam could answer Evan spoke up. "I can take you home Bex." Cassidy huffed at that giving me a death glare. "But Evan we're supposed to go Mike's tonight." Evan gave her a look like he was trying to see if she's being serious. "I don't have practice tonight so I'm taking you home sis."

I walked on to class stuck into my thoughts not paying attention I bump into someone and drop all my books. "Well morning to you too B, you alright?" Spencer helps me pick my books up walking into class with me. "Sorry Spence, yea I'm alright was just lost in la la land you know." He looked at me before taking his seat behind me, fiddling with my hair. "B you can talk to me about anything you know that right?" I smiled at him, glad that if I am losing my best friend I'm starting to make another. "Yeah I know Spence, thanks for being here when I need someone." Evan walked in when he saw Spencer playing with my hair he had the look of murder cross his face; I smacked Spencer's hand to get his attention. When he looked up to see what I wanted he saw Evan's look and just smiled. "Ah, morning Evan." Evan just glared at him, taking his seat he refused to look at me the rest of class.

Thanks to the teacher holding me after class I was late for lunch, as I was getting closer to the lunch room someone grab me by my hair pulling me into a supply closet.


Once the door closed I was slammed against it, knocking the air from my lungs. "I told you I could ruin you if I so chose to!" Cassidy smack she hard across the face again. "Your little game of being a tattle-tale was cute, but I've got Evan wrapped." She jerked on my hair making my head snap in the direction she pulled it; she punched me in the face busting my lip before hitting me in the stomach. When I bent over trying to catch my breath she punches me against my temple her ring breaking the skin by my eye making blood trickle down my face, causing me to fall to my knees. "Now take my advice and stop talking to Evan, he's mine now." Just as fast as the attack happen she walked out; I sat down leaning against the shelf trying to catch my breath, only to start crying. After a few minutes I pulled my phone out of my pocket and messaged Spencer.


A second later he replied back.

Hey B, where are you?

I texted him back.

Would you do me a favor?

You know I will, what's up?

Would you skip the rest of the day, I want to go home.

Meet me at my car.

I slip my phone back into my pocket getting up, I inched the door open to see if anyone was in the hallway, when I saw no one I slip out trying to be as invisible as I could. Spencer was waiting at his car for me, when he saw me you could feel the heat of his rage roll from him. "What the hell happen to you B!?" I just shake my head at him not really making eye contact. "I just want to go home Spencer, please just take me home." Then it clicked with him who did this. "That fucking Bitch, Cassidy did this didn't she!?" I didn't answer; he unlocked his door opening it for me. "Get in B, I'll be right back." Before I could stop him he stomped back off to the school. In a panic I slammed his car door running after him. "Spencer stop, just take me home please." He just kept going, stopping once he gets to Evan's table.

Before we knew what was happening Spencer drew back, punching Evan right in the face causing him to fall backwards. "That's for being a dumbfuck!" When Evan got up going to swing back at Spencer, Adam caught hold of him. Spencer turns his attention to Cassidy. "As for you bitch, you best pray I can't hit a female, even right now I'm tempted to break that rule but I'm afraid I'd kill you! Bexley is better than you in more ways than one; if you EVER look in her way or sneeze in her direction I will break that rule!"

"Now I'll take you home B." Spencer then turns taking my hand to lead me away, that's when Adam and Evan saw me. "What the hell sis, what happen?" I just stood there still in shock that Spencer stood up for me, I looked at Adam then at Cassidy. Adam snapped then realizing what happen. "You attacked my sister!" It was Evan's turn to stop my brother from jumping Cassidy. I just turn and ran from the lunch room heading back to the parking lot. I felt someone grab me by the hand, I stop thinking it was Spencer. "Bex are you okay?" I turn to look at Evan, tears running down my face I nod. "I'm sorry Evan, I know she's your girlfriend and everything but she'll never be my friend. I'm tired of being attacked for being your friend, you're my best friend Evan and I don't want to come between you and your girlfriend."

Then I saw Spencer behind him, I looked Evan in the eyes. "Let me go Evan, I just want to go home and Spencer is going to give me a lift home." Evan frown but nodded, then glared at Spencer.

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