High School Secret

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Chapter 5

The last bell of the day rung and I let out a sigh, today had been a rough day. I was talking to Lauren about plans for Evan's basketball game.

"So, do you want to meet me here or want me to pick you up?" Lauren asked, standing behind me, I shrugged. "I don't know. Adam is supposed to take me, but I'm not sure if he plans on making it for the beginning." Lauren laughed. "Okay, so I'll pick you up, then."

"Pick you up for what?" We both looked over at the question from a familiar male voice now. Lauren smiled at him and I gave him a small smile. "For the game this weekend, it's the last basketball game of the season! We're going to support Evan." Spencer returned our smiles.

"So these games are a big thing, huh?" I stood up from picking up my bag, smiling proudly. "Yeah, Evan is the captain, the game this weekend is for states; when we win, we'll be State champions." Spencer laughed at my excitement. "I didn't really peg you for a sports girl, Bexley." I blushed at Spencer.

"Well, I'm not, really. I just watch Evan and Adam's games; doesn't mean I really know what's going on. I just love supporting them in what they enjoy doing." Spencer smiled at my blush, putting his arm around my shoulder, walking with Lauren and me outside. I stiffened slightly, his arm felt weird around my shoulder; I looked up at Spencer, wondering why.

Before we got too far into the parking lot, I heard an almost feral male growl from behind me. I turned to stare shockingly at both my brother and Evan, from the look on Evan's face he wanted to kill Spencer. I stepped away from him to try to save him a bit. "What the hell is your issue? I told you to back off my little sister." Next thing anyone knew, Evan swung, planting a fist into Spencer's jaw, Spencer stumbled back. "Whoa, dude, I didn't mean any harm!"

I stood, stunned at what happened, still not sure what was really going on. I heard Adam string several curse words that should make me blush a deep red, but I was too shocked. Adam grabbed Evan's bicep and shoved him towards me. "Take Bexley home, Evan, before the damn principal gets here!"

Grinding his jaw together, Evan grabbed my hand and rushed me to his car where he opened the door for me. Once I got in, Evan drove me towards my house, after a few minutes, I finally had to break the awkward silence. "What was that about, Evan!?" Evan sighed, rubbing his jaw, frustrated. "I'm sorry, Bex. I don't like that kid thinking he has a right to touch you." I looked at Evan like he was crazy. "Evan, he's just a friend, it wasn't even like he was touching me in an inappropriate way!" Evan looked at me strangely. "You like him, Bex!?"

I shook my head disbelievingly at him. "Evan, I am allowed to have more than one male friend at a time, we just met him today! No, I'm not attracted to him, but he's actually funny and I wouldn't mind being friends with him." Evan sighed, parking his car in front of my house. "I'm sorry, Bex," I interrupted him. "I'm not the one you sucker punched, Evan. Hopefully Spencer doesn't press charges or Principal Morris expels you!" I got out of his car, storming up to my front door, mad at Evan.

No sooner had I flopped face first onto my bed than my cell phone was going off, pulling it out of my back pocket I looked at the screen. There was a text message from Lauren; I sat up to read it.

Hey girl, you alright?

I replied back.

Yeah, I swear those two take something sometimes. Is Spencer alright?

Not even a minute later, my cell phone starting ringing, I answered it. "Yeah, Lauren?"

"Hey, Bexley, thanks for caring about my neck, but I'm fine." I gasped; surprised that it was Spencer instead of Lauren. "Oh, you're welcome. I'm really sorry about my brother and Evan." I heard Spencer laugh. "You're fine; I shouldn't have gotten so fresh with you." I sighed at Spencer defending Evan and Adam's behavior. "I hope you don't hold this against me, Spencer, I'd still like to be your friend." Spencer laughed, not in a mean way, and then I could hear the smile in his voice. "Well, that depends; let me take you to the game this weekend to make up your best friend trying to break my jaw." My jaw dropped open, shocked, when I hesitated to answer, he continued. "We'll go as just friends, Bexley and I promise to keep my hands to myself even." I laughed at his humor in the matter.

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