High School Secret

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Chapter 17

Spencer stop at the ice cream parlor we visited yesterday, I stayed in the car while he ran in. When he got in the car I saw a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream, looking at him strangely. "Why did you get ice cream for Spence?" He just shrugs pulling back into traffic heading to my house, when we pulled up I sat there looking at my house. "What do I do Spence? I love Evan so much, he's my best friend I don't want to lose him, but I can't keep dealing with Cassidy." He patted my leg getting me to look at him. "B, trust me you don't have to worry about Cassidy anymore. I hate that you're hurt but maybe it was the best way to wake Evan up." I started to cry again, Spencer wipe my tear away. "Hey no more of that alright, I got the ice cream and Lauren will be over shortly with the movies."

He got out of the car and hurried around to my door opening it for me. "What do you mean Spence?" He just smiled at me, walking up to my front door. "Spencer what do you mean you've got the ice cream and Lauren has the movies?" He held the bag of ice cream up. "B this is going to melt if you don't hurry, I mean we're going to have a junk food, feel better night. No worries about Evan Sheppard or that stupid bitch Cassidy." When I unlocked the door he pushed me toward the staircase, going to the kitchen. "Go on B, go get a hot shower and relax. I'll get things set up for tonight, thank God its Friday right." His cellphone started to ring; he pulled it out answering it as he put the ice cream away. "Hey good looking, yeah I'm sorry. I've got to canceled tonight Liam, B needs some cheering up."

I spoke up making Spencer jump. "Hey why don't you invite him to come over, it'll just be Lauren, me and you." Spencer looked at me a moment before smiling. "Hear that babe; want to meet the famous Bexley?" Spencer frown a moment before laughing. "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow. You can't get out of it no matter what mister." Spencer hung up the phone shaking his head, I frown at him. "Did he not want to come over?" Spencer smiled at me. "Not what you think B, Liam is shy is all, trust me you'll get to meet him tomorrow at the carnival." I returned his smile; at least I can look forward to one thing.

"I can't wait to meet the famous Liam again; he has to really be something to make you so happy." Then I frown thinking about Evan and Cassidy, Spencer shook his head and turn me around pushing me toward the stairs. "Nope, none of that miss. Now go do what I said, I'll have downstairs ready for you."

Thirty minutes later I was out of the shower feeling a little bit better and dressed in my comfy baggie clothes heading back downstairs when I heard laughter from the kitchen. When I walked in I was surprised to find Lauren and Spencer organizing two grocery bags of junk food out on the table. "Oh my god guys, is all that really for tonight?" Spencer laughs turning to look at me. "Yes B it's all very much needed to make tonight awesome, do you feel a bit better after your shower?" I smiled at him for being so sweet. "Yeah, thanks Spence. And thank you too Lauren for being such awesome friends." Lauren smiled hugging me. "Don't worry about it Bexley, it's what friends are for. Now let's pig out and watch some chick flicks, sorry Spencer I don't really got any guy movies." Spencer and I laugh at the same time, Spencer winking at me. "Oh darn, next you'll be painting my nails and putting pigtails in my hair."

Between the three of us we'd finished off the entire tub of ice cream, got nearly half way through the junk food all before four in the morning. Lauren had dozed off during 'Never been kissed' in the recliner; Spencer was sitting in the corner of the couch with me lying across the couch using his lap as a pillow. "Do you think I'm silly for still loving him, even if he's with her?" Spencer sighs stroking my hair watching the screen. "Honestly no B I don't, would be like saying I was silly for loving and waiting for Liam." I nodded not able to say anything else.

Somewhere between '27 Dresses' we'd dozed off too, I woke up to someone softly shaking my shoulder. Rubbing at my eyes I looked up to find Adam looking at me. "Hey Adam, what's wrong?" He just shook his head at me, motioning me to follow him. I quietly got up and followed Adam to the kitchen. "Hey what's up, everything okay?"

Adam grabs my chin and tilted my face around to look at the black eye and cut that Cassidy gave me. "Why the hell did you let her beat you up for sis?" I jerked my chin out of his grasp looking away from him. "Well I couldn't beat my best friend's girlfriend up could I; he'd never forgive me if I beat 'her' up." Adam shook his head at me like I was being foolish. "You don't get it do you, Cassidy isn't the girl he's in love with. Sis you're gonna mess shit up if you don't stop messing with Spencer." I looked at him dumbfounded as he kissed my cheek going to bed.

'What in the world is that supposed to mean!? Stupid Adam always confusing me with crap like that, god I hate brothers!'

I followed Adam upstairs and went on to bed, not much later my alarm went off. "Ugh I don't even want to do the day." There was a knock on my door making me look up. "Morning sunshine, tired from the pick me up night?" I threw my pillow at a smiling Spencer. "Ugh stupid morning people, I'm going back to sleep." Spencer laughs again, pulling the blankets off me. "Nope, can't allow that B, come on get up." Groaning and moaning the whole time I finally sit up. "I hate you, you know that right?" Spencer shakes his head laughing even more. "No you don't, besides Lauren agree we're going to treat you to a hair n make up at the salon so you can dazzle even more tonight at the carnival." I looked at him like he'd lost his mind. "Come on tonight is going to be a very special night, besides you'll finally get to meet Liam again." I returned his smile simply because his smile was infectious. "Fine alright, I'm getting up see."

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