High School Secret

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Chapter 3

Evan followed me into my house, quiet, thinking things over. When we walked in, I saw the note letting me know dad was working late tonight. He always works late since Mom passed away a couple years ago.

Evan sighed in defeat, he never could tell me no. "Alright, Bex, you'll be the only one to hear it besides my mirror." I laughed, sitting at one of the bar stools in the kitchen; Evan mimicking me. I handed him a bottle of water, turning to face him.

"Talking to yourself in the mirror again, huh." He laughed too softly, pushing me on the shoulder. A strange warm feeling spread through me from his touch, but I just ignored it like usual. "Hey, I needed to talk to a genius," I just shook my head as he smiled.

"So, I plan on getting her off by ourselves and just spill everything. Like 'Hey, this is totally crazy, but you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met! Your hair shines like the sun kissed it personally to brighten my day, and your eyes, they are a violet sunset that I could get lost in everyday until I stop breathing. I've known you for as long as I can remember, and loved you longer.'" I stared at him, shocked to see a side of Evan I didn't really know about before, a romantic side. I actually felt jealous of this secret girl. "Wow, Evan," He laughs nervously, interrupting me. "I know, cheesy, right?" I shake my head, softly touching his arm. "No, it's actually really sweet, Evan. This girl must really be special to you." Evan swallowed, looking at my lips, then into my eyes. "Yeah, she's very special to me."

I quickly stood up, walking around the bar to the fridge, feeling nervous for the first time ever with him. "So, you want to stay for dinner? I'm thinking pizza." I asked, over my shoulder as I looked in the fridge for nothing really, Evan laughed. "Sure, so long as you don't add pineapples again." I laughed with him. Lauren had talked so highly about this Hawaiian pizza, which isn't good at all. "That was a onetime fluke alright, bread sticks too?" Evan handed me the phone, laughing. "You know me so well, Bex." We ordered the pizza and were sitting in the living room, watching some random movie on TV, eating when Adam came home.

"Hey, guys, what's up?" Adam asks, flopping down in the recliner beside the couch. I sat up, taking my legs off Evan's lap to look at my brother. "Hey, it's called Odd Thomas." Adam looked at the screen then at me. "You've got problems, sis." I laughed; I always did like zombie movies and shows like those while other girls my age were re-watching the Notebook. "Hey, it's not that bad. You just don't have an open mind about things." Adam just snorted and started talking to Evan. "Dude, you should have gone to the party tonight." Evan laughs. "What this time? Did Mike do another naked cannon ball into the pool?" Adam laughed with Evan, I just shook my head. "I swear you guys are going to get busted one day and then dad is going to kill you, Adam." Our dad was a big shot lawyer who, since our mom died a couple years ago, works more than he's home; Adam laughed at me. "Yeah right, Bexley, dad could care less what happens."

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