High School Secret

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Chapter 8

When we walked into Mr. Bixler's class, the first thing I noticed was Spencer sitting at his desk beside mine, stopping in my tracks caused Evan to walk into my back. "What the hell, Bex, are you alright?" Mr. Bixler gave Evan a disproving look but ignored us; I turned to give Evan a hard look, questioning him as I walked to my desk. "Did you really have to hit him so hard?"

Spencer laughed when he heard me ask Evan, drawing my eyes back to him. "Are you okay, Spencer?" He smiled at me then looked at Evan. "Oh, I'm fine, barely felt anything. So what's up with you this fine morning looking like the sunshine itself?" Evan's jaw tightened, grinding his teeth but refrained from making a scene, I blushed at him. "I'm good, glad you're okay."

Spencer kept playing with my hair or poking me the rest of the class, making Evan even more upset by time the bell rung. I jumped up quickly and scurried out with either Evan or Spencer, their tension between the two was really getting to me.

'What in the world is up with Evan almost acting like he's jealous of Spencer, and what's Spencer's deal? It was like he really enjoyed goading Evan. Then, why does Evan even care, it's not like he likes me in that way…right?' I thought to myself, ignoring people around me, lost in thought, and then it hit me.

Remembering the 'speech' Evan was practicing to give his secret crush.

'Hey, this is totally crazy, but you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met! Your hair shines like the sun kissed it personally to brighten my day, and your eyes, they are a violet sunset that I could get lost in everyday until I stop breathing. I've known you for as long as I can remember, and loved you longer.' I stopped, gasping as I finally understood. 'It's me, he was talking about me!'

I stole a glance at Evan as he talked to one of his basketball friends, laughing at a joke. I smiled, blushing as I realized the secret Evan's had. He's liked me as more than friends this whole time, why didn't he say something?!

I went the rest of my classes lost in my thought, until lunch when I walked in to see Cassidy clinging to Evan's arm. A big burst of jealousy, green as ever, flowed through me; giving Cassidy the evil eye, I sat down beside Lauren.

"Hey, Bexley, what's that look for?" I looked at her and just huffed, looking over my shoulder at Evan again, a little unsure if I really am the secret girl or if just realizing I really do love Evan is clouding my thoughts. Maybe it was really Cassidy Evan liked, she was a blonde that could be the shine. This time, he looked me in the eyes and grimaced. "Nothing, Lauren, so what are we doing about tomorrow?" Lauren blushed, looking away from me, not willing to meet my eyes. "I'm sorry, Bex; I got a date tomorrow, so I won't be able to make the game."

I was shocked for a moment, and then I was both happy and upset with her. "But, how am I going to get to the game now, I already told Adam I'd catch a ride with you?" Lauren frowned, looking at me finally. "Oh, Bex, I'm sorry. I can cancel." I shook my head at her. "No, go on your date, I'll have to find another way."

A warm body sat down beside me too close for comfort. "Another way for what?" We looked beside me to see Spencer sitting beside me; I scooted a bit away from him. "Lauren was supposed to be my ride to Evan's game tomorrow, but now she's got a date, so I've got to find another way." Spencer smiled at me, bumping his shoulder against mine. "I'll take you, then, what time does the game begin?"

I just stared at him silently for a moment. "You don't have to do that, Spencer." He smiled brighter at me. "Nah, I want to. To make you feel better, we'll go as just friends." I slowly started smiling at him. "Alright, as friends only, okay?" He just nodded his head and started his lunch.

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