High School Secret

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Chapter 4

I was grumbling to myself as I walked to my locker. Opening it, I let out a big yawn. I heard someone walking up behind me, I turned to find Evan. "Hey, Evan, got morning practice again?" Evan stopped beside me, laughing. "Yeah, Coach gave us a quick break, came to see how you're starting your morning." I smacked his arm playfully. "Just fine, I always wanted to be dragged from my warm, comfy bed an hour before school starts to watch my brother practice out in the cold." Evan laughed again, making me smile. "Well, you could sit inside the gym and watch my practice instead." I grabbed my first period stuff out of my locker, handing it to Evan, putting my bag into my locker. "That sounds a lot better than freezing outside." Evan shook his head, laughing. Slinging his arm around my shoulder, we started walking to the gym; as soon as Evan's arm went around my shoulder, my heart started racing weirdly.

I snuck a look up at Evan's face, thinking to myself. 'What in the world is the matter with me?! Why is my heart racing? It's just Evan for Christ sake!'

Inside the gym, I sat down on the bleacher beside Evan's stuff; while he went back to practice, I pulled my book out for English, trying to get a head start on reading. Before I knew it, practice was over and it was time for first period, Evan came over and ruffled my hair, making me groan. "Evan!" He laughed, shrugging at me. "You were too into the book, you really are a book-worm, and you know that?" I looked up at him, worrying for the first time ever what he thought of me being a book-worm. "That's a bad thing, isn't it?" He laughed again, a deep sound that made my heart flip. "Nah, I think a girl who reads is pretty sexy; I like a girl with brains." I smiled up at him; we started walking to first period together.
We took our seats, I sat beside the windows and Evan sat beside me; we were quietly chatting about the game this weekend when the teacher walked in with a new student. "Class, this is our new transfer student, Spencer James. Spencer, take the seat there behind Bexley." Spencer walked over towards me, sitting down behind me. He had a smile on his face while looking at me, and I returned his smile. "Hi, Spencer, I'm Bexley and this is Evan." I motioned to Evan who looked at Spencer with a narrowed glare before he stared straight face at him.

'What was that about?' I wondered to myself, Spencer sat down behind me, returning my greetings.

"Hi, Bexley, Evan," He randomly touched a wisp of my hair. "You've got really pretty hair." I stiffened at his boldly touching of my hair. "Um, thank you." I noticed Evan's jaw tightened like he's grinding his teeth together. "So, Spencer, where are you coming from?" Spencer looked over at Evan before replying to my question. "Domino High, but don't hold a grudge against me." I giggled; Domino High is our rival school, ironic that he'd transfer here. "Oh, I'm not the one who'd hold a grudge. That would be Evan and Adam's area." Spencer lifted an eyebrow in question. "Adam your boyfriend then?" I shook my head no. "Adam's my brother." Mr. Hendricks cleared his throat, looking at us.

"Now, if you three are finish having a gossip session, I'd like to continue with class." Evan straightened in his seat and I looked at my desk. "Sorry, Mr. Hendricks." Mr. Hendricks continued with class and when it was over Spencer followed me out the door.

"So, Bexley which class do you have next?" Evan gave Spencer a death glare; he instantly didn't like Spencer at all. "Oh, I've got Mrs. Ross and Evan has Mrs. Houston." Spencer smiled widely. "I've got Ross next, too." I looked at Evan, who was tightening his jaw again. "Okay, well, I can show you the way; I've just got to stop at my locker first." We walked to my locker and Evan sat his book in my locker. "We've got a free period in Mrs. Houston's today, she's out. See you in Mr. Bixler's." I waved at Evan as he walked away. "So, are you and Evan a thing?" I looked at Spencer shocked, shaking the image of Evan and I being a couple, it was silly. "Evan is my best friend, so no we're not a 'thing' as you put it." Spencer smiled again. "Ah, well, lead the way, my fair maiden, to Mrs. Ross, then." I laughed at him. Spencer is cute with brown hair and these pretty blue eyes, nothing like Evan's eyes, which are a mixture of blue and green. "Sure, Spencer, this way." We walked to Mrs. Ross in silence, the class went rather quickly and then Mr. Bixler's class went by just as fast, we had a big test.

"That test was brutal!" I laughed, pushing Evan on the shoulder. "It wouldn't be that bad if you would have studied more with me." Evan laughed along with me. "Yeah, I know. Next time, tie me to the chair, make me study harder." I laughed even more. "Sure thing, Evan, promise not to break my chair, though."

We had just shut our lockers, ready to go to the lunch room, when Cassidy came up and slightly caressed Evan's bicep, giving me a little sneer before turning flirty eyes back to Evan. "Evan, would you mind buying me lunch today? I forgot my wallet at home." Evan used the hand she was caressing the bicep to rub the back of his neck. "Sure, Cassidy." She beamed a bright smile at him. "Thanks, Evan, you're my hero." She wrapped her arm around Evan's and tugged him toward the lunch room. "See you later, Bexley."

I didn't even reply, I just walked behind them, brooding over how much I disliked Cassidy. She's always been the bane of my existence, it was nothing for her to rub it in my face everyone sees me as just 'Evan's friend' or 'Adam's sister'.
When I walked in the lunch room, I went to sit beside Lauren, only to get toward my table to see Spencer sitting beside her. "Hey, Spencer," Lauren looked up at me surprised. "Oh my god, Bexley, you already know Spencer!?" I laughed at her excitement. "Yeah, we've got some classes together." I sat down between them. "So, you've already met Lauren, then." Spencer laughed and winked at Lauren. "Yeah, Lauren here took over showing me around for you." Spencer leaned in real close to me, before I could say anything I heard a hard voice behind me.

"Who the hell are you and back off my sister!" I groaned at Adam's question and demand, I glared up at him. "Adam, don't yell, you'll cause a scene!" I looked around, realizing it was too late, Spencer spoke up. "I'm Spencer James, new transfer student; a friend of Bexley. You must be the famous Adam, Bexley's brother." Adam just glared at Spencer. "Don't be trying anything with my little sister or you'll pay, dude." Adam stalked back over to his table, causing my face to turn bright red. "Oh my god, Spencer I am so sorry about that." Spencer laughed and just shrugged at me.

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