High School Secret

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Chapter 19

Lauren took the news of Liam a lot better than I thought she would, she pretty much knew anyway. "Oh 'L' is your code word to talk about him without saying his actual name until you're ready for everyone to know." We nodded surprised by her, she just smiled. "I knew you rooted that way from day one, I just didn't know you were dating someone." Spencer laugh smiling at her, I just stared for a moment. "How did you know Lauren!?" She giggled waving her hand at Spencer. "Come on Bexley he's a nice looking boy who actually has a sense of fashion better than me, of course he'd be gay."

Spencer just smiled accepting her compliment and I just shook my head. "Shame I'll miss out meeting him, but this our 'second' date." I smiled at her understanding, Spencer and I left shortly afterwards to go pick up Liam. When we pulled up in front of his house, Spencer got out going to get Liam and I got into the backseat of Spencer's car to let Liam have up front. Spencer opens the car door for Liam, when he sits down he turns around to greet me. "So you Bexley it's nice to see you again, see you've been stealing my man here lately." I blush embarrassed. "Sorry about that Liam, you've got an awesome boyfriend." He laugh smiling at me, when Spencer got in he gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Don't I know it; I hope we can be friends too." I smiled at him glad he didn't hate me to stealing his boyfriend away all the time here lately. "I'd love that Liam, I've heard so much about you I feel like we're already friends." He smiled looking at Spencer. "He likes to talk a lot, but I wouldn't trade him for anything."

We drove to the carnival in decent conversation about a lot of different things; I found that I really liked Liam too. When we got to the carnival we played a bunch of games, laughing and having a really good time. So far we hadn't ran into Evan, or Cassidy thankfully, we'd just got done playing some basketball game where Spencer won Liam a giant teddy bear that was almost as big as him, after deciding to put it in the car instead of trying to carry it around I waited for them to return, looking at the food selection they had. I heard her annoying fake voice before I saw her face. I tried to hide from her but she caught be behind a food booth.

"Still can't take my advice huh, that was smooth trying to bring that moron James' in on it." Cassidy stalked around me like I was some type of prey, stopping in front of me. "Doesn't matter though, I convinced Evan I was innocent." I stared at her shocked, how my 'best friend' could fall for her lies I couldn't understand. "Just leave me alone Cassidy, I'm only here to enjoy myself not cause any drama." She sneered at me in contempt, smiling at me. "You should just go home and not show your face any…"

Before she could speak anything else someone cleared their throat behind us. "Actually Cassidy, I believe the person who should go home is you. Leave Bexley alone, you must be getting desperate if you've resulted to randomly threatening someone in the sly like this." Cassidy turned to glare at Liam, then laugh humorlessly. "Oh this is good, the little no body with the sloppy seconds. You two make a cute couple; keep her away from my boyfriend Liam!" Cassidy stalked off with her drone of a friend with her, I smiled weakly at Liam. "Thanks Liam, for helping me out there."

Liam smiled sadly at me, giving me a brief hug. "Hey don't let her ugliness get to you, she's totally not worth it." I smiled at him less sadly and he returned it, walking us back toward wherever Spencer was. "So did you guys get the teddy bear to fit in Spence's car?" Liam laughs a deep baritone. "Really should have videotaped it because poor Spencer just kept pulling it out when he'd try to untangle himself from it in the backseat." I laughed with him at the mental imagine of that.

We played a few more games, and started to get on the ride when we decided we were hungrier than we wanted to ride the rides so we went to get food. Spencer was walking between the two of us, with his arm draped around my shoulder and holding Liam's hand. We'd walked around this one booth bumping right into another group of people. "Dude I'm sorry," When we looked at the other group it ended up being Evan, Cassidy, Mike, and Cassidy's drone friend.

'Great exactly what I wanted and needed to run into Evan. Especially since I was having a lot of fun too.'

"Bex you made it, where's Lauren?" I frown not really looking at him. "Yeah I made it; Lauren is at a party with Drew so Spencer and Liam came with me." Evan glared at Spencer; if a look could kill Spencer would be dead, I pushed his arm off from around my shoulder to try and keep peace. "Come on B, let's just go." Spencer started to wrap his arm around me again which only succeeded in making Evan mad and he snap swinging at Spencer, catching him off guard knocking him to the ground with a bloody lip and a stunned expression. Liam drops down beside Spencer checking on him wiping his lip with the corner of his shirt. "You okay Spence?" Spencer nodded tenderly touching his lip.

I turn from looking at Spencer and smacking Evan right across the face. "What is your problem!? Seriously you don't want me but no one else can have me is that it!?" Evan stood stunned that I would strike him, seething I looked down at Spencer. "You alright Spence?" He stood back up with Liam's help dusting himself off. "Yeah it was just a lucky shot, are you alright B?" I looked at Evan once more before turning around to walk away from them all.

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