High School Secret

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Chapter 7

Evan and I made our way quietly down to the living room; Evan got comfy on the couch, relaxing back into the corner, putting his feet on the coffee table. "So, what do you want to watch?" I smiled back at him as I crouched down by the television stand, lifting the DVD case to Up. Evan groaned softly before returning my smile. "Up, don't you ever get tired of that?" I laughed softly to not wake Adam. "Never, Up is classic!" Evan laughed, shaking his head, he knows Up has been my favorite since it first came out and I've roughly seen it 50 times.

Once I got the DVD in, I settled on the couch beside Evan, halfway through the movie, I leaned against him. He smiled, wrapping his arm around me, settling me more comfortable against him. "Comfy, Bex?" I sighed, wiggling closer. "Hm, very, thanks." We finished watching the movie, somewhere toward the end, we apparently dozed off. Adam found us in the morning; I was lying on side with my head on Evan's chest, his head resting against mine.

"Where the hell did you come from, Evan?" I yawned, looking up at my brother sleepily, and then sat up straight. "Oh my god, Evan, we fell asleep!" I started blushing a beet red color, Evan stretched. "Hey, Adam, what time is it, dude?" Adam looked from the two of us and shook his head. "Um, its 7 a.m. Did you sleep here last night?" Evan idly scratched his chest, yawning. "Yeah, I came over to apologize to Bex; we started watching a movie and apparently fell asleep." Adam saw main menu on the TV and laughed. "She made you watch Up with her again, I feel sorry for you, man." Evan laughed at Adam's comment. "It's not that bad, besides, it's Bex's favorite; so, I don't mind suffering through it." I gave Evan a soft look, smiling, he returned my smile with his lopsided grin I loved.

"Oh, Evan, are you going to be in trouble for staying out all night?" Evan shrugged. "Nah, I told dad I was coming over to apologize, so he should know where I'm at." Adam just shook his head, heading toward the kitchen, calling out over his shoulder. "I'm making me some breakfast, you two want some?" Evan and I answered at the same time. "Yes," Adam just laughed at us.

I looked at Evan shyly for some reason, he just smiled at me. "You know, Bex, you're cute when your hair is all messy like that." I squeaked, jumping up to look in the mirror down the hallway, groaning. Still not sure why I was so concerned with how I looked since it was just Evan, but for some reason, I wanted to look my best around him. "Hey, I'm jumping in the shower." I sprinted up the stairs to freshen up.

I always feel 20 times better after a warm shower. After drying my hair with my towel, I pull my shorts and tank top on, and then walk out the door to find Evan. "Evan?" He looked up at me, smiling. "Hey, Bex," I take a step toward him when he doesn't say anything else. "Adam is lending me some clothes so I don't have to run home." I blushed brightly, quickly turning away. "Okay, well, you remember where the towels are." I quickly rushed to my bedroom, hearing Evan laugh slightly.

Once in my room, I closed my door, leaning back against it, sighing. "What is wrong with me? It's just Evan, for Christ sake." I huffed, confused with my feelings. I grabbed my stuff for school, making sure I have my essay for English, going down to the kitchen; Adam had two plates sitting on the bar, waiting. "Thanks again, Adam, who would have guess you can really cook." Adam laughed and looked at me. "Don't tell anyone, I'll lose my reputation." I laughed with him and stuck my tongue out at him.

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