High School Secret

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Chapter 6

I heard the front door shut, rolling over in my bed, looking at the clock, I sighed. Adam was just making it home at 10:30 pm, getting out of bed, I followed the noise he was making to the kitchen.

"There's left over in the fridge." I told him, leaning my hip against the counter, watching him get into the fridge. "Thanks, Bex," He didn't say anymore and I sighed, shaking my head at him. "What was all of that about today, Adam?"

He looked at me over his shoulder while heating up his food and shrugged. "What do you mean?" I glared at him for a moment. "You know exactly what I mean, Adam! Why did you jump Spencer, making a scene at lunch, and WHAT was that about in the parking lot today!?" Adam turned, rubbing his chest like he always does.

"What? I don't like the dude, that's all that matters." Adam told me solemnly, I sighed, frustrated. "You don't even know him, and last time I checked, Adam, you're not dad!" Adam frowned at my outburst, the sad expression on his face made me frown, too. "I'm sorry," Before I could apologize, he interrupted me.

"No, Bex, I'm not dad, but I'm the closest you'll get. When we lost mom, we lost dad, too. You're right, I don't know him, but I don't have to know him to know I don't like him." Adam walked toward the hallway, stopping to look at me. "If you don't open your eyes, you're going to miss the big picture, little sis." He then turned and went up to his room. I stood there for a few more minutes, totally confused. Finally, I grabbed a bottle of water and headed back to my room. When I shut the door, I realized I was too awake to go to sleep now, so, I grabbed my book and sat in my chair beside the window to read.

Few minutes into reading, there was a tapping at my window, I turned to see Evan sitting on a limb outside of my window. Putting my book down, I pushed my window open and sat down on the window sill. "What are you doing, Evan?" He gave me a small, sad smile. "I couldn't sleep with you being mad at me and figured after what happen today, you wouldn't answer if I called, so, I came to see you instead." I frowned a little at him. "I honestly get that you and Adam are looking out for me, but, seriously, Spencer is just a friend." Evan sighed, frowning, not quite looking at me. "I know that, Bex, I'm sorry." I sighed at his apology, making him look up at me.

"Well, I can't sleep either. Want to come in and watch a movie?" Evan gave me his lopsided grin that made my heart skip a beat. "Yeah, I'm in." He went to step into my room, I didn't move far enough back, so, when he came through the window, he came flushed up against me. My heart started racing like crazy and instead of stepping back, putting space between us, his hands settled on my hips, looking down in my eyes.

"Evan," I said his name softly. After a few minutes, a little confused and dazed from the warm feeling running through my body, he cleared his throat, stepping back. "Let's go watch that movie, Bex."

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