The Summer Camp

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Returning to the cabins after the campfire was a nightmare. Skyler was just happy he didn’t have little kids this time. Though he wasn’t sure if he’d be begging for them soon. He had thirteen to fifteen-year-old boys. They seemed content for now, but he was not looking forward to their hormonal selves. He really didn’t want to deal with moody teens. They were irritating and made him want to throttle them, which was different for Skyler. He was known for not having a temper, for being the calm one in almost any situation.

All he wanted to do was go to sleep and dream of his sweet mate. Her soft, milky skin pressed up against him and his hands tangled in her blonde hair. His mouth on hers, claiming what was his. But that was not happening, at least not any time soon.

He really needed a cold shower.

He adjusted his pants as discretely as he could. Then he thought of her at the campfire. He thought of the anger on her face when she saw him with Katie. It tugged at his heart to see she wasn’t immune to the mate bond as she tried to be. And then he thought of her tears at the end. He wanted so much to go to her, to wipe away her tears, and tell her it would be alright, that he was there and nothing could ever hurt her again.

But he couldn’t, he wouldn’t, not until she accepted him. He had to be patient, he had to wait for the right time.

One week, he decided.

One week he would let her be before he started to pursue her, before he began his fight for his mate. He would give her one week to get used to camp life and fall into a routine. And if she refused to acknowledge they were mates by the end of the week, well he would just have to persuade her too.

Skyler reached his bunk. Since he was a counselor, he had the privilege of having the whole bunk to himself. His bag and suitcase were on the top bunk and the bottom bunk was where he would sleep. His CIT was the same next to him.

He raised his fingers to his lips and whistled, producing a loud shrill that caught the attention of his campers. “Alright campers! If you don’t know who I am, I’m your counselor Skyler, this is you CIT Liam. We’re excited to spend this year with you guys. It’s going to be a lot of fun, but we will get to all of that tomorrow. Real quick, cabin rules: no having girls in the cabin, no running, no screaming, no food in the cabin unless you pests to join us, leave your phones in the cabin, keep your bunks clean, and make sure you are showering every night. We are going to be outside ninety percent of the time here. You are not stinking up my cabin. Lights go out at ten, no exceptions. That means all electronics are put away. You might think that it’s unfair, but you’ll be thanking me when we get up seven tomorrow. So, for the next hour, your free to do as you wish as long as you stay in the cabin and you don’t set anything on fire.”

He kicked off his shoes and sat down on his bed. He pulled his phone off the charger and scrolled through his notifications. There were a couple messages from his mother and little sister, none from his father. He hadn’t expected any different, though he wished his father would just take the time to send him a text. His father was too busy with councilman duties. Ever since he had been elected to the Council, his father forgot that his family existed.

Skyler quickly typed his responses. He grabbed some clothes and his toiletry beg with him. “You good to hold down the fort?”

“I got it covered,” Liam nodded.

Skyler hopped into the shower, scrubbing off the stench of smoke and sweat. It clung to him, drowning him in it. He scrubbed his body until his skin was raw.

He exited the shower and quickly dressed for bed. He finished his night routine before entering the main part of the cabin once more. He watched his campers for a moment, all of the chattering or on their phone, and a couple were even playing a card game.

He hadn’t expected anyone else to shower. They hadn’t started any activities, therefore there wasn’t much need to clean themselves. However, once camp started, he would force them into the showers if he had too. They were going to be outside for the majority of the day. And there was no way he was going to let his cabin smell like a bunch of sweaty teens.

Skyler laid down on his bed, opening up his book. He flipped through the pages, often finding himself having to go back and re-read a section several times over. He just couldn’t concentrate. He felt like a love-sick puppy, wanting to run after Serena with his tail tucked between his legs. He wanted to claim her, show everyone they belonged to each other. He wanted to love her. But she didn’t want him and it hurt his heart.

He closed his book and set it aside. He wasn’t getting anywhere. His head was stuck on her. He hoped it didn’t ruin his performance as a counselor. He loved his job. He got to tech kids and hang out with his friends all summer. He didn’t want to get fired for not doing his job.

He just needed to keep his distance and take it one day at time. Even when her week was up, he would have to keep his distance until he had the time pursue her. He was in a different division as she was. There would be little activities where they would be together.

He checked the clock, five minutes to ten.

Two minutes.

One minute.

“Alright, get to bed, lights out. We’re getting up at seven in the morning, breakfast will be at seven thirty,” Skyler spoke loudly enough so all the campers could hear.

He waited until they were all in bed before flipping off the light switch. He got under the covers and sighed.

Staying away sounded easier said than done.

He was in deep shit.

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