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"You are holding my face. Which zone is this?" I asked sarcastically. "The one where I apply pressure with my lips." He replied. Cheyenne Dawn has always lived her life under rules and regulations. She comes off as a bubbly and adorable college going girl with a pinch of innocence. After breaking up with her cheating high school boyfriend of two years she is ready to start a new chapter in life only to spot her ex in her college hanging with every girl possible. In a chance encounter, she discovers her potential killer whose name she doesn't like. He is a born fighter, imported American from Japan having all the ninja techniques. A jealous ex, an infuriating fighter, and loads of trouble which she finds herself is what this book is all about.

Romance / Humor
Sasha Dee
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Chapter 1

I checked thrice, it was not there because I like doing things in three’s. My grandmother told me that it is bad luck to have things in three’s but for me, it has always worked for good luck. But tonight I think I’ve been proved wrong. My keys, my dorm room keys were missing because apparently, this college didn’t invest enough to upgrade the dorms. Rachel, my roommate was out partying with God knows who. I came directly from the Library after getting tired of stuffing my face with books.

I must have dropped the keys somewhere between the library and my room. I searched and looked at every corner of the hallway leading to the Library, which was now locked. Now, I have to stay out of my room until Rachel shows up by some miracle or wake up the in charge Mrs Billis but she will notice Rachel missing and I cannot get her in trouble.

Two weeks. Two weeks of my miserable first year of college. These two weeks had been the worst weeks of my life. Firstly, my boyfriend of two years cheated on me and the best part is that he is in the same college as me. What a crazy coincidence? Secondly, I spend most of these two weeks studying in the library I’m tired and hungry all the freaking time.

My mind is all over the place right now. I slumped down against the library doors praying that by some marvel I get my keys back. I closed my eyes banging my head lightly against the doors when I heard soft footsteps.

My eyes snapped opened. The hallway was empty. Today was Saturday, every single person except me, of course, was out partying. The guards, who are in charge of checking the floors might be coming for their rounds. If they found me here, alone, they will report straight to my dorm in charge, Mrs Billis who will happily open my dorm room but will soon notice the lack of presence, I could put it that way, of my roommate and then all hell will break free.

I quickly stumbled up and hid behind a pillar peeping left to right checking for any guards. After a few seconds, the sound of footsteps faded to pin-drop silence and I exhaled in relief.

I quietly started making my way towards my floor when I felt someone moving behind me. I turned around to see but there was not a single sight of a human being. I am getting paranoid now.

I pulled my shrug closer to my chest and increased my pace. Once again I heard the hustling and shuffling sounds like someone is walking through the wind. I am a true believer of murder and horror movies so this time I decided to apply the theory of running away. I know well enough what to do in this type of situation after watching a marathon of those movies. The basics are that if you hear any sound in the night in the middle of nowhere you don’t doubt yourself of what it could be because it is always a ghost paying you a visit or a serial killer trying to kill you. Then, after believing that you better run like it is freaking Olympics and you are steps away from becoming a gold medallist. Never ever look back.

I kept running and stopped when I reached my floor. I quickly wiped my sweaty forehead and smiled. I am finally in the safety of my floor. I make a cross with my fingers and keep looking around for suspicious creatures.

I stopped short and the smile from my face vanished quickly when I heard sounds as though someone was flying. I tried to open my door but it was locked and I remembered that I have lost the damn keys.

Very slowly I turned around and what I saw was the most horrific thing I had ever seen. I was about to scream when a hand was pressed against my mouth. The same creature who was hanging upside down on a wall or whatever it was is now pressing its hand over my mouth.

Oh, a calloused-big hand. Definitely a man.

I was shaking like a leaf when he pressed me against the door. I was about to die because his hand was on my throat now. He was going to choke me to death and this is how I’m going to die without giving anything to this world. I couldn’t see my future murderer’s face but I didn’t complain, it was quite dark.

What will my parents say? That their daughter died without even a fight back. No, I am not going to die like this.

I started struggling against his hold but this was the first time someone was trying to choke me to death I didn’t know how to break free. My struggle for release turned into a grinding session with my future killer.

“You will not scream or move otherwise I will choke you until your windpipe and your food pipe combines.”
His voice was rough as if he is used to shouting a lot. I focused on his threat and swallowed visibly. Well, he knows his biology I guess. He is an educated killer.

I nodded my head vigorously and he removed his hand from my mouth. I exhaled sharply and started rambling like a nervous wreck I was.

“Throughout my life, I’ve never done anything close to bad or wrong. I will do anything for you, just spare my life. I don’t know who you are so there is no chance I could file a case against you or anything. Is that too extreme? I’m sorry--”
His fingers curled around my throat like a vice. I could see his grey storming eyes glaring at me.

“You should stop talking”
He hissed at me still clutching my throat gently but firmly. He is a skilled assassin I presumed. Very professional.

“Please don’t kill me.”
I finally croaked. Even after watching several movies I still kept on repeating that sentence which was not affecting this guy.

His eyes glinted silver and then all I could see was black.

Dude. I’m most definitely dead.

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