High School Secret

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Chapter 9

A little after 6:30 p.m., there was a knock at the door, I finished putting my hair in a ponytail; I open the door to a smiling Spencer. "Wow, Bexley, you always look this good?" I laughed nervously, grabbing my keys to lock the house up. "Real funny, Spencer, we're going as friends, remember."

Spencer frowned, shrugging. "Hey, I can still tell you the truth, though, you look good, Bexley," We walked to his car quietly. "So, this is the big game, huh." I smiled to myself, thinking about how when Evan wins tonight, he will finally tell the girl who I'm now wishing is me.

Picking up on my smile, Spencer bumped my shoulder with his. "What's the smile for?" I looked at Spencer, weighing what I should tell him, I never could lie to save my life. "Well, tonight is the last game of the season, if we win, it means championship and it also means that Evan will finally ask the mystery girl he's been crushing on forever out now," I started blushing. "Besides, I want to know who it is."

Spencer remained quiet the whole ride to the school; when we parked, he spoke up. "If Evan is smart, he'll realize what he has in front of him, and she'll be the mystery girl." I just stared at him, confused. "What do you mean; do you know who it is?" Spencer just smiled, his mischief smile getting out. "Come on, Bexley."

We walked in to the gym, which was already packed; we walked up the bleachers to a couple empty seats. When I noticed Evan looking at me, I stood up a little and waved at him, smiling brightly. He lifted his hand, starting to return my smile until he saw Spencer and a murderous scowl covered his face, confused, I sat back down.

Spencer laughed at the look Evan gave him, I just shook my head. "He REALLY doesn't like you." That only made Spencer laugh even harder. "Yea, I see that, it's all good, though." I wasn't convinced, I liked Spencer as a friend, and he's funny, not that bad looking either. I was just in love with Evan and I could now admit that to myself.

It was half time and we were behind by six points, shaking my head, I told Spencer I was going to the concession stand. "Sure, B, I'll save our seats, bring me back a soda." Agreeing, I walked to the locker room, being quiet, I sneak in, catching Evan's attention, he slips back a couple lockers to talk to me.

"What are you doing in here, Bexley?" I blushed, looking behind him quickly. "I just wanted to give you a pep talk, since I didn't get to before the game." Evan's expression brightened for a second then he returned his scowl. "You don't have to give me anything, you should return to your date." Confused, I stared at him in silence for a second. "You're kidding, right, Evan. I'm not on a date, and Spencer gave me a ride here! I don't get why you hate him so much."

Evan shrugged, not giving me an answer, the coach called out for him. "Sheppard, where are you?" Evan quickly went back to the huddle; I snuck back out of the locker room, thinking I got away, instead running right into Cassidy.

"Oh my god, were you peeping on the team in the locker room!" I blushed a scarlet red, nearly matching my hair. "No, I wasn't peeping on anyone! I was trying to talk to Evan, give him a pep talk." Cassidy snorted in her high mannered way. "Right, you're so disgusting Bexley, we all know you secretly have a thing for Evan. You probably throw yourself at him all the time and that's why he feels bad so keeps you around." I wasn't surprised at her hurtful words; I knew Cassidy wanted Evan to herself and I stood in the way.

"Whatever, Cassidy. No, I don't and you know it." I just walked around her, intending to go home, when she grabbed me, stopping me. "Please, we all know if it wasn't for you being siblings with Adam and friends with Evan, no one would know your name, you're a no body." Jerking my arm free, I ran away to her laughing at me.

I had just reached the front doors to the school when I heard my name. "Bexley, where are you going?" I looked over to see Adam standing along the wall with some girl, sniffling and quickly wiping my eyes, I turned to look at my brother. "Hey, Adam, I'm not feeling so good, so I'm just going to head home."

He looked at me a moment, then at his date. "You need a ride, Bexley?" I shook my head, looking at his date. "No, I'm fine, see you at home later." I didn't give him a chance to say more, pushing out into the cool air; I decided to just sit down on the steps in the shadows.

I couldn't stop myself anymore, laying my forehead on my knees, I just started bawling my eyes out, not paying attention to anything around me until I felt a jacket slip around me. "Bexley, are you alright?" I looked up at a concerned Spencer.

Sniffling and wiping at my eyes, I looked behind him to the school. "Is the game over already?" He sat down beside me, shaking his head. "Nah, when the team came back and you didn't, I came looking for you. What happen to make you cry?" Tears welled up in my eyes again. "Nothing," Spencer shook his head at me. "Come on, B, we're friends you can talk to me."

Running my palm down my cheek wiping tears away I looked at Spencer wondering if I should tell him anything, but I needed someone to talk to badly, starting to cry again I burst out everything.

"I'm in love with him, even if I shouldn't be, I can't help it! If it wasn't for our mom's having been friends, he probably would have never even known who I was, he's popular, and everyone loves him. Tonight was supposed to be the night; when we won the game he would tell us who he's been in love with for ages now." I stopped my rambling a second to take a deep breath.

Spencer rubbed my shoulder, calmingly. "Did you tell him how you feel?" I looked at him, shocked. "Oh my god no, he'd probably stop talking to me all together then." Spencer laughed, shaking his head again. "I doubt that, B." I stopped him from saying more. "Besides, his mystery girl is probably Cassidy anyway, she's more his equal in popularity and she's really pretty."

Spencer sighed, pushing a strand of my hair behind my ear. "Bexley, you're really pretty and, honestly, if he doesn't realize what he has then he's crazy."

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