High School Secret

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Chapter 2

I shook my head, wondering why Adam always does this, wait until last minute to throw this on me. I walked up the bleachers in the gym to watch Evan during his practice. There was a group of girls who were there to watch Evan practice, too, but unlike me, they were there to drool over him. Evan saw me when I came in and walked over.

"Hey, Bexley, what's up?" I smiled at him. "Hey, Evan, if you don't have any plans after practice, would you care giving me a ride home; Adam abandoned me." Evan laughs, nodding. "Yeah, sure, I can take you home after practice."

Evan's coach blew his whistle. "SHEPPARD, get your butt back to practice." Evan waved at me, going back to practice. Due to the game, Coach Carter was holding an hour practice; when practice was over, Evan went to the locker room to shower off.

I went to wait at his car, as I was leaning against the hood, I saw Evan walk out of the school. Smiling, I went to wave at him until I saw Cassidy Mitchells call out to Evan, stopping him.

"Hey, Evan!" He stopped to talk to her. She was getting WAY too friendly with Evan. I wanted to slap her, but didn't really understand why aside from she's really annoying.

"Hey, Cassidy, what's up?" Cassidy gave Evan one of her seductive smiles, playing with his bicep. "I was wondering if you were going to the party this weekend." He shrugs, making her remove her hand. "I don't know, wasn't really planning on it." She smiled wider, getting closer to him. "Come on, we haven't seen you at one of Mike's parties in a while; I miss you."

I snorted, Cassidy is the head cheerleader and most popular girl in school; she's also had her eyes on Evan ever since freshman year when he hit that growth spurt and became the hunk he is.

I'm a girl, but I'm not blind to what Evan is; the hottest boy in school, he stands 5'9, midnight black hair with the prettiest blue-green eyes. "Well, I've got to go, Cassidy, see you later." He started walking towards me, I smiled at him. "Ready to go, Bex?" Nodding, I got into the passenger seat as he got into the driver's seat. "Hey, I can just walk home if you want to hang out with Cassidy." He frowns, looking at me. "You're joking, right? I wouldn't leave you hanging like that, Bex, come on." I laugh, relieved that he wasn't going to abandon me, too.

On the ride to my house, curiosity got the better of me. "So, you're going to tell the Secret girl the news, huh." A weird expression crossed Evan's face, he looked over at me. "Heard that stuff at lunch, huh?" I laugh because Evan was acting nervous. "Well, yeah, pretty sure people in the next county can hear any conversation my big mouth brother has." Evan laughs with me. "They probably can," He trailed off, thinking to himself, so I ask. "What do you plan to tell her?" Evan looked at me again, weary. "What?"

I shook my head at him, ever since he mentioned having this secret crush on someone, he refuses to give a name or tell us what she looks like, and aside from being the prettiest girl he knows. "I mean, are you just going to walk up to her and be like 'Hey I'm Evan, I've had a crush on you forever now; go out with me." Evan glanced at me then back to the road ahead, gripping the steering wheel tighter.

We pulled up in front of my house and Evan put his car in park. "I've got a speech I plan to tell her." I looked at him, excited. "Wow, Evan, what are you going to tell her?" His frown returned and I frown with him. "Come on, Evan. We've always been able to share things, you know whatever you tell me will stay between us." Evan sighed and ruffled my hair. "Yeah I know Bex, just I'm nervous about it." I huffed, fixing my hair after he'd messed it up. "Well I thought if you worked on what you said it would be easier to tell her and I could even give you a view from a girls point."

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